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How To Make A Compound Bow Quieter

Compound bows are for more professional archery in sports and hunting. It provides more accuracy for its detailed built quality. And when you are shooting with this bow, you must prefer a noiseless strike. But because of some adjustment errors, your bow may get noisy.

Now, you can easily fix this issue by following some steps. Here's how to make a compound bow quieter. Check out the whole article to learn the process.

All noise is not the same. According to the reasons, your compound bow may make noises. In this portion, you will know why it becomes noisy.

A bow making a high-pitched "ripping" noise could indicate that the cock-feather was loaded incorrectly on the string and is now catching on the bow's riser. Besides, bows without a dedicated arrow rest can make a "scraping" sound. While the arrow's shaft rubs against the bow shelf, it makes a noise.

You may hear a "whistle" if your string has been untwisted and is now too long. A distinct sound may be heard as the air rushes through the strands. Again, "slapping" sounds may indicate that the string isn't in place properly. Moreover, when pulling the bow, you may hear or feel a sudden creaking or groaning that indicates de-lamination.

Remember, always identify the reason and type of your bow noise so that you can easily fix it.

Otherwise, it will always make a noise, even if you have the quietest compound bow.

5 Steps To Make A Compound Bow Quieter

Once your bow becomes noisy, you need to fix it with some adjustments. But how to silence a compound bow? Here's the step-by-step process to do so:

Step 1: Tighten All Attachments

The first step is ensuring all the screws and adjustments like string, limbs, arrow rest, and others are tightly assembled. A loose assembly not only makes noise but also turns the bow completely faulty and of no use.

Step 2: Install String Silencer

Since the main noise source is your bowstring, a silencer for a string is like a relief that will absorb the sound and vibration of the string. Now there are different types of bow string silencers.

You can install a DIY bow string silencer with animal fur, which is very effective for hunting bows. But if you're an Olympian or a professional archer, then you should go with the cat's whisker string silencer.

The only difference is that it is made of rubber instead of animal fur. Moreover, because it is rubber-built, it is effective in all weather.

Installing DoubleDown String Silencer

Step 3: Attach Limb Dampener

Once you install the bow string silencer, it's time to attach a limb dampener. As you know, stretching and flexing of the bow limb are regular while you fire an arrow. This bending of the limb generates a vibration that makes a sound.

It doesn't matter how good compound bow you have, the limb makes a little sound. However, vibration-absorbing limb dampeners for compound bow reduce noise. You just need to attach it to the limb.

Attach Limb Dampener on Your Compound Bow

Step 4: Install Bow Stabiliser

The primary function of a bow stabilizer is to equalize the weight of the bow's front and back so that it can be held more comfortably in hand.

Installing Bow Stabilizer on Compound Bow

Adding weight to the bow reduces the vibrations that produce so much noise from each stroke, which is another purpose of balancing.

Moreover, there are so many compound bows that come along with the stabilizer. You may even have separate stabilizers for your bow types.

Step 5: Regular Maintenance

How many additional attachments you install to make your bow quieter doesn't matter. If you are not maintaining or cleaning your bow on a regular basis, it will remain noisy.

For example, to prevent noise, sufficient lubrication should be applied to the moving parts of your compound bow regularly.


Now, you know all the processes to make your compound bow quieter. We hope you will follow them step by step and install the necessary components to convert your noisy compound bow to a noiseless one.

Enjoy your flawless archery!

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