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How To Ship A Compound Bow: Ways and Tips Explore

Sell archery bows professionally, or just want to sell off your old compound bow and get a new one? Whatever may be the cause, you’ll often need to ship the bow to the buyer.

Now, shipping a bow comes with a ton of risks. One significant one is you may end up damaging the bow, which in turn will drop the selling price drastically. Certain degrees of damage can even render the bow unfit for sale.

So, how to ship a compound bow properly? Put it in a box, make sure it has a snug fit, and tape the box tight, so it stays closed.

Want to discover more ways of shipping a compound bow? Stay with us!

Compound bows can be very expensive, and they’re not something you want to damage. We’ve already shared how you can ship one of these. In this section, we’ll discuss how to bolster protection.

Use Bubble Wraps

The easiest way to add some extra safety to the package would be to use bubble wraps. While these are great for occasional stress relief, their purpose is better served when they’re wrapped around valuables.

Its basic function is simple. The wraps are studded with bubbles filled with air. Combinedly, these small bubbles can resist impact to a great degree.

Before putting the compound bow in a box, wrap it with two layers of bubble wrap. Bubble wraps usually come in rolls with a width of 24-inch, so you’ll need to wrap them in smaller portions.

Once you’re done wrapping, tape the different portions together, so they fit tightly.

If an object is secured with two or three layers of bubble wraps, it’ll be secure from minor crashes and fall damages as well. Also, these are extremely cheap, so you should use them the next time you ship a compound bow.

Put the Wrapped Bow in a Bow Box

Bow boxes are suitable for sending a bow to any distance. Don’t have a bow box? Don’t worry, as you may not have to spend a dime to acquire one.

Just visit your local bow store and ask for one. The store will likely have multiple lying around. If you’re lucky, you may even get to choose the size and condition of the box. Trust me, the stores treat these as garbage, and they’ll be glad to get rid of them. So, just pay a quick visit, and you should be equipped.

What if you don’t find a bow box? In this case, you may want to spend some cash on a bow case. These can be very expensive, but they’ll protect the bow from any sort of impact.

Still, we recommend a standard bow box as they do the job just fine.

Stuff the Bow Box So the Bow Fits Snug

So, you have a fully wrapped compound bow and a box to put the bow in. But there will be some extra space left in the box, and shipping it that way will cause the bow to move internally, ultimately damaging it.

This is also easy to prevent. All you need is something soft, small, and fluid enough to fill the gaps. There are some alternatives you can choose from.

As the very first alternative, we recommend newspapers. Just take a bunch of old newspapers, take one page at a time, crush it, and put it in the box to fill the void.

You may find the pages too large to be put in certain spaces. So, you can use shredded paper alternatively. As shredded papers are quite small to fit into the smaller gaps, you won’t have to spend as much time shoving them in.

The last but the best alternative is a filled chip. These must be purchased, but they’re very cheap. What makes them a great option is their ability to retain their position. Also, they’re very easy to use.

While filling the box, try to place the fillers in a manner that covers the box from all sides. We recommend opening the box both from the front and rear to ensure equal distribution of fillers on both sides.

Tape the Box

Once the bow’s wrapped and the fillers are in position, it’s time to close the box and wrap things up. Just use regular tape to seal the box from all sides. Don’t just tape the openings. Tape every joint of the box, so it doesn’t break open from any side.

Shipping a Compound Bow with Bow Case


As you can see, shipping a compound bow doesn’t have to be expensive to be safe. All you need to know is some quick hacks and apply them, and you’re set!

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