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The Best ILF Recurve Bows of 2023: Top Picks and In-Depth Reviews

Many different types of recurve bows are in the archery world to choose from. Some recurve bows are better for beginners, while others are more suited for experienced shooters. Ilf bows are some of the most popular on the market. They come in various styles, sizes, and colors, making them perfect for any archer. This article will talk of the best ilf recurve bows in the market.

An ilf recurve bow offers you several things to consider as your best bet. They include:

i) the wide price range - both expensive and budget options
ii) adjustable size and weight,
iii) quality ensured by premium material, high-end design for strong, light, and reliable bow, and
iv) the ability to shoot accurately.

The top 5 ilf bows presented here will answer all your archery and hunting needs and reach the best and the right one matching your skill level, personal preference, and budget.

Here you go with a short brief on 5 best ilf bows in the market if you are in a rush to make a quick decision without going through full-length reviews.

"The bow is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a fast and smooth shooting bow. The limbs, made of durable foam core, fit with reinforced tips for added strength. They are also heat-treated for torsional stability. The riser, made of machined aluminum, is a super fit with an adjustable sight, a stabilizer and Berger button."

"A great bow for one looking to start archery competition. Made with a 62" ILF recurve bow and Gordon limbs, this can be adjusted between 30 and 60 pounds of draw weight, making it perfect for adults. This bow is made for right-handed archers, has a thumb hole, and has a spot for measuring your draw length."

"The takedown design makes it easy to assemble and disassemble, and the 66/68/70 inch design makes it perfect for adults and youth alike. Made from durable materials, it can withstand the wear and tear of competition. Moreover, the ability to interchange components between different bows can be a valuable feature not to miss."

"This 62" takedown bow is perfect for hunting with a draw weight range of 35-55 lbs. Made from high-quality materials, the bow is very durable and comes with a premium bow case for easy transport. This is perfect for the hunter who wants a traditional bow - easy to use and forgiving."

"The bow is perfect for any archer, regardless of experience level. It's also very affordable, making it an excellent option for those on a budget. The highest quality materials and craftsmanship outcome ensures durability and accuracy. So, this bow is perfect for those looking for a top-of-the-line recurve bow."

In-Depth Reviews of 5 Best Ilf Recurve Bows In the Market

Welcome to our in-depth reviews of the top 5 ILF recurve bows in the market. We carefully analyze their design, performance, and value for money, providing you with valuable insights to make an informed choice. So, Let's go to our comprehensive guide.

1. Best Overall: BOSEN Foam core ILF Limbs Recurve Bow

BOSEN Foam core ILF Limbs Recurve Bow
Product Specifications:
  • Hand-orientation: Right-handed
  • Color: Black
  • Draw Weight: 25 LBS to 50 LBS 
  • Draw Length: 25" to 30"
  • Bow Length: 62" NTN
  • Brace Height: 8"
  • Riser: 19" 

The BOSEN BOWS Foam core ILF Limbs Recurve Bow is perfect for anyone looking for an affordable, high-quality bow. This bow is made with a durable foam core and features ILF limbs to replace and customize as needed. It also has a right-handed riser and comes in a variety of weights to suit your needs.

62" in length, this bow is perfect for beginner and intermediate archers. The ILF and foam core recurve limbs are durable enough to last long bearing with the wear. These limbs are also lightweight, making them easy to carry around with you on your hunting trips.

This ilf bow offers a reasonable draw length range of 25-30" for both beginners and adults alike. As per AMO draw length of 28", the draw weight of this bow is easy to adjust and can be altered from 22lbs - 55lbs by changing the tension on the bowstring.

The wooden limbs, with a fiberglass overlay for added strength, on this bow impart the energy from the bowstring to the arrow.

The 19" right-hand ILF riser is a lightweight and robust aluminum alloy. Plus, the all-weather design makes this riser perfect for use in any condition.

What We Liked:

  • Great price for an ILF recurve bow
  • Comfortable grip and smooth draw
  • Extreme speed and performance
  • Well-built bow providing a good feel
  • A superb match for adult and young archers

What We Didn't Like:

  • Not suitable for the left-handed archers
  • Limited spare parts availability
  • Stiffness in lower draw weights

2. Top Rated: TBOW ILF Archery Competition Recurve Bow

TBOW ILF Archery Competition Recurve Bow
Product Specifications:
  • Hand-orientation: Right-handed
  • Color: Black
  • Draw Weight: 30 lbs to 60 lbs
  • Draw Length: 25" to 30"
  • Bow Length: 60" & 62" (Amo)
  • Brace Height: 7.08 to 7.87"
  • Riser: 19"
  • Bow Weight: 3.3 lbs

It comes with a pre-installed riser, which will allow out-of-the-box use. The spine of this bow is made with a fiberglass core, which makes it lightweight and durable.

The TBOW archery takedown bow can be quickly taken apart into three pieces: the riser and the two limbs. This makes it easy to transport, store, and custom adjust for different draw weights. 

This is great for people not only for a variety of draw weights but also for it offers you the convenience of a changeable draw weight range 30-60 lbs in five increments.

CNC machining centers are becoming more popular due to their accuracy and speed. The anodized aluminum alloys are often used in the aerospace industry because of their strength and resistance to corrosion. 

In addition, the comfortable wooden grip is a handlebar grip designed to provide a more comfortable grip for the archer. The laminate consisted of a layer of bamboo glued to Gordon sheet resistant to moisture and meant for various applications.

The limbs, made with new composite material, are resistant to bending, making them durable and helps with speed and accuracy. The limbs also come in a variety of colors to choose from, which makes them unique and stylish.

The bowstring is professional-grade arrow string material coated with a black serving that makes it look very sharp. The string has been pre-stretched and waxed, so it is ready to shoot right out of the package.

What We Liked:

  • Satisfactory quality of item and vendor
  • Smoother and way more accurate shooting
  • Quality build, design, and construction
  • Gordon sheet lamination is moisture-free
  • Multiple colors to choose from

What We Didn't Like:

  • Limbs cause a slight vibration
  • Not available for left handy

3. Best Versatile: HYF Archery ILF Adult Recurve Bow

HYF Archery ILF Adult Recurve Bow
Product Specifications:
  • Hand-orientation: Right-handed
  • Color: White
  • Bow weight: 2.36 lbs
  • Draw Weight: 16 lbs to 44 lbs
  • Bow Length: 66/68/70"
  • Brace Height: 21.5 to 22.5 cm
  • Riser: 25"
  • Material: Aluminum Riser, Fiberglass, Maple Wood, Metal

With three bow length options, this bow design offers several draw lengths. It can fit those with a 26½-inch draw length or shorter perfect for anyone just starting in archery or those with a more diminutive stature.

If you are looking for a draw length between 26½ and 29 inches and a draw length of 29 inches or longer, the HYF Archery ILF Adult Recurve Bow is a great option. Thus the limbs can be adjusted to any draw length. 

So, this bow is an excellent choice for kids because it is designed to grow with them, and they can use it into adulthood. Likewise, you can increase and decrease the bow weight with your changed level with a draw weight range of 16-44lbs. 

Designed for right-handed archers, this can make it difficult for left-handed archers to find equipment that suits them. But contacting the manufacturer will solve this issue.

The Magnesium alloy painted riser length is 25 inches, making it easy to use for beginners and experienced archers.

International Fitting (ILF) is the stand-out feature, an archery fitting standard that allows archers to use bows fitted with interchangeable components of higher quality than traditional bows.

Comfortable Plastic featured with wooden grip and made with a strong fiberglass maple laminate; it is perfect for anyone looking for a very lightweight, durable, and reliable bow usable for hours at a time.

What We Liked:

  • Overall product quality is excellent backed by fantastic service
  • Premium quality riser and limbs
  • Fine, thick, and decent bowstring
  • Premium set-up and lamination
  • Great price for the quality offered

What We Didn't Like:

  • Arrow rest is not in line with the overall product
  • Riser is heavier

4. Popular Pick: SAMICK Discovery ILF Hunting Recurve Bow

SAMICK Discovery ILF Hunting Recurve Bow
Product Specifications:
  • Hand-orientation: Right-handed
  • Bow Length: 62"
  • Bow Weight: 2.89 lbs
  • Draw Weight: 35 lbs to 55 lbs
  • Brace height: 7.5" to 8.25"
  • Riser: 17"
  • Material: Wood, Carbon
  • Limbs: ILF Fiberglass, Adjustable

The Discovery ILF Hunting Recurve Bow is made of quality materials and is light enough to carry in the field but still packs a lot of power. 

This is a high-quality bow that is perfect for hunting. The bow has a machined riser and a wood core carbon ILF hunting bow. It is a weight to inspire hours of hunting without breaking your hand. The bow has an adjustable draw length range of inches designed for right-handed shooters.

The SAMICK Discovery ILF bow is featured with a 17" fully machined CNC ILF riser made of 6061 T6 aluminum. This makes the bow stronger and more durable than bows with risers made of 7075 aluminum.

A preferred bow for anyone looking for a high-quality recurve bow- thanks to an adjustable ILF limb pocket with positive limb alignment. This ensures that your limbs are always in the correct position for accurate shooting. 

This bow is perfect for the hunter that wants a traditional feel. The wood grip offers a comfortable and secure grip while shooting. The bow is made with a durable composite material that is strong and lightweight. It also has integrated vibration control to minimize noise and shock.

This is one of the versatile bows on the market optimized for sight, stabilizer, crowned shelf, and rest. 

The limbs are made of sturdy maple wood, adjustable from 35-55 pounds, with an overlay of carbon lamination.

What We Liked:

  • More potent riser than the average
  • Multiple draw weight to match the all-level archer
  • Sturdy and solid build-up
  • Unbeatable price for the quality offered

What We Didn't Like:

  • Crammed arrow rest mount
  • Maple limbs cause a bit of vibration

5. Best Budget: TOPOINT ARCHERY ILF Endeavor Recurve Bow

TOPOINT ARCHERY ILF Endeavor Recurve Bow
Product Specifications:
  • Hand-orientation: Right & Left handed
  • Color: Black, White
  • Bow Weight: 2.36 lbs
  • Bow Length: 66, 68 to 70"
  • Brace Height: 21 to 22.5 cm
  • Riser: 25"
  • Material: Wood, Fiberglass, Glass

TOPOINT ARCHERY has created a high-quality recurve bow package for adult archery competitions and athletics. The package includes the bow, a set of arrows, and an arrow case.

Topoint-Archery Kits is based in California and was founded in 2013 and has become one of the leading brands of archery bows for adults.

This lightweight bow made with a magnesium riser and an aluminum limb, turning it into one of the lightest recurve bows on the market. In line with that, it also has a very comfortable grip, making it easy to shoot.

The bow has a 25-inch riser suitable for 66-70-inch length of recurve bows to be a great choice for mid-level archers after gear upgrade. It features a smooth draw and consistent accuracy, perfect for those looking to improve their skills.

Compatibility with ilf standard is a great choice for archers looking for a top-notch bow. This riser is available in black or white to match the color of the bowstring.

The bow limb is a precision fiberglass overlay with a premium quality wood core meant for extreme speed and performance. In addition, combined with the Performance Point stabilizer, the limb allows for a smooth draw and shot.

It is a fantastic piece of equipment featured with a BCY String, making it incredibly reliable and accurate. Thus, it offers excellent performance and a smooth draw for an accurate shot.

What We Liked:

  • Unbeatable for the power and good look
    Protective tip by the riser end
    Lightweight for quick balance to shoot easier
    Best bet for starter or training purpose

What We Didn't Like:

  • Cause a bit of vibrations
  • Some users reported minor inconsistencies in limb alignment.

Significant FAQs

Are ILF bows good for hunting?

ILF bows have been increasing in popularity for hunting in recent years. Some hunters swear by them, while others believe they are not good for hunting. The truth is that ILF bows can be great for hunting when used correctly, but they are also not without disadvantages.

Read This article to get hunting recurve bows:

What is an ILF recurve bow?

ILF, or International Limb Fitment, is a standard that many high-end bows are built to ensure compatibility between different brands of limbs and risers. An ILF recurve bow is a recurve bow that uses an ILF system to connect the riser to the limbs.

This type of bow is popular among archers because it allows for customization and adjustment. ILF recurve bows are also known for their accuracy and power.

Are Hoyt risers ILF?

Hoyt risers are ILF risers used to connect the limbs of an ILF bow to the riser. Available in several sizes to adjust a variety of ILF limbs, Hoyt risers are machined aluminum and so lightweight and durable.

Hoyt riser inserts are used to attach the limbs of an ILF bow to the riser and are available in various sizes.

Is Hoyt Grand Prix ILF?

There has been much speculation in the archery world as to whether or not Hoyt's new Grand Prix bow is an ILF bow. International Limb Fitment or ILF is a standard followed by many high-end bows meant to ensure compatibility between different limbs and risers. Hoyt has not yet confirmed whether or not the Grand Prix is ILF, but all indications seem to point to yes.

Wrap Up

If you want a quality recurve bow built to last, the ILF recurve bows reviewed here are excellent choices.

With their wide range of options to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect bow for your needs. And 5 best ilf recurve bows analyzed here have made the selection process a matter of several minutes.

So, what are you waiting for? Find the perfect bow for you from here or start browsing through their selection elsewhere.

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