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Guide To Choosing The Right Compound Bow Size

When you decide to outset your paths toward bow hunting we support you 100% since it's a very exciting and beneficial journey. But this adventure will obviously make you go through indecision while choosing the right bow size.

As a beginner it’s legitimate for you not to know the appropriate size. So here we're with the complete compound bow size guide for beginners.

The right size for you would be a compound bow that’s longer in bow length and brace height to gain stability which is very important for a beginner to do great with bow hunting. But if you have any particular personal preference then the answer might vary.

Using your common sense you need to find out which size is going to catch up with your age and physical condition. We have a simple method to find out the perfect size. Let's see the method.

Method: Measure Using Your Fingertip

Using someone's help, measure the tip of one middle finger to another of yours and divide the measurement by 2.5. The consequence will be the approximate draw length for you. A chart might help you find out your compatible size.

Since compound bows are a lot different than traditional ones, there are many things to consider while buying a compound bow. Size is the most fundamental yet important thing to consider depending on the other specs. Match the proper size with your height and physical situation. Pick one that's most compatible with you.

Considerations While Choosing The Proper Compound Bow Size

You have to be super sure about the bow size you're choosing for making it most handy to you while working with that. However, here is the stuff you need to consider while finalizing the compound bow size.

  • Draw Length
  • Bow Length
  • Brace Height

Draw Length

We want you to know what draw length is first. Draw length is basically the length you draw your bow to before firing. That needs to be accurate to shoot your target perfectly. You can either use the fingertip method mentioned above to measure the draw length or ask the archery shop to get the ideal draw length for you.

Bow Length

If you're a fan of tighter shooting situations then you must go with a shorter bow length. But if you're to face open field targeting situations frequently then you have to get a compound bow that comes with a longer bow length.

While picking the vow length based on your personal preferences, consider the fact that a longer bow length is much more beginner-friendly than the shorter one.

Brace Height

If you're finding a compound bow that is beginner-friendly pick one with a longer brace height since they provide more stability, ease of drawing, and holding. But if you prefer faster ones then you can intend to get a compound bow with a shorter brace height.

When people start off as a beginner our recommendation to them would be to pick a compound bow with a longer bow height and brace length to help them catch up with accurate shooting as a beginner.

Wrapping up!

The size of the compound bow you should get really depends on your preferences and physical condition. Pardon us if you still find it difficult to understand even after our broad discussion. Feel free to ask the archery shop owner for help if there's a lack of any single information here.

We just hope we could give you a proper guide to choosing the right compound bow size.