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Different Types of Compound Bows

Investing in a modern-day compound bow can be tricky. These bows can come in different forms for different functions, and athletic experiences. Moreover, there are 4 types of compound bows with each of them better than the other.

Compound bows can be expensive and thus it s crucial that you do thorough research before investing in one. Moreover, a wrong purchase can lead to an unsatisfactory experience. Thus, to save you the effort, in this article We will talk about the different types of bows in detail, so you can judge better.

So, let’s get started!

Here We will see in-depth details of all four compound bow types including their speciality.

1. Single Cam Compound Bow

A Single Cam Compound Bow has a simplified design consisting of a single Cam to create a force to properly aiming.

This bow is a direct successor of the previous bow and arrow back from the medieval ages. Its simplicity earned its popularity. Moreover, it’s extremely light, easy, and fierce. They're known for their clean and neat smooth shot without any sound unlike the other bows on the list.

They are also known as solo cam because of their Single cam and are regarded as a widely accepted first choice of compound bows. In terms of speed, it's not as fast but in terms of accuracy, it's a must-have.

However, there are drawbacks to this simple bow just like any other. It's extremely harder to use as compared to other compound bows on the list. They're the least powerful on the list.

Single Cam Compound Bow

2. Double Cam Compound Bow

As the name suggests, it has a double Cam unlike its predecessor, the Solo cam. It's the advanced variant of Solo Cam, which comes with round Cams that are perfectly symmetrical.

These compound bows are also known as Twin Cams. It's extremely appealing to the eye due to their perfectly aligned cams but, in terms of accuracy, it's slightly down compared to Single Cam Bows. Nevertheless, twin cams are known for their incredible speed.

Double Cam provides a significant power boost and speed while losing accuracy as a little increase in wind change can diversify the course of the arrow. There can also be synchronization issues if the bow isn't maintained well.

Double Cam Compound Bow

3. Hybrid Compound Bow

Hybrid Compound Bows are superb for hunting. They come with a double Cam but only one is attached to the limb.

This allows additional power throughout the bow making it much faster, more accurate, and easier to lock onto a target. A good thing about this is it's lightweight. It can be easily carried by anyone without having any issues.

They don't need as much maintenance as Double Cam Bows. Moreover, you'll have less trouble with synchronization because of their stronger Cams. Overall, this Bow is crucial to go hunting with friends due to its superior power force, incredible accuracy, and fast-paced shooting.

Hybrid Cam Compound Bow

4. Binary Cam Compound Bow

Binary Cams are the most recent and developed Compound Bows. They also resemble twin cams, having two cams opposite to each other. The Cams don't rely on limbs, which makes them independent but stable. This also helps to balance any inequality on the cams that run throughout the arrow.

So this unique system increases accuracy to the maximum level possible. The arrow shoots through the maximum speed with clean travel and less noise.

However, it has a complex design, the cams can get intertwined with each other which can be a major issue. It needs to be maintained well by experts.

Binary Cam Compound Bow

Benefits of Using Compound Bows

Compound bows were first introduced in the US and later spread throughout the world. They act a lot similar to traditional bow and arrow but of course, there are some modifications.

Modern compound bows have "cams" to bend limbs. This allows for more energy to be stored with less difficulty keeping the posture. It has a lot of moving parts that are quite flexible, so you can customize them according to your needs.

Moreover, a compound bow Riser which is the stand is made from alloy metals, fiberglass, and carbon fibers. Thus, it incredibly helps a bow to keep its stability intact while making it lighter.

These bows also have a "let-off". These let-offs help to hold the cams in place. It's very flexible and can be customized. So, when the arrow is drawn back, the weight of the pull only goes back, stretching the strings. This allows more force on the arrow creating pressure.

As a result, when the arrow is released, it fires with a lot of force to have deadly damage. This also requires less strength to hold at full draw making the archer use less strength on it by having a mechanical advantage.

Nevertheless, a compound bow is mostly used for training in the military, hunting in the wild, in sports competitions, and for fun purposes which may be as simple as a hobby. They are quite safe to use and easy to reload. Apart from these tremendous advantages, it gives you the feel of an archer back from the Medieval Era.

What Should You Consider When Selecting A Compound Bow?

With the improved type of compound bows available as of now, it gets difficult to choose one from them. However, when choosing, there are factors you should consider first.

Firstly, they can range from a lot of things that narrow down to your preference when selecting a compound bow. Secondly, the factors are as follows:

Eye Appealing: If it is attractive to you.

Weight: If you are comfortable targeting while using it.

Draw length: The shorter the draw, the more the pressure.

The purpose you are using for: It can play a key role while selecting a Bow and you may have to choose either one that the bow excels at according to your purposes such as accuracy or high speed.

Limbs: They decide the stability and power of the arrow

Accuracy: It is a need when selecting a Bow

Speed: This is proportional to the power

Noise: It's to keep your focus untouched.

Locking on to the target: To have a clear shot

Arrow type: Compatible arrows are a must

Flexibility while using: Everyone wants comfort when using something like this, so it is an important thing to consider.

Apart from this, there can be a lot of significant factors which may affect the reliability and choice of consideration.

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The EndNote

To conclude, it always narrows down a lot to your personal choice when you are buying something.

This is not an exception. We explored a lot in this article from the usage of compound bows to the different types of compound bows.

They can be a fun toy but this does not mean they can be handled carelessly, you can get injured and may also suffer a long-term injury.

Moreover, these bows also show how much we've progressed from our past. These Bows are a part that not only plays a key role in history but also represents us.

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