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How To Score 3d Archery

3d archery has started to capture the market slowly but the question of how to score 3d archery is still on the top. The traditional archery board is slowly getting replaced by the 3d ones as it can bring out the actual best archers in our friend circle.

However, to do that knowing how the scoring system works is also important. You may create your scoring areas but following the system that is followed internationally by professionals is just more fun and reliable.

Nevertheless, let’s start with the basic one.

The traditional archery board has become outdated, thus a 3D archery shoot has been designed to provide the archer with a true hunting experience. Imagine creating a replica of whatever animal you desire, and yes, shooting a whale in the woods is a possibility as well.

The mimic is used as the target rather than a board, which is why it's so engaging.

The archery shot is placed in the middle of the jungle or any other wild-like space to give the archer a more authentic feeling of hunting. As a result, these 3D archery shoots are ideal for outdoor use, as opposed to the traditional archery board, which is ideal for indoor use.

Nonetheless, the 3d archery scoring system is very different from the ones we have been shooting up to this point. Since the surface area of the aim is much greater, the scoring method is also very different.

How To Score A On 3D Archery Target?

Now you might be wondering how to score a 3d archery target when there is no board but a clone of an animal on the field. Well, there are three ways to follow the scoring system for the 3D shootout. One of them is the traditional local club method.

In this method, you and your buddies are simply having fun and therefore create the points system.

On the other hand, the other two are professional scoring systems for 3D archery that are utilized all over the world. The International Bowhunters Organization, commonly known as the IBO technique, and the Archery Shooters Association, normally recognized as the ASA method, are two of them.

Nevertheless, they both use the same scoring 3d archery targets but the only difference is their number of points in a particular spot. Let's take a closer look at their approach to grading.

IBO Method for 3D Archery Scoring

When you see the 3d model of the target, you’ll notice a strange oval region that is also known as the target area. When the arrow lands inside the oval or just on the edge of it, the majority of the critical points are earned. Even if you couldn't hit any of the target areas, points are waiting for you.

In general, you will gain 5 points in the IBO protocol if you hit somewhere other than the target region.

On the other hand, the target region is separated into distinct earning points. Apart from the oval-shaped region, two more non-weird ovals look like standard 2D archery targets.

You'll get 8 points if you hit just outside the scoring rings. 

However, if someone gets to hit the inside of the rings, the archer receives a staggering 10 points.

Finally, the bullseye is the most significant. You will be rewarded with the greatest point total ever, 11 points.

IBO Method for 3D Archery Scoring
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ASA 3D Archery Scoring Method

The ASA approach appears to have been designed to be distinct from the IBO to make the game more challenging and sophisticated. The insides are a little different, although it has the same odd-oval-shaped target zone.

There is another oval inside that one, but it has two circles on opposing corners. Furthermore, near the boundary of the strange-oval-shaped target zone, there is a whole new circle-shaped point. Yet, if you strike outside the target region, you will receive 5 points, the same as in the IBO.

While striking inside the target area earns you 8 points, the inside circle is where the excitement lies. 

Because two bullseyes in the circle are oppositely joined, hitting them will result in 12 points, whereas hitting them directly around the corner will result in 10 points.

Finally, the target area border side ring is more powerful, resulting in a maximum of 14 crazy points for the archers.

ASA 3D Archery Scoring Method
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How Many Targets Are In 3d Archery?

Although 3d archery target scoring methods are different, both IBO and ASA have the same number of targets. Various 3d animal models, ranging in number from 20 to 40, will be put in numerous places and at various angles. These various distances and angles aid in identifying a competent archer.

What Is The Highest Score In 3d Archery?

In 3d archery, there are two sets of top scores that you may achieve, depending on the scoring procedure you follow. The greatest score you may get with the IBO approach is 11 points.

On the other hand, the ASA approach will allow you to reach 14 points. Overall, 14 points are the maximum possible score.


To conclude, archery has always been a fun and challenging game, and playing a 3d version of it makes it more interesting to play. Thus, knowing how to score 3D archery is crucial to be able to enjoy the game properly.

Nevertheless, there are only two sorts of international scoring systems to choose from: the ASA and the IBO. It's entirely up to you to decide which one is best for you. We can safely say that the ASA scoring system is by far the most challenging and enjoyable.