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How To Install Arrow Rest On Recurve Bow

Arrow Rests are affixed to the side of the recurve bow shaft and are used to keep the arrows in place for precise shooting. An arrow rest can help you improve and enjoy your recurve bow shooting session.

Now, these useful pieces of equipment do wear out with time, and understanding how to install arrow rest on recurve bow correctly will maintain your arrows on aim shot after shot.

So, how do you set it up? Continue reading to learn about the solution we have for you.

There are two main types of sophisticated arrows resting on the market: the Stick-on or the Glue-on type and another is Screw-in Type. We've included a step-by-step guide to help you complete the recurve bow arrow rest installation process successfully.

Method 1: The Stick-On Rest Method

Stick-on rests are simple to install on the bow's shelf side riser. This is also known as the Glue-On type, and the technique for completing this task is not difficult. Hence, you won't have to go through a lot. Take a look at this.

1st Step: Organize the Table At First

Start with a clean workstation, removing any dirt, grime, or unneeded instruments from your work surface. After that, wipe down the arrow risers' body with a soft cloth to remove any debris or old glue. This can be accomplished with rubbing alcohol or using a typical commercial cleaner.

2nd Step: Remove the Excess Arrow's Rest

You'll need to reduce your arrow rest if that's too big. The simplest method is to lay it on the arrow riser and outline around it, next cutting it to the proper size.

3rd Step: Remove the Self-Adhesive Paper

The arrow rest's self-adhesive covering should be peeled away. Make sure it's parallel to the rest. To glue the arrow plate, simply apply glue to the base of the plate and the riser.

4th Step: Position the Arrow Plate

Vertically align the arrow plate with the handle of the bow, which should be exactly above the webspace of the hand as it helps to grip the handle. Allow a diameter of 5/8-inch between the base of the sight of the bow window and the arrow.

5th Step: Closure

Fasten the arrow rest to the bow with firm pressure once it is positioned. You've completed the job and are ready to move forward.

Stick-On Rest Method of Arrow Rest

Method 2: The Screw-In Type

This differs from the arrow plate in that it is screwed to the arrow riser of the recurve bow. This type of arrow rest is presently popular among arching enthusiasts since the arrow rest does not have a danger of falling off the bow.

It is not difficult to install, and the most important aspect is having the correct pieces of equipment for its installation process. Continue reading to figure out more.

1st Step: Clean Up Your Workplace

Make sure your workspace is clean, dust-free, and if there are any pieces of equipment on the table that aren't needed for this activity, relocate them to a different location.

2nd Step: Recognizing the Hole's Function

Once you have a glance at it from the front, you'll find two holes. The arrow rest needs to be placed in the first hole, whereas the plunger needs to be placed in the second one.

3rd Step: Screwing the Arrow Rest

Bolt the screws gently and make sure that the screws are pointing in the direction of the riser holes on your recurve bow. Slowly work your way through it, making sure it's firm when you're finished.

4th Step: Make Any Necessary Changes, If Required

The distance between the base portion of the sight of the bow window and the arrow must be set precisely 5/8-inches, much like the Glue-on type method.

Last but not least, double-check for any further changes. The riser bolt is the first and most important thing you should inspect. You can easily adjust either tighten or loosen it as per your level of comfort.
recurve bow arrow rest installation

Spacial Tips for Installing Arrow Rest

  • Generally, there are two types of arrow rests for shooting, Right or left-handed. Purchase the arrow rest that best fits your dominant hand.
  • The stick-on arrow rest is found on a lot of traditional recurve bows. So, rather than wandering around, if you're a fan of these things, you may go straight to it.
  • You can get help mounting the arrow rest on the bow by going to a local archery store. However, if you are comfortable doing it yourself, you are encouraged to do so.

Final Thoughts

By now, you've read the article and we're confident you'll agree with us that installing an arrow rest on recurve bows isn't difficult. The only thing which matters is to understand how to install it.

And, by this point, you might have learned and gained the confidence to do so on your own. Just keep in mind that when you've inserted your arrow rest on your recurve bow, you'll have to retune it for better precision and accuracy.

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