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How To Install Peep Sight On Compound Bow

A peep sight is a common and one of the components of a compound bow. Although it improves shooting accuracy, many new archers avoid using it because they believe it is difficult to set up.

But they are completely wrong. A peep sight can be installed in under 5 minutes.

Here we will show you how to install peep sight on compound bow following four simple steps.

You just need to manage a bow press and some other basic components like a bow jack or old strings.

Besides the installation of peep sight, we will also share some cool tips for using peep sight like a pro.

So stick with us.

Step 1: Adjust the peep position using a rubber band

In the process of bow peep sight installation, first, you've got to adjust the peep position.

Place a rubber band on the bowstring where you want to install the peep sight. Simply draw your bow back and see if the peep will fit in your eye. If it's not, then change the rubber band positions and check again.

Adjusting peep position using a rubber band

Step 2: Find the string bundle to set the peep sight

Put your bow into the bow press. Make sure it stands tightly. You can use any type of peep sight, but here we will discuss the 3/16-inch rad peep because it is super durable.

Take your peep and tuck it between the strings, making sure it's secure. Also, place two bow jacks, one at the top and one at the bottom of the string.

Step 3: Fix the peep direction

Press the bow and take the string from the camp. Now give your string a half twist in the direction it needs to go. After that, lay it back on the track. Now press out gently to make it normal. Now, if you pluck your string, your peep direction won't change.

Fix the peep direction

Step 4: Tie your peep sight

You can use any string, but we recommend BCY 3D string. Well, now, tie a tight knot to the peep so that it stays there anyway. You can use any knot you want. People mostly use super knots, but it is even better to use constrictor knots.

Once you tie the knot, you are done.

Tie your peep sight
Note: Want to install peep sight without bow press? To be honest, installing a peep sight without using the bow press is a huge risk. If you don't use a bow press, you could easily ruin your $500 bow. So, whenever you install anything on your bow, use a bow press.

How To Use A Peep Sight On A Compound Bow

Consistency is a crucial component of accuracy with a bow and arrow. It's essential to be able to look through your sight each and every time. In order to see your sight, you must align your head in order to look through your peep sight while drawing back.

Step 1: Align front sight with peep sight

With this action, you must hold your bow tightly with one hand while using your other hand to pull the string. Strings pulled and bow held is a delicate combination that demands calmness and gentleness.

Step 2: Draw and aim

Once you've aligned it correctly, you need to look through it and stay quiet until you're able to see your target clearly. Do not fire your shot immediately after reaching the target area.

When you can clearly see the target, take a deep breath and try not to move. Your main job is not to break the alignment and stick to the target as long as possible.

Step 3: Execute the shot

Only execute the shot if you believe you are on the target line. However, you should always try to wait for 2 to 3 seconds on your target.

How To Fix Peep Sight's Troubleshooting

If your compound bow peep sight installation is not accurate, you could face many problems. It can twist while shooting; sometimes, the peep sight direction completely changes. These are very common issues.

Let’s see how we can solve this.

Fixing the peep twist problem

Well, when the peep sight is twisted, there is no other solution than to replace it. Because you can't see through the broken peep, so replacing it is essential.

Put the bow on the bow press machine to replace the peep. Now loosen your bowstring by putting pressure on the bow press. Release the knot and take off the twisted peep or replace it with the new one.

Make sure the direction of the peep sight is accurate before removing the bow from the bow press.

Fixing the peep direction problem

Peep sight directions can be changed after a couple of big shots. And without removing the bowstring, you won't be able to fix it.

Therefore, it would be better to take your bow to the press shop instead of doing it barehanded.

Attach the bow to the press once again. You should loosen the string and give it a quarter turn in the direction you wish it to go. If it seems okay, then put it in front of the press. That's it; your bow is ready to use again.

The EndNote

We are pretty sure that you understand how to install peep sight on compound bow. Although it appears to be difficult, it is actually very simple and can be completed without the assistance of others.

There are only four steps involved. And the only material you'll need to complete these tasks is a bow press. People think bow press is difficult, so they want guidance on installing peep sight without bow press. However, that's a very bad idea.

In addition to the installation process, we've talked about how to use the peep sight and how to troubleshoot common problems.

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