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6 Best One Piece Recurve Bows Reviews and Buyer’s Guide In 2023

You can enjoy multiple advantages by using a one-piece recurve bow for archery or any bow sport. To start with, this type of bow is lightweight and versatile enough to work for most archers. Having a single-piece design is also ideal recurve for beginners who do not want to spend a lot of money on customizing the bow, unlike breakaway models.

Though there are several reasons for buying a one-piece recurve, the best one-piece recurve bow depends on your preferences. Target shooters prefer a more traditional style, while hunters may prefer a bow with stabilizers, upgradeable limbs, or a one-piece design. Ultimately, the price and preference will determine which recurve you should purchase.

The best single piece recurve bow is what matches your archery skill and budget but still performs admirably. To reach the right bow for you, the buying guide will educate you on what features to prioritize when making your ultimate recurve bow choice.

There you meet 6 one Piece recurve bows to consider if you are looking for a new bow. Each one is the best of their types made from good materials, featured with ergonomy design and construction, and boasts of a long life span. Have a glance at the 6 summaries below if you run a hectic schedule and cannot afford the time to read the article fully.

"The SAS Maverick is one of the best one-piece bows on the market today. The great shooting performance, ease of use, and extensive accessories make it a winner for all ages offering handy accessories that come with the bow when you purchase it. It has good quality, durability and affordability."

"Its design and price make it a great choice for any beginner archery enthusiasts. While the OEELINE Airobow has a low price tag, you can expect a higher quality product than many of the cheaper products out there. The numbers here will support the beginner-friendly fame of this single-piece lightweight bow, while the materials will stand for the quality."

"Introduced in 1964, the traditional one piece recurve bow hasn't changed much since then. The riser and limbs are made from Futurewood laminate, while the fiberglass riser features a satin gloss coating. It's 58" long and comes in draw weights from 30 to 65 pounds. This bow is easy to use and built for high performance."

"The one Piece recurve bow is a combination of high-quality materials and innovative design. This is a durable and versatile bow widely used for hunting, target archery, or both. Its design also allows for multiple users. There are two different limb sizes, and it's compatible with Fast Flight technology."

"The 60" Yak One Piece Recurve Bow from Farmington Archery is for the shooters. This model is crafted from the finest woods and is perfect for any shooter. Its length, draw weight, and other measurements serve the purpose of both the beginner and pro levels. It also comes with a lifetime warranty."

"Deerseeker laminated bow is the best option for anyone looking for a versatile bow. It is capable of spanning a range of draw weights and is relatively easy to make adjustments. It is also more economical than other models and is lightweight. If you're looking for a good, all-around recurve bow, the Deerseeker one-piece recurve bow is your best bet."

In-Depth Reviews of The 6 Best One Piece Recurve Bows

You will come across many different models of one-piece recurve bows on the market. However, these six best one piece recurve bows that deserve an honorable mention. Here you go with the one-piece take-down design with no assembly required.

1. Best Overall: SAS Maverick One Piece Traditional Bow

SAS Maverick Traditional Wood Hunting Bow
Product Specifications:
  • Draw Weight: 29 to 60 Pounds
  • Bow Length: 60 inches
  • Bow weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Hand orientation: Left Hand and Right Hand
  • Dimensions: 56*3*1.5 inches

The one piece wood recurve bow is the perfect hunting weapon for any age and skill level. Made with fiberglass limbs and a Makore wood riser, this bow is suitable for all body types. The draw weight of this bow ranges from 29 pounds to 60 pounds. This hunting bow is ideal for hunters who are new to the sport of archery and are also interested in outdoor sports.

This traditional wood hunting bow is comes with a full set of accessories and is so deemed an ideal hunting weapon for beginners, and is ideal for primitive hunters. You can even find a SAS Maverick model for children. These hunting bows are easy to use and offer excellent performance, and so it is a great value for the money.

It is a piece of art and a weapon of choice for hunting down your prey. The quality is made to last for years, and it is a perfect fit for those who are rough with their gear. The color scheme is one of a kind, as well as the durable wood construction. With all these benefits, it does not hurt that this bow can be purchased at a reasonable price as well.

How can you resist a bow offering so much in one pack that includes a comfortable feel, great appearance, high performance and slender shape ? As we said earlier, you can find a size suitable for your little one as 60" bow length is meant for adults.

If you are new to archery or looking for a new bow, the SAS Maverick one-piece is the best choice. The bow is lightweight and durable enough for new archers. It has great adjustability, which makes it perfect for adults of all sizes.

2. Best Beginner: OEELINE Airobow One Piece Recurve Bow

OEELINE Airobow One Piece Recurve Bow
Product Specifications:
  • Material: Wood and Fiberglass
  • Bow Length: 54"
  • Bow weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Draw Weight: 30-50lbs
  • Brace Height: 6.5-7.5 inches
  • Hand orientation: Right and Left Hand
  • Dimensions: 56*3*1.5 inches

The OEELINE Airobow is a professional hunting longbow with a draw length of 54 inches. It has a padded limber grip, an ergonomic back and a comfortable feel. Its price is very reasonable, and it falls into the medium price range for recurve bows. You can also choose between left, and right hand draw weights as this bow is available in both.

With a draw weight ranging from 30 pounds to fifty pounds, it is ideal for beginners, as it has a fiberglass limb that adds strength. In this line, the stringer tool and the temporary bow string make it easier to assemble.

It is built to last for many years though warrantied for only six months. The string is made of durable and high-quality material to bear with all rough use and even unwanted abuse. The manufacturer is also available for repairs and replacements. You can even order spare parts from the company if needed.

The wide recommendation is the reward of its great appearance, superior performance, and super comfort feet. On its top, the hardwood Ebony and high strength fiberglass have made it a sturdy and reliable bow for shooting with friends. What makes it stand out among the crowd is the pro-hunting design so that you can carry easily walk through even dense forest.

Overall, The OEELINE Airobow is an ideal hunting tool for those who enjoy the outdoors and a great buy for the money. It is an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate archers. This bow has a very high-quality feel to it, yet it is very easy on the wallet.

3. Best Premium: Bear Archery Grizzly Traditional Bow

Bear Archery Grizzly Traditional Recurve Bow
Product Specifications:
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Fiberglass, Maple Wood
  • Bow Length: 58"
  • Draw weight: 30-65lbs
  • Hand orientation: Right and Left Hand
  • Draw Length: 28 inches
  • Brace Height: 7.5 to 8.5 inches

The Bear Archery Grizzly Traditional Bow is an outstanding recurve that features a 58" bow length made of brown hard-rock maple, clear maple limbs and high-strength black fiberglass. This bow features a crowned center arrow shelf with a bear hair arrow rest and a Dacron string.

It is easy to maintain and designed to last for years, even decades, with proper care. In fact, some of the old-timers still use their Grizzlys from the 1960s, proving the point of long-lasting ability. There is no need to worry about a recurve deteriorating or breaking because the bear grizzly enjoys sturdy construction with premium materials. Excellent bow for serious archers, its custom-crafted limbs and riser are incredibly strong and durable.

The Grizzly is ideal for bow hunting and offers a compact design that makes it easy to maneuver in a hunting environment. It also comes in several draw weights so that the shooter can find the perfect draw weight for the type of game they are shooting. This bow is also easy on the wallet, making it a great choice for beginners and advanced archers. These are some advantages not to deter you from owning a Bear Archery Grizzly Bow.

For all these above, the Bear Grizzly is one of the most popular hunting recurve bows in the archery community and but it is suitable for any type of archery.

So, it is the perfect product to buy if you are looking for a bow that compensates the pricey tag by premium quality. This product can be used by any archer, regardless of skill level. With the quiver and arrows included, you are ready to go in just minutes after opening the box.

This traditional one-piece bow is a great bow for beginners and intermediate archers alike. The bow is a beautiful, lightweight bow that will last for years to come. In addition, it features a comfortable grip and smooth draw weight for an easy shooting experience.

4. Best Durable: Southwest Archery Tigershark One Piece Bow

Southwest Archery Tigershark One Piece Bow
Product Specifications:
  • Material: Wood
  • Bow Length: 60 inches
  • Bow weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Draw Weight: 25-60 lbs
  • Hand orientation: Right and left Hand

The Southwest Archery Tigershark bow is a great option both for a beginner or an experienced archer. It is available in multiple draw weights from 25lb to 60lb. The recurve is ideal for target, traditional, and bowhunting archery.

The Tigershark one piece bow is made of four types of wood and is extremely durable. This means you won't have to worry about replacing the bowstring every few years. The design is built to last, and the limbs are pre-installed. This recurve bow comes with a warranty of one year, making it a great choice for amateur buyers.

Easy to carry around, it is available in left and right-hand models. It's also available in Standard and Pro models. The precision-pinned limbs are excellent to ensure exact placement. Its reinforced tips, along with 14 strand dracon string and pre-installed shelf pads, are also an excellent feature. You can customize by adding quiver and mounting sight.

The Tigershark One Piece Recurve is the perfect bow for those who are just starting out and want to start with recurve bows. With an affordable price and easy-to-use design, this might be the perfect one piece recurve bow for you.

5. Best for Accuracy: Farmington Archery Yak One Piece Recurve Bow

Farmington Archery Yak One Piece Recurve Bow
Product Specifications:
  • Material: Wood
  • Bow Length: 60"
  • Draw weight: 30 to 50 lbs
  • Bow Weight: Not Listed
  • Draw Length: 28"
  • Brace Height : 7.75" - 8.5"
  • Hand orientation: Both Left and Right Hand

The Farmington Archery Yak Recurve Bow is a popular bow made in the U.S.A. This type of bow is not for advanced archers, but it shoots an arrow with decent accuracy, and it's a great first recurve bow.

The Yak One Piece Recurve Bow is made of the finest woods available to last a longer bow life than the rivals. Its rounded shape and smooth draw make it a comfortable choice for shooters of all skill levels. You can even get an attractive case to keep your bow safely stored when you are not using it.

As for price, it is an affordable option if you want to shoot long distances. The mild price tag may seem a steal compared to the design to beat harsh surroundings and shoot with accuracy and speed. Not to end here, a two-piece riser, maple wood lamination over fiberglass, and Fastflight string compatibility are a feature not to miss at any cost. 

This recurve bow is fantastic for beginners and experts alike. It has an adjustable draw weight, which is both good for beginners who are not strong enough to shoot the stronger bows and for experts who want to increase their shooting distance. The sturdy construction of this bow makes it durable enough.

In conclusion, anyone looking to get into archery should find a match in the Farmington Archery recurve bow a great bow. It's lightweight, easy to use, and inexpensive. It's also backed by the company's 2-year warranty so you can feel confident in your purchase.

6. Best Versatile: Deerseeker Laminated One Piece Recurve Bow

Deerseeker Archery 54inch Traditional Recurve Bow
Product Specifications:
  • Material: Leather
  • Bow Length: 54"
  • Bow weight: 0.99 lbs
  • Draw Length: 28" to 30"
  • Draw weight: 20-70 lbs with 5 lbs increment
  • Hand orientation: Left and Right Hand
  • Dimensions: 56 x 4.15 x 2 inches

The Deerseeker Laminated recurve bow is a traditional one-piece bow. It is reflex and deflex and made from layers of bamboo and fiberglass. The riser is of Ebony hardwoods, which are extremely strong and durable. The handle is designed for comfort, and the string is premium quality Dyneema material. This recurve bow comes with a Stringer tool and an archery finger tab to adjust the string. The package also comes with a leather arrow rest.

It is also supplied with useful archery accessories, including a stringer and a grip. The Deerseeker is an excellent choice for any beginner. The One Piece recurve bow is a great choice for beginners and experienced archers. It is available in both left-handed and right-handed versions.

Its curved limbs are constructed of fiberglass and bamboo and provide extra strength and speed. The shaft is constructed of laminated wood with a matte finish.

The Deerseeker D-bow has a minimum draw weight of 20lbs and maximum draw weight of 70 lbs. If you're looking for a recurve bow that is lightweight and offers more versatility, this Deerseeker 54" model is a great option.

In Conclusion, The Deerseeker is the best versatile option with a lower limb height, which makes it easier to handle for those who are still learning how to shoot a recurve bow. Despite being a one pice model, it provides you with versatility crucial for convenience while in use.

What are the Advantages of a One Piece Recurve Bow?

There are several advantages of buying a one-piece recurve bow. If you do well with the price and lesser portability, there will be huge benefits any one-piece recurve bow offers. Below you have a tour of the common benefits:

  • Made of quality and composite materials, making it more durable and convenient to carry
    Well-designed riser to provide the perfect grip and accurate shots
  • Several draw weights to go well with different hunters. 
  • Offers ergonomic design and lighter to make it ideal for competition shooting or hunting.
  • Its limb tips are reinforced and compatible with Fast Flight/Flemish string.
  • Featured with a forward riser for good arrow speed, as well as stability and reduced torque sensitivity.
  • Ideal for beginners and advanced archers.
  • Easy to handle and allow you to shoot with them wherever you go.
  • Can be customized to suit your needs.

Factors To Consider While Buying A One Piece Recurve Bow

Before buying a one-piece recurve bow, determine how much you want to invest and what is your skill level. Then the draw weight, draw length, and material of the bow are vital considerations. But there are more to come into your considerations when purchasing a recurve bow. Here you go with the vital points:

Bow weight

The first feature you should consider is the weight. The bow should be as light as possible, which will make it easier for you to transport it on a hunting trip. Youth and women's recurve bows will usually weigh around 2 pounds. Besides, if you're a beginner, you don't need to care for the size, as any recurve will do for a beginner.

Draw Weight

The draw weight is another feature that should be considered while buying a recurve bow. A bow with a too low draw weight will be hard to handle. If it is too heavy, you may not be able to shoot a target with it. A heavy bow will cause fatigue and may not be safe.


Besides the riser, you should also check the riser's grip and its quality. The grip should be comfortable, and the riser should minimize vibration during string release.

As for the dilemma of adjustable vs. fixed-grip, there are many advantages of using an adjustable grip. This type of hand support allows you to adjust the amount of resistance you use while exercising. However, fixed grips are more durable and will last longer. Depending on the level of strength you need to improve, you may want to use a fixed grip.

Materials and Constructions

A common material for one-piece recurve bows is laminated bamboo, and the broadly chosen exterior is maple wood, which is traditionally used to carve the back of the bow. However, there are more materials used for the manufacture of a one-piece recurve bow that are wood, fiberglass, and metal.

If you are a forester or hunting is your main target, Osage Orange, Pecan, or Walnut are suitable as they can be designed to endure long periods of abuse in the wilderness.

Wrap Up

All the best one piece recurve bows, discussed here, are ideal purchases for many reasons. They are affordable, they come in many different sizes and colors, they are durable, and they can be used to target specific games. They are priced reasonably, not too cheap or too expensive. If you have gone through the reviews, they should tell you that all the bows have been crafted with care and attention to detail.

However, you should look for a bow that suits your needs, and this list can help you decide precisely which bow serves this purpose the best.

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