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How To Measure Recurve Bow Length

From the beginning of this world, the bow played an essential role as a great weapon. Although people used the bow for protection in ancient times, the scenario is not the same nowadays. The bow is a popular gear in the sports section and also it can meets your hobby like hunting.

However, if you are a first-time bow user, you must be puzzled about how to measure recurve bow length, right? Well, to measure the recurve bow perfectly, you have to know some additional facts about your bow and bowstring first. So, here you go! We will assist you in understanding all the essential facts to get a perfect measurement in the end. So, let's begin!

You must be familiar with the term brace height as an archer. The distance you get from the grip's part to your bowstring is called brace height. And it is essential to set a specific measurement of your brace height to meet your desired shoot.

But, you have to set the measurement of brace height according to the manufacturer's recommendation. Your performance will depend on a perfect measure of brace height, as it will allow you to determine the most acceptable length of bowstrings.

Yet, there are two measurable lengths of brace height, for instance, the long string length and the short string length. Remember, the long string length is highly appreciable for optimal performance and vice versa.

If you wonder when the length can be longer, the measurement is 6 inches of brace height. And, if the measure goes below 6 inches, then consider it as the short length. But, of course, the lower height will also help you get the high velocity.

And, this is the actual reason why you should measure the recurve bow length. So, let's know how to measure this essential fact as you are an archer-

2 Methods To Measure A Recurve Bow Length

There are two ways how you can measure the recurve bow length. The first one is AMO which means Archery Manufacturers Organizations, and the second is the manual way. You can check the rating by this AMO method in a certain period to avoid confusion while it gets little changes.

Method 1: Way You Can Measure by AMO Method

AMO is the way of measurement where the manufacturers use their specific bow rates, and you will get that rate printed on the bow specs. The manufacturers calculate that rate by adding 1 3/4" measurement.

And if you measure it using your thumb, the measurement of the string length must be 3" squat than the existing recurve bow length. Besides, the bow length stands at 50" if you find the AMO length is 47". Follow the given three steps to be more transparent-

  • Determine the AMO position
  • Deduct the length by 3"
  • Now, the recurve length is exactly what is left.

That is why measuring the knock point to determine the bow length is essential. You have to keep measuring from the knock point to the deepest grip part above where the arrow exceeds the riser. Here, you can use a bow square to find this point with ease.

Method 2: Way You Can Measure Manually

It is the easiest way to measure your recurve bow length. Let's see how-

  • You have to take a measuring tape.
  • Put the tape on the bowstring groove's end.
  • Now, mark the point to measure perfectly.
  • You are done!

Which One is the Best Method?

Well, some people find AMO measurement method confusing, while some find it highly acceptable. But, according to the experts, the AMO method of measuring the recurve bow length is the standard method that all the archery shops follow.

How to Take Care of Your Recurve Bow String

This part of our content will help you know, in short, how you can take care of your recurve bowstring. By maintaining three essential ways, you can ensure the durability of your bowstring. Let's know what these are-

  • Storing: Storing is the most significant factor that will determine the bow life span. If you store your bow in a narrow place, it will be torn and will damage. So, focus on your storage space.
  • Waxing: If you use your bow regularly, you might not need to wax it. But, if it is your hobby to use the bow occasionally, keep it in a regular waxing. For that reason, it will always be ready to shoot.
  • Replacing: If you find your bowstrings getting loose, replace them.

To Wrap Up

Knowing how to measure recurve bow length to be a professional archer is a must-do thing. However, you must know about the recurve bow length measuring procedures. And, to know all about that measuring procedures, we have made our content.

We hope our content will be your great assistance in exploring how to measure a recurve bow length and use your bow gear better. So, you now have no dilemma finding your recurve bows length right.

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