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10 Best Recurve Bow Brands Who Manufacture Top-Notch Bow

If you start naming, we bet you’ll find hundreds of recurve bow manufacturers out there but do you know which one among them is the best?

Oops! We forgot! If you knew that, why you would’ve hit this site and looked for the best recurve bow brands in the first place, right?

Don’t worry, you’ll get no time what you’ve come here for in. But guess what? We’re about to hit your screen with not one or two but ten manufacturers' names who have proved themselves to be the finest. Let’s check them out then?

Are you ready to get introduced to finest Recurve Bow makers and their best creations? If it’s a yes, then let’s start with -

1. SAMICK Sports

If you’re asking for a name among the recurve bow manufacturers even the world champions admire, we’d take the name SAMICK Sports first. This amazing brand has stepped into the world of archery in 1975 and didn’t look back after that.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a rookie or expert, they’ve got high-quality bows for you. If you’d ask us, we’d say the reason behind their current excellence is how they’ve maximized their technical resources along with their knowledge to pull off products with the best quality.

Their expertise in high-carbon technology is another reason why their bows are full of better speed, smoothness, and stability. Besides, the way their creation’s stabilization system handles shocks and vibrations is simply admirable.

We believe the Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow is their best one so far. Not only they’ve made the design of this one amazing but also has given it a durable and flexible structure. Along with that, the ergonomic grip it comes with is also comfortable at the same time.

Overview of Samick Sage Recurve Bow At A Glance
Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow
  • It's a 62" Bow
  • The Draw Weights Are 25 Lb, 30 Lb, 35 Lb, 40 Lb, 45 Lb, 50 Lb, 55 Lb, 60 Lb.
  • Suitable for both Left and Right handed archers
  • Limbs are made of Fiberglas
  • Up To 29 inches Maximum Draw Length
  • 3.4 Lbs Bow Weight
  • 7.5" to 8.25" Brace Height

2. Martin Archery

It’s going to be almost impossible for us to believe if you’d say that you’re into archery but never heard of Martin Archery. After all, they’re one of the top recurve bow brands in the world.

We don’t think you’d find any category of bows where they haven’t left their touch. As one of the oldest recurve bow makers in the market, they’re rolling around for 60 years from 1951. And the number of countries they’re supplying their amazing bows? Well, the number is more than a dozen.

Why they are on the top of their game gets clear when you drop your eyes on their product line that is filled with different kinds of bows. Whether you’re asking for compound bows, hunting bows, fishing bows, target bows - they’ve got it all covered.

Each of their bows is made of high-quality material that ensures long-time sustenance along with perfect shooting. Plus, powerful shot, smooth draw, lightweight but durable riser, comfortable grip - you just name it, and their bows covered it all, just like the best recurve bow brand.

In our eyes, the Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow is their finest creations so far. That’s because every single feature that you can ask for from your next recurve bow, this one already got them. This amazing right-handed bow with 7" brace height and 2.7 lbs mass weight can deliver a perfect draw weight of 45 lbs.

Overview of Martin Jaguar Takedown Recurve Bow
Martin Jaguar Takedown Recurve Bow
  • It's a 60" Bow
  • The Draw Weights Are 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 lbs.
  • Suitable for only Right handed archers
  • Up To 30 inches Maximum Draw Length
  • 2.7 lbs Lbs Bow Weight
  • 7" Brace Height

3. PSE Archery

If you’ll start counting the number of traditional bow manufacturers who have survived for half of a century, we bet you’d see the name of PSE Archery on that list.

Since 1970, they’re coming with excellent archery bows. Their expertise is mostly in making compound bows but the kind of recurve bows they’ve made so far will also awestruck you in the first place.
What we believe what has made them dominate the toppers list is how they’ve included strong riser in their bows along with adding up tool-free takedown.

If you’re asking for the finest creation, we’d say it’s the PSE Recurve Bow Pro Max. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s too convenient to assemble and doesn’t even make much of a noise. On top of that, the lowered draw weight will get you the best result while practicing. And yes, it’s got finger saver too.

Overview of  PSE Recurve Bow Pro Max At A Glance
PSE Recurve Bow Pro Max
  • 62" Bow Length
  • 25 Lbs, 30 Lbs, 35 Lbs Draw Weight.
  • Left Or Right Hand
  • Fiberglass Limbs
  • 28 inches Maximum Draw Length
  • 3.5 Lbs Bow Weight

4. Southwest Archery

The renowned name among recurve bow companies- Southwest Archery started they’re journey more than 20 years ago from a small shop.

With more than 250 dealers under their wing, they have managed to turn in one of the top recurve bow brands. If you need a bow for hunting, bowfishing, recreation, or survival, this brand surely can get you something perfectly suitable for the job. 

They’re biggest USP is they’re more into making handcrafted bows out of natural materials without setting the price too high. Moreover, their customer service is also top-notch.

In our eyes, it’s the Tigershark Takedown Recurve Bow that we think is their finest work so far. Here, they’ve used the finest bow woods that any of the good recurve bow brands can think of. So, the durability here is sky-high. Besides, the hard maple made limbs and dark fiberglass finish has added some extra points to this bow.

Overview of Southwest Archery Tigershark Recurve Bow
Southwest Archery Tigershark Takedown Recurve Bow
  • It's a 62" Bow
  • The Draw Weights Are 25,29,35,40,45,50,55 & 60 lbs.
  • It's a Ambidextrous
  • Interchangeable Fiberglass Limbs
  • 26-28 inches Draw Length
  • The Bow Weight is 3 Lbs
  • The Brace height is 7 5/8’’ to 8 ½’’

5. Hoyt Archery

We don’t know if you’ve heard a name before that has spent almost a century in the archery industry but the next name we’re about take has spent that kind of time in making the finest bows. Yes, we’re taking about the Hoyt Archery.

What has made them one of the top 10 brands in our list wasn’t only their years of experience but the way they’ve brought affordability and efficiency on the same page. 

The best thing about them is how precisely they manage to add accuracy and power in their bow as they’ve done in the Hoyt Buffalo Recurve Bow, which is also their best. With virtually zero stacking, this bow also has consistent draws and also no vibration. And the best part? It’s totally weather resistant. 

6. Bear Archery

It’s time to reveal one of the renowned brands and that is none other than the Bear Archery.

No matter what kind of bow you’re asking for, we bet you’re going to find a suitable fit in their arsenal. And the price range? It doesn’t matter if you budget is high or low, they surely do have something to exchange against that.

When it comes to making bows they’ve touch almost every segment you can name. The bow line from Bear Archery includes Compound Bows, Recurve Bows, Longbows, Crossbow, Youth Bows and Bowfishing. But what amazed us more is how they’ve managed to slip in technology and ancient vibe on the same page when it comes to bows.

For the finest hunters out there, they’ve made the Bear Montana bow and that’s the flagship bow of Bear Archery. The durable material it’s built from has made it long-lasting. Plus, it can push both shooting speed and accuracy to a higher level.

7. Southland Archery

For beginners, who makes the best recurve bow? If that’s the question you’re roaming around with, then we’d say you’re missing the Southland Archery.

They’re renowned for making bow that goes for people with taller height but lower budget. But everyone has their best creation and so does Southland. Any guess on the name? Well, it’s SAS Explorer Takedown Recurve Bow.

This one is indeed one of the bow any beginner can ask for and the credit mostly goes to its cheaper price and tool-free takedown. Its max draw weight is 34 lbs what has made it perfect for hunting smaller game.

Overview of SAS Explorer Takedown Recurve Bow
SAS Explorer Takedown Recurve Bow
  • It's a 66" Meta Bow
  • The Draw Weights Are 20,22,24,26,28,30,32 & 34 lbs.
  • Only available for Right handers
  • 6 different colors available
  • The Draw Length is 28 inches
  • The Bow Weight is 2.2 Lbs

8. Keshes Archery

It’s time reveal the final name on our list and this specific brand has been keeping up with archery world for years. Who knew a small family-owned business would’ve come this far?

They’re finest quality is making their bow not only lightweight but also durable in the first place. And yes, their bow don’t fall apart when it comes to impact or cold as well.

The Keshes Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow that has made us fall in love with this brand, which is also their best one. It’s perfect for both advanced and beginner archers. Thanks to its variable draw weight that can reach up to 60lbs. And yes, it’s got ergonomic grip and great look too.

Overview of Keshes Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow
KESHES 62-inch Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow
  • It's a 62" Bow
  • 15 to 60 lbs draw weight with 5 lbs increment
  • Both Right and Left Hand
  • Fiberglass Limbs
  • 29 inches maximum Draw Length
  • The Bow Weight is 2.7 Lbs
  • The Brace height is 7.4 inches approx.

9. The Great Plains

If you’re asking for names that’s been maintaining the most complete and perfect line of traditional bows, then the name of the Great Plains will be there for sure. This company started its journey in 1989 and still manage to maintain the highest standards in their handcrafted bows.

The best thing about this manufacturer is the whole process they follow to make a bow is filled with precision which you can ultimately see in their creations. You don’t need to look too far to get some idea on that but their best recurve bow Green Mamba is enough to prove the point.

This bow is so fast that it can easily reach a speed of 200 fps. Besides, along with a great look, it’s also perfect for hunting maneuverability.

10. Black Widow Archery

Want to know who makes the best custom recurve bow? Well, there are a few names but the name pops up in our mind is Black Widow Archery.

They’re mostly known for the top-quality of their bows and they’re kind of best at making custom-made traditional bow, like we said before. In certain cases, they even give the chance to try out a bow, so that you can make your mind about getting one.

So, we count the PSA X Exotic Complete Bow as their finest creation. As it comes with shorter handle, the maneuverability reaches a greater level. And the design? There’s total touch of elegance on that part. The makers prioritize perfection here so much that, sometimes it takes 10 weeks to make one of these.

Final Words

So, which one you’d like to go with among these 10 brands? No matter which one you pick, we bet you’re going to get the finest performance from each of them. Otherwise, why they would’ve been in the list of the best in the first place, right?

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