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How To Install Arrow Rest On Compound Bow

Comfort is one of the key features that you should prioritize in any kind of activity. Especially when we are talking about using a compound bow, comfort and consistency are quite important.

Using an appropriate arrow rest allows you to store all of your arrows in one place. Therefore, when you are using your arrow- you get consistency since all of the arrows are placed in one area. You don't have to look around and find the arrows one by one.

Are you wondering how to install arrow rest on compound bow? Look no further- because we have the solution for you. Down below, we have described in-depth how you can set up an arrow rest to get consistency.

Here are all of the steps that you need to follow to get a successful compound bow arrow rest set up-

1. Read the Instructions

Yes, it might seem like a very tedious task, but the first step in the setup process is to examine the arrow rests’ parts. Unbox the packaging of the arrow rest, and study the given instruction manual thoroughly.

Not all arrows are the same. You need to give the instructions a read so that you don't miss out on any special instructions or requirements that the arrow rest might need catering to.

2. Attached Arrow Rest To The Bows Riser

The next step is to attach the arrow rest to the riser. This has to be done carefully by adding in the Berger Hole screw. Based on the arrow rest that you have bought, you might also have to install a few additional screws.

3. Set In Position

You will now pull the cord while the arrow is on the bowstring to bring the cord to the up position. You need to make sure that the center of the arrow is horizontal to the center of the Berger hole. This might need some adjustments.

Then, you also need to analyze the down position to ensure that the arrow shelf and the arrow holding arm do not touch. If they are in contact, you will have to make adjustments so that the two units do not touch.

Setting Arrow Rest In The Right Position

4. Set The Center of The Arrow Rest And Tie In The Cord

The left to the right location of the arrow rest is known as the center shot. This shot needs to be installed at a distance that is recommended by your arrow rest or bow manufacturer.

After you have centered the arrow rest, you will have to tie the drop-away cord quite snugly. It cannot be too tight and cannot be too loose. The proper way to do this is to tie the cord to the downward cable using a setting knot.

5. Tie The Knot Properly On The Downward Cable

For this, you need to pull back the bow so that the drop-away rest is engaged. Analyze whether you can draw the bow fully in this position. If you are not able to continue with the full draw, you should adjust the tightness of the cable.

After you have tightened the knot accordingly, you need to tie the final knot on the cord. This has to be done beneath the setting knot.

6. Finishing Touches

Now that you are done setting up the arrow rest, you need to trim any additional chords beneath the knots. You can also melt any frayed pieces with a lighter.

compound bow arrow rest set up

How Do You Line Up An Arrow Rest On Compound Bow?

So, you now know how to adjust arrow rest on compound bow. But, are you wondering how to align it?

An easy way to do this is to use a second arrow that you are going to attach to the riser wall. Then using a rubber band around the riser, you have to feed the second arrow through both of the ends of the rubber band.

Then, fold in a paper that just somehow fits between these two arrows. Adjust the arrow to a sideways resting position. The slip of paper should be able just barely to fit between the two arrows.

The position at which this slip of paper is just barely fitting between the two arrows- needs to be your starting place. This way, when you remove the paper, your arrow rest is going to be perfectly aligned.


If you're wondering what is the best arrow rest for compound bow- it is the one that will allow you room for adjustment and is easy to align. Unfortunately, not all arrow rest have it all.

That is why we have described in depth how to install arrow rest on compound bow. If you follow our instructions, you will be able to get the correct setup with no hardship.

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