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How To Adjust Draw Length On A Compound Bow

While shooting an arrow, it’s pretty obvious that you’d want to go for the perfect shot. Well, having the proper draw length assists in ensuring that your desired accuracy is attainable.

If you’ve been on the lookout for a complete guide to achieving the perfect draw length, the sections below will walk you through the whole process.

Key points you’ll encounter below are tips in how to adjust draw length on a compound bow including how to calculate it, how to use the tools for adjusting, some of the key compound bow components, and how to adjust the bow using the information.

Almost all compound bows have a draw length adjustment. Each bow has a unique range of draw length adjustments. Some have a draw length adjustment range of 15-20 inches, while others have a range of only 3-5 inches.

Adjustable cams enable the archer to fine-tune his or her draw length with a hexagonal wrench and without pressing the compound bow in most cases.

The Modules for Adjusting Compound Bow Draw Length

If we’re being honest, adjusting draw lengths vary depending on the compound bow you have. But, if you don’t have any idea or don’t know where to start, then having a mini-handbook would be a breathe of fresh air.

In general, the draw length of a compound bow is controlled by modules attached to the cams. So, you can start from there.

With cam modules, there are two primary methods for adjusting draw length. One type of module is replaceable, while the other type is adjustable.

1. Replaceable Modules

Numerous high-end bows come equipped with replaceable mods. To change the draw length, you must uninstall the current mod and reinstall it.

If your bow utilizes draw length modules, each draw length will have its own module. If you want to know which mode you should go for each draw length, consider reading the instruction manual. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website.

To be honest, you won’t need any bow press to adjust the draw length. However, if the wires rest on the mode, you might have to swap it out by using the bow press.

As for the modules, you might get them with your compound bow or you might have to order them separately.

Hopefully, if you purchased this type of bow, the seller will provide you with the appropriate module for your draw length. If you require a different draw length module, they are typically simple to replace.

When modifying the draw length of a compound bow, simply detach the screws from the existing mod and replace them with the new mod. Now, what if you have got two modes? Well, in such case, consider changing them both.

Just simply unscrew the existing modules and get some modules that have the proper length. Voila! Replace the old modules with the new ones.

Replaceable Modules of Compound Bow

2. Adjustable Modules

On the other hand, other compound bows have modules that can be adjusted. You'll know if your mod is configurable if it has numerous holes labelled with corresponding numbers or letters. There are system of marking or holes that come with the modules. Each of these marks will direct you to a specific draw length distance.

If you take a look at the mods, you’ll be easily find the precise compound bow draw length.
For instance, 16 – 31 Inches, while others will utilize a code, alphabets or numbers for instance.

Additionally, you can consult the instruction manual for a detailed explanation of the code.

To adjust the draw length on this type of module, you must unscrew it. After loosening the screws, you can twist the mod to the desired draw length distance and reattach the screws.

Adjustable Modules of Compound Bow

4 Steps To Adjust Draw Length on Compound Bow

Shooting with the proper draw length is critical to hunting and scoring effectively and maintaining proper archery form. A draw length that is an inch too long or too short can cause issues ranging from lack of accuracy to damage.

Using a bow that is proportional to your strength is critical for maintaining proper shooting form and accuracy. Let's walk you through the process of adjusting the draw length on a compound bow in steps.

Step 1: Find Your Draw Length

First things first: before you get into the mechanical side of adjusting compound bow draw length, measure your initial draw length first. A visit to your local archery technician is the most certain way to determine your precise draw length. But, if you are unable to visit a local archery expert, this excellent at-home technique may help you get started:

Calculate your arm span, which is the horizontal distance between your arms when they are stretched out horizontally. This is made easier if you have assistance. As you extend your arms out, have them take a tape measure.

Let your assistant determine the distance between each middle finger's tips. Once you have this number, divide it by 2.5 to obtain the approximate length of your draw.

Step 2: Understand What Type of Mods You Have

Adjusting the compound bow draw weight and draw length with replaceable cams and mods is different than with adjustable cams and mods. Replaceable cams and mods require slightly more labor than adjustable cams and mods. Here’s how you can do that.

  • With a socket wrench, remove the socket-head cap screws from the existing cam module.
  • Once the screws are removed, remove the cam module.
  • Replace with the new cam module - one that when based on the instruction’s manual and length recommendations would fit with your previously measured draw length.
  • Replace the screws and take care not to overtighten them.
  • Adjust the draw stop on the new cam module to the proper position. The draw stop will bring the draw to a halt at the length of the new cam.
  • Then your bow is ready to be restrung.

If your cams and mods are not replaceable, you simply need to adjust them according to the codes, numbers, and instruction manual. Compound bows are usually labeled with letters such as A, B, C, or 1, 2, and 3. These labels indicate various draw lengths.

The instruction manual will detail what these terms mean. If you are unable to locate an owner's manual, you can experiment with different settings to determine which ones work best.

Step 3: Fine-tuning Your Draw Length

Speaking of experimenting with different settings, once you've determined your estimated draw length and identified the mods you have, the next step is to adjust your bow to that length.

As you start shooting your bow, you might find the draw length to be a bit too short or bit too long. Keep your measurements accurate and you’ll find the number within about a half-inch of the actual draw length.

The final draw length, on the other hand, will vary depending on your anchor point, which is unique to each archer. You may find that adjusting the draw length by a half-inch shortens or lengthens the draw for your specific anchor point.

Most bows come standard with two cams and two mods. This means you'll need to modify both mods to achieve the desired draw length. Therefore, before firing the bow, verify that both mods are set to the same level.

Step 4: Finish Things Up

Once you've completed those three steps, you can immediately begin checking things out. If you're satisfied with the configuration of your new draw length, you're done. If, however, you are still dissatisfied, you can repeat the process until you find the ideal draw.

Adjusting Compound Bow Draw Length

Precautions When Adjusting a Compound Bow

  • Never overtighten your limb bolts. Overtightening will result in strain on the bowstring or cam, so it is critical to consult the user manual that came with your bow to determine the maximum number of turns required to tighten the limb bolt.
  • When you're finished adjusting the draw length on your compound bow, be sure to tighten the locking screws. Without the screws securely fastened, the limb may disengage during use, posing a serious risk to the archer and bystanders.

Finetuning the Draw Length

The majority of compound bows can be configured on a one-inch interval. This means that your draw length can be configured to 28 or 29 inches, but not to 28.5 inches. For the majority of archers, this is irrelevant, as an inch is not a significant distance. However, more experienced archers may desire greater flexibility.

Fortunately, this is possible, but requires the use of a bow press. To begin, place the bow in the press and untangle the string and cables. Then you can shorten the draw length by adding twists to the bowstring or lengthen it by removing twists.

You should avoid adding or removing an excessive number of twists. You should use this method solely for finetuning. When too many twists are added or removed, the bow shoots less efficiently and becomes more stable. I would add or subtract no more than about 10 or 15 twists.

Wrapping Up

That was pretty much it about how to adjust draw length on a compound bow. If you're new to compound bows, avoid obsessively dissecting yourself to the micron level. You'll have more success if you stick to the norm and choose an initial draw length that is comparable to others in your size and stature. Fortunately, changing the draw length on the majority of bows is quite simple.

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