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What Draw Weight For Longbow Is The Best?

Ask any archery shop manager or owner about the draw weight. They will say that most traditional bowhunters make the mistake of shooting something that requires too much draw weight.

And as a result, they end up missing most of the shots that they take. So, what draw weight for longbow is the best for you?

Well, it will depend on your strength. For example, a full-grown adult male will be capable of drawing a 50-pound bow pretty effortlessly.

However, for someone that is just starting their traditional bow adventure, that 50-pound bow can drain them!

Basically, you need to find your draw length and then find the right bow with the draw weight you will be comfortable with. How do you find all of that out? Let's walk you through the process!

Before diving deep into determining the long bow draw weight, you need to understand what the draw weight of the longbow means.

Basically, the draw weight refers to the amount of force you need to pull the bow. It is measured in pounds.

Generally, the longbows and recurve bows will have the highest draw weights. For example, the heaviest longbow draw weight is 185 pounds.

Drawing Weight Of A Longbow

That is equivalent to 1 red kangaroo! In comparison, the heavies draw weight for compound bows is 100 pounds.

In short, the force that you will need for drawing a long bow is the longbow draw weight.
Now, when it comes to figuring out how much weight you need to put on a long bow to draw, you should have a fair idea regarding the draw length. Things can get much easier to understand if you take a look at a longbow draw-weight chart.

Let us give you an example to make you get the term properly. If you find that your bow has a sign such as "40# @ 28", it means that the draw weight is 40 pounds at a draw length of 28 inches. And if the draw length is lower, the draw weight will be relatively low too.

How To Figure Out The Right Draw Weight Of A Longbow?

Typically, the average draw weight for a longbow will be 60 pounds or less. But do remember that 60-pound is an average longbow draw weight.

The draw weight of the English longbow can be much less or higher than that.

Nonetheless, here are the steps that you should follow to determine the longbow draw weight for hunting:

Step 1: Determine the Draw Length or Wingspan

The draw length basically depends on the distance between the arrow's nock point and the point where the arrow touches the pivot point.

You take that measurement and add 1.5 to 1.75 inches to it. The number you end up with is the draw length you can draw.

You can rely on your wingspan if you do not have a bow. Stand against a wall and stretch your arms.

Measure the distance from one of the ends of the middle finger to another. Take that measurement and deduct 15. Then, divide the result by 2. That is your draw length.

Step 2: Find the Starting Bow Weight

After getting your draw length, you need to look for longbows that match your draw length. And for the draw weight, take a look at the suggested draw weight longbow chart-

Archer Type

Draw Weight

Small child

10 to 15 pounds

Child or beginner

15 to 20 pounds

Women or Large-framed boys

30 to 40 pounds

Large-framed Women or youth boys

40 to 50 pounds

Majority of males

55 to 60 pounds

Larger males

65 to 70 pounds

Final Words

So, if you are still wondering what draw weight for longbow is right for you, you just need to figure out the draw length first.

Take that into consideration and take a look at the chart to figure out the right draw weight for you.

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