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How To Mount A Quiver On A Compound Bow

Most new archers use their compound bow and quiver incorrectly. That is why they tend to miss their targets while shooting. Before learning how to mount a quiver on a compound bow, it's important to understand why you need to do so. 

The reason for this is that when your quiver is not attached to the bow, it takes longer to prepare for the next shot. Because you must draw your arrow from either the back or the waist, depending on where your quiver is kept. That is clearly the wrong approach.

So here, we will show you how easily you can mount a quiver in a compound bow and use it very comfortably.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Not all quivers fit all bows, but the regular bows are mostly compatible with all quivers.

A quiver is made to hold ammo or arrows. In addition, the quiver is attached to the body of the bow for convenience. With its adjustable mounting option, you can easily attach any standard-sized bow to it.

In contrast, when it comes to a special bow such as the "Takedown recurve bow" or "longbow," which is even larger than the compound bow and very curvy. Here, mounting a quiver is really difficult.

The rest of the regular bows, including the Trophy Ridge quivers, Korean bow, Turkish bow, and Manchu bow, can be easily inserted into most quivers.

3 Steps To Mount A Quiver On A Compound Bow

Now we will see how to put a quiver on a compound bow by following some simple steps.

Step 1: Select Your Quiver

Based on the mounting feature, there are two types of quiver available. One is a fixed mounting quiver, and the other is an adjustable mounting quiver.

The fixed mounting is fixed in position. You can't change anything here. When it comes to adjustable mounting, you have the option to choose the position where the quiver will be attached to the bow.

So go with the adjustable mounting quiver.

Step 2: Screw The Mounting Plate On The Bow

This detachable quiver is pretty easy to install.

Frankly, when you're dealing with a compound bow, it's really easy to work with. The reason is that this type of bow has many options to attach additional stuff.

The tread pattern, however, is also very common, and it's universal. So no problem will arise while using. 

Well, now take the bolts from the quiver. Wax it a little bit before mounting it. The reason is that bolts are mostly made of steel, so if we use wax, they will be protected.

Now you can begin attaching your bow quiver mounting bracket to the bow. To properly mount it, you'll probably need 2/3 bolts. Make sure it's properly tightened after mounting it, or else the quiver will move.

Attaching upper and lower part of Quiver

Step 3: Mount Your Quiver On Your Bow

After you've attached the mounting plate, take your quiver and slide the dovetail portion into place.

Then, begin by placing the locking bolt on the mounting area and tightening it with your hand. That's all. You successfully mount a quiver on a bow.

Here is a quick tip regarding positioning: When mounting your quiver on a compound bow, make sure it is attached to the bow's upper side and perfectly aligns with the bow.

If you keep this up, your arrow will be safe and will not cause any problems while shooting.

Attached Quiver On a Bear Compound Bow

The EndNote

Hope you get the point to mounting a quiver on your compound bow. Frankly, this is just a three-step task.

However, the process becomes easier if you have some prior knowledge about quivers and bows. For that reason, we discuss whether all arrows fit into all quivers. You will get primary knowledge in that form there.

After that, we directly dive into the main installation process, where we simply explain mounting steps. We've already demonstrated how to choose a quiver. Then discuss the technical parts, like how to mount the plate on the bow.

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