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How Much Does A Longbow Weigh?

Longbows are generally not the first thing that newbies pick for starting the archery career. One of the main reasons behind that is the length of the bows. Typically, longbows have the same size as the archer. After all, they are called longbows for a reason.

Considering the size, it would be pretty natural for you to wonder how much does a longbow weigh?

Well, the weight will entirely depend on the construction material of the longbow. For example, if you consider a six feet tall longbow that is of European yew, it will be around 3 pounds.

But that is not everything that you should know regarding longbow weight. There is so much more! And you can learn about the topic in detail if you carry on reading!

What Is the Average Weight of a Longbow?

Although the size of the longbows can seem quite intimidating, they are not actually that heavy. The thing is, longbows have a very simple design. And they will not be of thick material. The reason behind that is that higher thickness can make it hard for the bow to curve.

Now, if you cannot make the longbow curve naturally, it will be pretty hard for you to draw the bow. And as they are not that thick, the material does not weigh too much. Typically, the longbows will be in the 2 to 5 pounds range.

In fact, most will be around 3 pounds. You will hardly see longbows that are 5 pounds in the hands of the archers.

Does the Physical Weight of the Longbow Matter?

Yes! Bows need to be light. If they are heavy, it will be hard for the archer to carry them around. Most importantly, heavy bows are hard to work with.

You will face arm fatigue pretty quickly. That is why every bowyer aims to make their bows as light as possible.

That said, sometimes, a light bow can start to feel heavy. You will get what we mean here if you have participated in a competition.

The longer you aim the bow, the more stress you will put on your arms. And eventually, even the lightest bow will start to feel heavy for you.

Nonetheless, do not confuse the physical weight of the bow with the draw weight. The draw weight is the amount of pressure that the bow puts behind the arrow when you release it. It has to do with the string and the bow.

On the other hand, the physical weight is the actual weight of the bow. It has to do with the design and material.

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