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How To Choose A Compound Bow: Buying Guide

Are you obsessed with bow-hunting just like us? Well, who isn't? Bow hunting is the most exciting and adventurous thing for an archer. But many of us don't know the fact that it's not just practice that makes an archer great, he must choose the bow that would fit them to offer proficiency.

How to choose a compound bow? You have to do proper research and analyse your personal preferences again and again. And that’s what we did from our part here. We’ve talked about all the essentials you’ll need to make sure you can get your hands on the right compound bow.

Although we totally agree with you buying your bow all by yourself, we would suggest you to buy that from a pro shop where the experienced staff can embrace you with some legitimate knowledge. So let's start with some basics and what to look for when buying a compound bow.

Learn About the Basics

Before heading to a bow shop you should learn the basics about a compound bow so that you don't feel uncomfortable or awkward while talking to the experienced shop owner.

On the other hand learning about the compound bow parts and specs properly will help you know your own preferences in a broad yet efficient way.

Draw Length

If you aren't familiar with the concept of draw length yet, you must go through it for once, draw length is basically the length you need to pull back.

While getting your compound bow to be careful of the fact that you need to get one that fits your hand.

Compound Bow Draw Length Anatomy
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Draw Weight

Draw weight is something you can't overlook while getting your compound bow. The weight would justify how much force is needed to be given for handling the bow. So it's pretty obvious that you need to get a compound bow that comes with a weight that you can carry and offer the same force back.

Because if you don't feel compatible with the bow then you might not grip the bow or shoot with the bow properly.

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Bow Length

Bow length is considered to be the length of the axle to axle measurement. If you're a beginner then our heart and soul request to you would be to get a compound bow longer at bow length.

Because they offer maximum stability while the shorter ones are for experienced bow-hunters.

Compound bows shorter at length are for tight shooting and are a little difficult to deal with for beginners.

bow length of a compound bow

Brace Height

The reason why we suggest you get compound bows longer at length goes for brace length too. A longer brace height is important for having the deepest grip on the bow. 6"-7" brace height would be perfect for a beginner to outset his journey with a good yet stable compound bow.


No hunters would like a bow that shoots slower. If you're a big fan of higher speed then consider picking a bow that shoots arrows 280 to 320 feet per second. Most brands offer this benefit along with other ones, so do not settle for less.

How To Choose The Right Compound Bow?

Starting your journey as an archer will make you face the biggest challenge at the very beginning which is choosing the compound bow. If you get that right, you’ll be proud of yourself by seeing your progress because right bow means right direction.

  • However, choosing the right compound bow starts with comparing the top brands with each other based on your personal preferences.
  • Be very careful about the size of the bow you’re getting. If possible checkout the size chart thoroughly to consider one eligible for your requirements.
  • Consider getting a bow with that weight you can handle with your provided force.
  • Lastly, consider your physical condition and come to a conclusion depending on that with experts’ opinions.

Following these simple conditions will get you the right compound bow for you and your perfect start with compound bow hunting.

What Compound Bow Should I Buy?

Buying a compound bow is neither something very difficult nor a piece of cake. Looking around online will help you learn the basic details you have looked for while purchasing the compound bow. But do you know what compound bow you should buy or put the basics out what specifies one particular compound bow just for you? Let's discuss it.

Physical Condition

When you ask us what compound bow would be perfect for you we would ask you to understand your physical condition properly first. Did you know there are different compound bows for men, women and young hunters, and even kids?

The design varies along with the gender and physical conditions because compound bows are meant to make you go through a fantastic but adjustable and compatible journey. Some come with a compact design too though. If you aren't into researching then you can go with the compact designed bow too.

New or used one

You can always search online while choosing a compound bow to get a second-hand compound bow that is lower in price or you can just borrow from a friend. But it's specially instructed by the experts that you really should get a new bow instead of an old one if you're a first-time hunter.

If you're experienced enough and buying the 4th or 5th bow then you can go with a used one.


There are many expensive compound bows available at markets nowadays. But spending more than $500 on a compound bow isn't acceptable since great quality bows totally come at a price that is reasonable.

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How To Choose A Compound Bow For Hunting?

When choosing a compound bow for hunting, there's one thing you need to get out of your head, marketing hype or promotional hype. No brands will be able to specify a compound bow specific to you.

You need to inspect practically to find out which one would be the right pick for you. Even we suggest you check again and again before getting the compound bow. When you ask us how to pick a compound bow for hunting, we divide the answer into 3 different proportions.

  • Draw length: Needs to be compatible with your hands’ length.
  • Bow length: Should be longer at length to offer maximum stability to beginners.
  • Brace height: Choosing longer brace height would be wiser for a beginner for better grip and shooting practice.

As we've said before you must check if the length of these three goes about right with you or not. Beside, being very clear about the gender and special personal preferences of the staff of the pro archery shop is really important for picking a great compound bow for yourself.

Choosing A Compound Bow For Hunting

Wrapping up!

Getting you a compound buying guide wasn't easy for us too. We've spent some decent hours learning the whole deal to help you choose the right compound bow. However, now that we're done we expect every bit of our gesture to come out to be helpful for you.

Our how to choose a compound bow – compound bow buying guide is enough to get you the perfect compound bow for yourself.

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