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How To Measure Compound Bow Draw Weight

While shooting with a compound bow, you should acknowledge the importance of your draw weight for accuracy. Without determining the draw weight, you cannot achieve your goal.

Higher draw weight is responsible for higher speed. However, one must adjust the draw weight according to their comfort level. Trying to shoot with a higher draw weight can ruin a shooter's performance. Inevitably, lower draw weight leads to more accuracy.

However, many shooters refuse to admit that. Here we are going to share how to measure compound bow draw weight to clear up the confusion. Let's get started.

Measuring The Draw Weight On A Compound Bow

Measuring draw weight in the compound bow is different from the recurve bow. To measure the draw weight on a compound bow, you need to determine the highest point at first. Usually, it is in the middle of the draw.

You will need a bow scale. You can use a luggage scale or a spring balance as well.

Now that you have your bow and measuring scale ready, let's start the procedure.

1. While using a measuring scale, make sure that the indicator is in the starting position.

2. Now, after preparing your measuring scale, hold the scale in between your index finger and middle finger.

3. Hold the indicator with your dominant hand.

4. Don't block the indicator with your hand. And to avoid such a situation, make sure the scale is facing toward your face.

5. Now attach the measuring scale to your compound bow.

6. After attaching the device to your string, pull the string with the help of the measuring scale until you feel released.

7. Here, you need to be careful enough to pull it with your strongest strength with your arm straight.

8. Hold on to that position until you record the measurement. You can get help with taking the measurement as well.

9. Repeat the process multiple times and take the measurements as well.

When you do not see any higher numbers in the measure, you can stop repeating the procedure.

Now that you have the data from your sample, you can see that they are all different, which is normal. The highest draw that you have pulled is the draw weight of your compound bow.

How Important Is It To Determine The Correct Draw Weight?

Draw weight is often incorrectly set. Determining the accurate draw weight for a beginner is extremely crucial. And if you fail to carry the correct draw weight, it might cause you fatigue and ruin your accuracy. Here are some indicators that your weight is too heavy. Let's check if you have experienced any of these signs.

  • While drawing, if you raise your target to the ceiling, it shows a heavy draw weight.
  • Second, if you use your head to pull your arm back, it also causes heavy draw weight.

So, you might want to know how to know that you are holding your bow with the right weight. Here is the answer.

You should hold your draw at the starting point where the bow can be held at the target level, pointed at the target, and drawn without much movement.

You can work on your strength to develop into a higher draw weight. But initially, go with the lower draw weight to ace the game.


The misconception about an archer's draw weight can even ruin their career. So, the earlier you get to determine your draw weight, the better your game will be.

And for accuracy, there is no alternative to knowing your draw weight on the compound bow. Now that you know how to measure compound bow draw weight, you can do the measurement all by yourself and develop your game accordingly.

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