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Popular 3D Archery Competitions Across The USA

Are you just getting started in archery and hoping to participate in archery competitions one day? Perhaps you should try 3-dimensional archery if you have always been a 3D fanatic. Because you see, there are so many 3d archery competitions throughout the U.S. and the world.

But what archery competitions are there across the USA, and how can you even get started? Well, the Archery Shooter’s Association (ASA) and National Field Association (NFAA) host several 3D competitions. You just need to find an event near you and register to participate.

In this article, we will look at some of the popular 3D competitions for archery across the USA. Read on to learn more.

There are at least 8 common types of competitive archery, including Flight, Clout, Crossbow, Ski, and Mounted archery. However, the most popular ones you will come across are three. These include:

Target archery

This is perhaps the most widely practiced type of competitive archery across the world. You can find it at the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, World Games, and other international events. Essentially, it involves shooting a preset number of arrows from a pre-established distance and to a stationary target.

Field archery

Unlike target archery, field archery is all about shooting at outdoor targets and from unmarked distances. It often takes place in an open landscape similar to golf courses. And every two years, there are usually field archery world championships organized by the World Archery.

3D Archery

3D Archery is a subset of field archery that focuses on shooting at life-size models of animals as the targets. Like field archery, you shoot at your target from an unmarked distance. In the U.S. alone, you can find many 3D archery competitions held across different states.

Top 5 Popular 3d Archery Competitions Across The USA

If you would like to participate in archery tournaments, ASA holds various 3d competitions across many cities in the U.S. You just check their website for a 3d archery competition near you. That said, below are some of the popular 3d archery championships held across the USA.

1. ASA Pro/AM Archery Tournament

As the name suggests, this 3d archery tournament is usually organized by the Archery Shooter’s Association (ASA). It comprises pro and amateur competitors hence the name Pro/Am. The competition is held in multiple cities throughout the U.S., and you have to pay an entry fee.

Basically, the competition involves at least two rounds of 20 targets at various distances. However, as the archer, you must determine the distance to the target.

2. Marked 3D National Championships

These 3d tournaments are the world’s largest and are hosted by the National Field Archery Association (NFAA). The championships comprise participants from all the 50 states of the USA and other countries worldwide.

Also worth mentioning is that the championships include various 3D targets with awards for all classes. And when it comes to target distance, you can shoot your targets from 4 to 101 yards.

3. R100 3D Tour Events

R100 events are hosted by Rinehart, a 3d archery circuit that works with different clubs across the USA. The beauty of these events is that they are family-friendly, and you can participate regardless of age or skill level.

Overall, R100 3D Tournaments feature two 50-target courses, including the North American and African range. Even better, you can choose to shoot alone or in groups comprising up to 5 members.

4. S3DA Archery Tournaments

S3DA or Scholastic 3D Archery is a program that nurtures, tutors, and mentors the youth in outdoor target and 3D archery. Besides teaching, S3DA hosts at least 6 national tournaments, including indoor 3d archery competitions across the USA.

You can choose to participate in the National Tournament, which comprises two rounds of 20 3D targets. Or the State and regional tournaments involving one round of 20 3D targets.

5. High Impact Archery Tour

This 3d archery tournament is sponsored by BAD hunting and Rinehart. The tour happens in several cities, especially across the western United States.

What stands out about this event is that it consists of up to 11 pop-up 3D moving targets by Rinehart. The targets are designed to run or pop up randomly across the range.


Overall, there are so many types of competitive archery you are sure to come across. Even so, target and field archeries are the most common ones in World and Olympic games.

3D archery is also very popular and widely practiced all over the world. And in the U.S, you will find a variety of archery competitions across the 50 states. So, you should not have a hard time finding a 3D archery tournament to participate in.