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How To Measure Recurve Bow String Length

Archers have been adapting to different variants of arsenal to complement their shooting style. Starting from longbows, compound bows, recurve bows and crossbows, all are functional in different applications and must be looked after to counter any damages and to avoid injuries.

As you know, restringing is crucial for the maintenance of a bow. Similarly, the string length is also something that needs to be considered to maintain the perfect brace height of a recurve bow. We have come up with a step by step guideline on how to measure recurve bow string length.

The length of a bowstring can be measured in two different ways. Both have their positives and drawbacks. Not all products will showcase an AMO length, this is where manual mode can be useful. On the other hand, AMO is more accurate than manual readings and will save you a lot of time.

1. Manual Measurements

This is a more orthodox way of measuring any length, using your hands and measuring gears you can work out the string length. Although this particular process can come up with some faulty readings, it can be handy to measure the length in a bow that lacks standard AMO length.

2. AMO Length

It is the standard way designated by the manufacturers to measure bow length. Amo length measurement is easy to figure out and is a time saver if you are in a hurry. Most bow manufacturers will determine AMO length, for example, a 60-inch bow AMO will have a 57-inch bowstring after the full attachment.

If we talk about the common ground for finding string length, both these procedures can be utilized on different types of bows.

Measuring Recurve Bow String Length Using Manual Measurements

This is where you use your hand and thus you need sufficient tools for getting the precise result. The first thing you have to do is gather the belongings and then you can work your way out.

Step 1: Tools Required

  • Marker is needed for measuring and marking destinations
  • Measuring tape for calculating the length

Step 2: Measure from One Groove to Another

Use the measuring tape, then place one side on the top groove end and stretch the tape to the opposite groove end. Make sure the tape lies flat on the curve of the bow limb and reaches the point across the riser of the bow. Take measurements from the point where you started to the other end as well.

Step 3: Mark the Readings

Now that you have a measurement, you will have to subtract 3 inches to get the recurve bow string length. You can also get accurate values if you measure from one tip to another tip of the bow, but here you will have to subtract the excessive length (tip to groove distance) to get the precise string length.

Measure Recurve Bow String Length Using AMO Length

Archery Manufacturers And Merchants Organization length is the size determined by the manufacturer of the bow. You can see it on the manual or locate it somewhere on the bow’s body. Most bows nowadays come with AMO length.

To determine the accurate string length of the recurve bow, follow these basic steps.

Step 1: Locate The AMO

Scour every side and angle of the bow, there should be some kind of stamp or writing where you will see the AMO length. You can also check the user manual to know the reading.

Step 2: Subtract the Detected Measurement

This is the easiest way to know about string length. You are almost done if you've successfully gone through step 1. Now that you have identified the AMO length, now you can simply subtract the length by 3’’. There you go! You have the recurve bowstring length on your hand.

Final Words

Unstringing a recurve bow can also give you accurate results if you are ready for some hard work. You can unwind the strings and measure the length on a flat surface without having to subtract any other measurements.

If you have read through this article you already know the different procedures of how to measure recurve bow string length. It is not a cakewalk nor something that cannot be performed. Simply follow the process we mentioned in this writeup and you will be able to measure and change the strings without any hassle.

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