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How To String A Compound Bow With and Without Using Bow Press

When your compound bow string has been compromised, you immediately need to restrain your bow to continue practicing. But, before restringing your bow, do you have any idea how to string a compound bow in the first place?

Well, luckily for you. We've got a simple guide on stringing and restringing your bow right here. In short, you might have to utilize a professional bow press if you want to string your compound bow.

Or, if you have a really old model of a compound bow, then you can also string your bow with your hand as well. However, stringing a bow is not as simple as it sounds.

That's why you need to check out this guide that we have provided below. So, don't leave our side till the end of the discussion.

How do you string a compound bow? To state in simple terms, there are two main methods of stringing a bow: with bow presses and by using your hands.

For the newer types of compound bows, you have got to utilize a professional bow press for releasing the worn-out (old) string and install a new one. As the bow is placed on the bow press, it holds the bow in a very steady position.

Therefore, detaching the compromised old string and reattaching a newer one is a very easy job if you take advantage of bow presses.

On the other hand, some older models may facilitate easier stringing as well. That's why you can even use your hands to change the string of some of the older models of compound bows.

Stringing A Compound Bow Using A Bow Press

As we have already mentioned, there are two methods of stringing compound bows. For your convenience, we've laid down the standard method (of utilizing bow presses to string a bow) here in a step-by-step manner below:

Step 1: Finding A Suitable New String For Compound Bow

The first and foremost thing you should do before stringing compound bows is to find the correct replacement string. You can read the user manual provided by your compound bow manufacturer to get an idea of which strings will be suitable for your bow.

Note: Remember not to choose a bow cable instead of a bowstring mistakenly.

Step 2: Apply Wax On The New String

Before you go through the steps of physically attaching the new string to the bow, you need to make sure that it is well waxed. Waxing the new string makes it easier to stretch and hook into the bow.

Step 3: Set Up A Double Pull Bow Press

Before choosing a particular bow press for your compound bow, you should to check the manufacturer's user manual to make sure which type of bow press goes well with the model of your bow.

Although there are several types of bow presses available, double pull bow presses are generally safe to use with any compound bow model.

Therefore, if you want to be safe during restringing your bow, you can choose to use a double pull bow press.

Step 4: Set up your bow on the bow press

At this stage, place your bow on the bow press and lock the bow by using the respective bolts. Remember to loosen the string of your compound bow before doing this step.

Step 5: Decide If You Should Remove Your Old String Or Not

There are two types of attachment points on compound bows that hold the strings: teardrop attachments and non-teardrop attachments.

For the bows with teardrop-type attachment points, you must attach the new string to the teardrop point while the older string is still attached. And, after attaching the new string to the teardrop point, you safely detach the worn-out string.

Remember, for those bows that don't have a teardrop attachment, the strings need to be hooked into the cams of the bow. For this type of bow, you should remove the outdated string first and install a newer one.

Step 6: Readjust Your Bow By Tightening The Bolts

Now, you are done changing the string of your compound bow. So, all that there's left for you to do is to readjust the former settings of your bow. To do that, you can try tightening the respective bolts according to your needs.

Stringing A Compound Bow Using A Bow Press

How Do You Restring A Bow Without A Bow Press?

Do you have a sound idea of how to re string a compound bow without a professional bow press?

Well, you can use our guide in this subsection on stringing back on compound bows without a professional tool (bow presses).

Basically, you can just use your hand and leg to restring a bow. However, remember that this method only works for those bows which have teardrop-style attachment points.

Now, follow the steps below to restring your bow without employing bow presses:

Step 1: Loosening The Bow Limbs

The first thing you should consider doing when you are restringing your bow is to loosen the bolts in your compound bow’s limbs. That way, the tension in the former string will decrease.

Step 2: Use Your Leg To Pin Down The Existing String To The Ground

At this point, you need to use your leg to pin down the older string to the ground, and at the same time, pull the whole compound string upwards.

This will stretch the old (worn-out) string as well as decrease the distance between the two teardrop attaching points. That, in turn, will make it easier for you to attach a new string into the teardrop attaching points.

Step 3: Hooking The New String As Well As Removing The Old One

In this step, attach the new strings to the two attachment points (teardrops) one by one. Remember, you can only hook the new string to the unoccupied side of the teardrop. Therefore, you can only unhook the older string after hooking the newer string.

Restring A Compound Bow Without Bow Press

How Long Does A Compound Bow String Last?

If it's been a while since you have replaced your old string, you might be wondering, how long do compound bow strings last?. Well, the duration depends on its construction material and how it's maintained. However, in general cases, a compound bow string can last for up to 3 years.

How Often To Replace Compound Bow String?

By now, you have got a clear idea regarding how to replace compound bow strings. But, do you know how long it will last and when you might have to restring your bow again?

Well, on average, you might have to replace your bow string every 2 to 3 years. However, you can lengthen the lifetime of your compound bow if you take proper care of it by applying string wax to it.


Well, there you have it, people. Now you’ve got a clear understanding of how to string compound bow.

As you can already see from the above discussion, safely stringing or restringing a bow takes careful dedication. However, to stay completely safe during this job, we suggest you use safety gear such as goggles, gloves, etc.

Thank you so much, and peace out!!!

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