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3 Best Intermediate Recurve Bows That Will Make You An Expert

The origin of recurve bows dates back to almost a thousand years, but they are still popular among master archers. The ability to store more power than other bows is one of the main characteristics of this bow. But not every bow will suit anyone.

Depending on whether you will use the bow for shooting real targets or archery games, the ideal choice can differ. The type of the bow and the draw weight will also matter in this case. We will review the three most popular bows to help you choose the best intermediate recurve bow. Let’s get started.

Let's see why we chose the following 3 bows as the best option for intermediate level archers.

1. Best Overall: Samick Sage Takedown Bow

"This is great for its premium build quality and excellent design. Intermediate archers will find this bow an amazing fit."

2. Best for Hunting: Southwest Archery Tigershark

"With great power and speed, this recurve bow will help archers in target shooting."

"If you don’t have the budget for high-end bows, this will serve your purposes at an affordable price."

Reviews of 3 Best Recurve Bows For Intermediate Archers

You will have a detailed breakdown of these recurve bows to choose the right mid level recurve archery bow depending on your preferences and skillsets. Take a moment to check them out and explore their features.

1. Best Overall: Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow
Key Specifications:
  • Material: Fiberglass, Maple Wood, Metal
  • Bow Length: 62 inches
  • Bow String Strands: 14
  • Draw Weight: 25-60lb
  • Draw Length: Up to 29 inches
  • Brace Height: 7.5 to 8.25 inches
  • Bow Weight: 3.4 Pounds
  • Hand Orientation: Left and Right

The Samick Sage takedown bow comes with a sleek design and high-quality components to make your performances more optimized. The maple build of this bow has a great finish to be stunning to anyone.

We found the biggest charm in the limbs of this takedown bow. These limbs are laminated with fiberglass to give them the ultimate durability. You can choose different draw weights between 25lb and 60 lb. So, almost everyone will find a suitable model depending on their age or capability.

The bowstring with the package is 14-strand dacron, which will provide great flexibility to give the arrow the necessary power. No matter your hand orientation, you will find both left-handed and right-handed bows in this model.

This bow has an overall length of 62 inches, whereas the draw length is 28 inches. You will find the necessary brass bushings installed on the bow so that you can fit different accessories. Everything can be fitted with the bow using those bushings, from quivers to stabilizers.

The ergonomic design of the bow will let you use the bow for a long time without fatiguing your hands. Due to the maple build, the bow is pretty lightweight and sturdy. The bow will resemble excellent sharpness, power, and stability.

Before drawing the bowstring, you can use the built-in arrow rest. You can even install your preferred sight to hit targets at a distance. Getting the best intermediate takedown recurve bow at an affordable price is bliss for almost all users. Give it a try to taste the real fun.

What Makes It Stand Out?

  • The bow is very lightweight yet durable because of the maple build
  • Limbs are quite sturdy and flexible due to fiberglass lamination
  • The bowstring has multiple strands to become flexible
  • Ergonomic design to make the bow comfortable
  • Various draw weights for different users

What Could Be Better?

  • Limbs might not fit the riser well, which will cause poor center shots
  • Relatively heavier weight compared to other bows
  • Limited customization options

2. Best for Hunting: Southwest Archery Tigershark Recurve Bow

Southwest Archery Tigershark Takedown Recurve Bow
Key Specifications:
  • Material: Wood and Fiberglass
  • Bow Length: 62 inches
  • Draw Weight: 25-60 lbs.
  • Draw Length: 26-28 inches
  • Brace Height: 7.6 to 8.5 inches
  • Bow Weight: 2.8 Pounds
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous

The craftsmanship on the Southwest tiger shark recurve bow is outstanding. It is handcrafted from natural woods, so the bow will be highly durable under any conditions. The curves and contours on the riser are unlike any other intermediate bow you will find in this budget.

If we look closely, the takedown bow has an overall length of 62 inches. And the draw weight ranges between 20lb and 60lb. So, you can choose the right bow depending on your preferences.

Fitting the limbs on the riser is very easy as you get a detailed instruction manual with the bow. All the detailed steps with the necessary graphics will tell you how to compile the components together to get the bow going.

The weight of this bow is about 2.5lb, which is light enough compared to other bows with a similar design. You will get two versions of this model. The first one is the standard version, and the second one is the pro version.

In the pro version, there will be a pin-locking system to place the limb in the right place. It will improve your accuracy while hunting at longer distances.

Besides the durable limbs, you also get a 14-strand dacron string with the bow. And there will be a stringer tool in the package so that you can safely set up the string. The limb tips on this bow are reinforced so you can use various strings.

And when it comes to accessories, no other bow will defeat this bow as it has all the necessary bushings.

What Are We Impressed?

  • Built with four natural kinds of wood, so the riser is extremely durable
  • Limb tips are reinforced to be compatible with various strings
  • A special stringer tool is provided with the package
  • Beautifully crafted riser with ergonomic design
  • Great stability for better accuracy

What Are The Weakness?

  • The arrow rest is a bit flimsy
  • Quality of string is not up to the mark.

3. Best Budget: OEELINE Airobow Takedown Recurve Bow

OEELINE Airobow Takedown Recurve Bow
Key Specifications:
  • Material: Maple wood, Fiberglass
  • Bow Length: 62 inches
  • Draw Weight: 25-55 lbs.
  • Draw Length: 28 inches
  • Brace Height: Not Found
  • Bow Weight: 2.3 Pounds
  • Hand Orientation: Left and Right

Getting a takedown recurve bow at under $100 is a feeling that can’t be suppressed. Even though it doesn’t look as premium as the previous two recurve bows, its contemporary design with a hard maple build will amaze you.

The dual-tone riser is contoured to give maximum comfort while holding the bow for a long time.

Using the bushing placed on the riser, you can fit two identical limbs on either side. These limbs are made of fiberglass for the ultimate flexibility. This is why you can rely on the limb tips, even when using strings of higher strength.

The OEELINE takedown bow is available in both hand orientations, so you can choose the right one. Though one 14-strand bow string comes with the package, you can replace it with other strings compatible with the bow. And there is a stringer to assemble the string easily.

Due to the high flexibility of the limbs and lower draw weight of the bow, it will be the best recurve bow for intermediate archer. The riser of this bow is handcrafted to give it a great overall finish. For the same reason, the bow has a great balanced feel when in your hand.

Besides the riser, limbs, string, and stringer tools, you will also get an arm guard and a finger guard in the package. These accessories will keep you safe while using the recurve bow. It comes with a one-year warranty, so you can rely on the bow even if it comes at an affordable price.

What Do We Love It For?

  • The hardwood build of the riser gives it the characteristic strength
  • Fiberglass limbs have great flexibility for better arrow speed
  • Contoured design to make the bow comfortable for longer use
  • Stringer tools and other accessories are included in the package
  • A one-year warranty backs the bow to keep you relaxed

What Are The Flaws?

  • No arrow rests on the riser
  • Less established brand reputation

FAQs for Intermediate Archers

If you are still confused about to get intermediate recurve bow, here are the answers to a few common questions. Check them out.

What is the effective range of an intermediate recurve bow?

This can vary depending on the purpose, draw weight, and other factors. Though the range for archery games can be up to 100 yards, it will be reduced to 40 yards while hunting.

What is the best draw weight for an intermediate recurve bow?

It depends on the physique, weight, and capability of the archer. A recurve bow with a draw weight of 40-55lb will be suitable for male archers weighing between 150lb and 180lb.

How hard is it to pull back a 40-pound bow?

The draw weight refers to the pulling force required to move the string backward by 28 inches. So, in the case of a 40lb recurve bow, you need to apply a 40lb force.

Final Verdict

It is evident from the above discussion that buying the best intermediate recurve bow requires an overall idea of the important factors. We tried to give detailed insights into these popular recurve bows for intermediate archers.

With all this information in hand, it will now be easier for you to compare them and pick the bow you see fit. Try to understand which feature affects the bow's performance and how to get your hands on the most suitable bow.

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