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How To Measure Draw Length for Compound Bow

A common question that bugs many beginner archers is “How to measure draw length for compound bow?” Well, there are three most effective methods of measuring draw length. Measuring according to your draw, applying the Wingspan Method, and finally using an arrow. 

The following methods are the only best ways to measure your compound bow's draw length successfully.

So, here in this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how you can execute these methods and easily measure the draw length of your bow. Let's get into the methods.

Here in this method, you’ll know how you can effectively measure the draw length of your arrow without using any advanced equipment or tools. This is also an ideal method for both beginners and advanced archers.

Step 1: Know the proper drawing of the bow

If you want to get a precise measurement of your draw length, you need to know how you’ll be drawing your compound bow to precisely shoot in practice.

The drawing plays a key role in your accuracy. If your posture is wrong, the draw length maybe a few inches off. So, you should know the proper positioning before carrying out your measuring.

Step 2: Use uncut arrows to precisely measure your draw

This is one of the most effective methods that most professionals implement and even train the new archers with.

This step is so effective because archers use “Archery Trade Association” calculation that helps them accurately calculate the draw length.

So, here in this step, you'll be using any ordinary bow with an uncut arrow, then you'll easily be able to pinpoint the draw with a measuring rule. 

Step 3: Draw your bow from the nock to the pivot point and then measure

The nock is where your arrow snuggles on your bowstring (not the bow’s end). However, the pivot is where your bow snugs on the thumb and index curve.

And the reason for the addition of 1 ¾ inch is the measurement from your bow’s pivot point till the very front of your bow grip.

Method 2: Measuring Draw Length Using an Arrow

This method will explain how you can easily measure draw length of a compound bow only by using an arrow. It’s also an ideal method for many beginners.

Step 1: Use an arrow that’s comparatively longer than your arm

You can use any uncut arrow for this, or you can even get an arrow with caliber or ruler markings on the arrow’s side.

These calibrated arrows are available in most archery stores. This can indeed help you make the measurements and calculations a bit more easily.

Step 2: Place your arrow’s notch on the chest

Remember here; you need to keep the arrow’s notch below your collarbone. Moreover, this aids in aligning the arrow with your shoulder sockets to the right and left.

Step 3: Turn the palms together with your arrow between the hands

According to expert archers, your hand must be pointing away from you, and it needs to be parallel to the arms.

However, make sure that you don’t bend your back or move your posture to get the extra distance, as it can blander your calculations.

Step 4: Mark the tips of the middle finger reaching on your arrow and then add an extra 2 inches

Like the Archery Trade Association calculations mentioned above, add an additional 2 inches on the peak of the measurement from your arrow.

However, according to many professional archers and trainers, this specific method is not very accurate and is only an ideal choice for beginners.

Therefore, if you are an intermediate or advanced archer, avoid this method to measure the draw length of your compound bow.

Compound Bow Draw Length Anatomy

Method 3: Wingspan Method

The Wingspan method is one of the most effective methods to measure the draw length of your compound box. Even many advanced archers and trainers prefer this measuring method as it’s comparatively more accurate than the rest of the methods.

Step 1: Stand by any wall and outstretch your arms

Ensure your wall is entirely bare and plain behind you. This is to resist any measurement alteration during the measuring process. Moreover, you also need to keep the arms parallel to your floor and ensure it forms something like a “T” shape.

Step 2: With your extended middle fingers mark your wall

You can get a friend to help you her. Tell your friend to place a bit of wall color on the tip of their middle fingers and touch the walls while extending their arms. Make sure that too much paint is not applied as this can damage your walls.

Step 3: Make the measurements from one finger’s tip to the other

Take a measuring tape and measure the distances from one mark to the next. This is a wingspan, and you can note the numbers down on paper.

Step 4: Divide your wingspan measurement with 2.5

This is one of the effective ways that maximum archers use. However, some use height instead, since both wingspan and height are pretty much related. Since it's the arms stretching the bow to shoot the arrows, a wingspan is the best way to measure.

Bottom Line

So, after going through this article, you should know how to measure draw length for compound bow. Accurately implementing these methods is essential for you to take the right measurement.

However, if you are a new archer, then taking the help of your trainer or any other professional would indeed ease your measuring procedure.

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