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How To Store Compound Bow

Compound bows are never unstrung and can be dangerous, especially when left in places where young children can access them. These bows are also designed with a sense of quality and longevity.

Therefore, learning how to store compound bow when not in use is an essential care and maintenance practice. Make a simple bow rack in the storage room to hang the compound bow kit for safe storage. Also, you can purchase a case to store the bow.

This article will discuss different ways of storing a compound bow in detail.

Below are the various ways you can use when storing a compound bow.

We shall start by exploring how to store a compound bow without a case.

1. Hanging the bow on the wall

This is the simplest way to store your bow temporarily. Hang the bow by its cam or the limb.

Never use the string to hang the compound bow. Hanging it by the string will cause unnecessary stress and strain to the string that may cause it to become loose.

The string should be waxed to ensure the string doesn't fray. Wax helps maintain the string's moisture level with no loss or gain.

Hang the string at a high place far from reach by children and young adults. The environment should also be dry and free from dust and excess heat.

2. Using a compound bow rack

Bow racks offer better storage as compared to hanging on the wall. Purchase a rack that is engineered for your specific bow design. When storing a compound bow on the rack, check to ensure the string is not strained.

The design and shape of your compound bow should guide you on what kind of a rack you need to buy.

Get the rack fixed high on the wall. The environment should be dust-free, cool, and dry. Wax the string and oil the pulleys and cams for permanent storage.

3. Storing in a bow cabinet

Here we add the security of the compound bow by putting it in a cabinet with the right environmental conditions.

You can either hang the bow or place it in a rack inside the cabinet. The cabinet offers safer storage as one needs to open the cabinet's door to access the bow. Practice the care and maintenance practices to the bow before storage.

Let us now look at how to store a compound bow with a case. We have two types of cases, namely:

  • Hard bow case
  • Soft bow case

Use of a hard bow case

Using a hard case is by far the best protection and storage method. Complex cases are made of hard materials that enable them to withstand the harsh travelling conditions in your vehicle and the fields for hunting.

The hard case is heavier but convenient enough to carry. Purchase a lockable case that is light for you to carry easily.

The bow case will keep your compound bow away from heat and dust—Wax the string before storage.

Use of a soft bow case

Are you tired of lifting heavy hard cases? Here is a more suitable choice for you. The soft bow case is lightweight, making it easier to move around.

With its foam compartment, the case provides much-needed safety during storage. To ensure maximum safety, get a lockable case. For compound bow storage, you can place the casing in the cabinet or hang it on the wall.

Purchase a soft case with foam compartments that your bow design will easily fit.

Use of a soft bow case
Special Note: So, It is important to store your compound bows in a safe place, just like you would a gun in quick-access pistol safes that hold your small guns secure and safe.

Should I Store My Compound Bow Unstrung?

Compound bows should always remain strung. Never store your compound bow unstrung.
Why so?

Compound bows, unlike the recurve and traditional bows, are designed with a levering system consisting of cables, cams, and pulleys. This model makes it hard to unstrung.

Leaving the bow unstrung distorts the angle of design hence affecting the bow’s performance. Only unstrung your compound bow when replacing the bowstring or doing a repair.

How Long Will A Compound Bow String Last In Storage?

Compound bows can remain in good condition for up to 3 years with proper storage. However, the lever mechanism may necessitate frequent checkups to ensure the rotating compound bow parts don’t rust or become stiff.

One may wonder to store a compound bow long term, but with a suitable casing, you can have it safe for ages. Lubricate and oil the rotatory bow parts with grease and oil. This will ensure they don’t rust in storage.


Compound bows have replaced the traditional and recurve bows with improved levering systems. The compound bow is centered on accuracy and precision with an easy shooting experience.

To enjoy this model for long, one must learn how to store a compound bow to help keep it safe and secure. Place your compound bow in a case and oil the rotating parts for long-term storage.

However, for a daily user, consider having a bow rack that fits the compound bow and the archery kit.

Keep the rack high enough away from children. Always leave the compound bow unstrung for both short-term and long-term storage.

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