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How To Store A Recurve Bow | 5 Ways To Keep Your Bow Safe

If you are an archer and own all the gears or accessories that are a must-have for archery, you might want to make sure you store them nicely and safely.

Yes, you can always hang it on your wall somewhere, but that surely is not a good way to keep the bow safe and as good as new. You should know how to store a recurve bow safely.

You can surf all around the internet and find tons of ideas. However, we have put together and made a list of safe bows-storing options that are the easiest.

  • Always remember to check and inspect the bow properly for any pre-existing defects or issues it has before placing it in storage.
  • Clean your bow neatly before storing it as it might have caught on dust or other elements from its previous uses.
  • Depending on what type of bow you own-one piece or a takedown, you might want to re-think if you want to store it in one piece or disassemble it (if it’s a takedown bow) before placing it somewhere safe.

5 Best Ways To Store A Recurve Bow

Now, with all that in mind, we can proceed and learn together about the available options of storing a recurve bow safely.

1. Bow Stands

The tripod-style bow stand is not only easy to place in any area inside your house, they are designed to keep both the bow and the string safe from any sort of scratches. The simple design keeps the bow intact and has an extra arm attached from the stand to provide support to the bow riser.

2. Hard Cases

If you are a traveler and an archer, this is the perfect pick for you! These hard cases specially designed for bow keeping are super safe to store the bows in and can be carried around. Bowstring and the accessories or gears for it can also be stored here.

It is not only portable but some hard cases come with separate slots for each bow equipment inside. However, it depends on the brand type of the hard case you will be getting. It can be carried around and kept at home as well.

3. Soft Cases

If you wish to make things a bit lighter when storing or carrying your bow around, soft cases are the way to go! This is the most common option used by most archers.

These soft cases are made of different types of materials depending on the brands that manufacture them But, all of them have foam lining inside to safe keep the bow equipment during movements. This can also be carried around and kept at home.

Soft Case vs Hard Case for Recurve Bow Storing

4. Bag-pack

Famous among the archers who love to hike with care to keep their arms free, this bag-pack is the perfect option! Your bow must be dissembled and stored inside this bag pack.

This exceptionally designed bow carrier has built-in slots for your bow’s dissembled parts so you will never need to worry about losing any of the bow parts.

5. Wall pegs

An easy way to keep a bow (with strings) always ready to go is by hanging them simply on pegs on the wall.

What To Avoid When Storing A Recurve Bow

  • Make sure to NEVER keep your bow by putting it up on its tips, this will surely damage and ruin the bow tips in no time- do not set them like that in some corner.
  • NEVER hang your bow on the wall by hooking it on a single nail, the bowline will become weak and break with time.
  • NEVER keep your bow in a place that is most likely to have moisture or extreme temperatures that cause dampness. This will make your bows soft over time and create unfixable damage to the bow material.

Wrapping Up!

That was pretty much it on storing a recurve bow. While bow racks and wall pegs are a good option to store your bows, they are also a good choice when you have people over and they look at your bow collection.

On the other hand, bow cases and bag-packs are a great option for professional archers and archers who move around.

Bows are very special and intricately made equipment that holds both artistic and realistic value, thus, listen to the passionate archer’s voice in your head and go buy the most suitable option of storage for your bow today!

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