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Best Recurve Bows for Beginners for Starting Out In Archery In 2023

Finding a beginner-friendly recurve bow has become a daunting task these days. First of all, there’re hundreds of brands making thousands of bows. And then, most of them aren’t suitable for novice archers.

So how do you get the best recurve bow for beginners?

Well, you don’t have to spend sleepless nights over that issue anymore; we’ve got your back!

In this article, we’ve showcased the top 12 recurve bows for beginners that come with top-tier ergonomics, lightweight yet sturdy limbs, offers a secure grip and stable shooting experience.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to mount attachments to take your skill level from starter to expert in no time.

We know you’re eager to learn about these fantastic recurve bows. So without wasting much time, let’s shoot!

"When you want just the best of the best, the Samick Sage is the one you should get. It comes with heavy-duty limbs, offers ease of personalization, and is suitable for any type of archery event. Therefore, this bow is the ultimate one on our list."

"Every product cannot be the number one we’ve announced as the runner-up. But that doesn’t mean it has any lacking. Well, this Southwest Archery Spyder hails from a reputed brand, has excellent ergonomics, and is loaded with beginner-friendly features. So if you somehow can’t pick the number one, get this bow without thinking twice!"

"Running on a low budget? Don’t worry; you have this TOPARCHERY Metal Riser Recurve Bow at your service! You’ll get premium-grade features at an affordable price, which is the dream of any beginner."

4. Best for Outdoor Practice: TIDEWE 62-inch Wooden Bow

"Don’t want to practice in closed-door are? Looking for something to go on a wild adventure? If so, take this TIDEWE 62-inch Wooden Recurve Bow for a trouble-free outdoor experience."

5. Best for Family Fun: SAS Spirit 62-Inch Recurve

"Yes, we understand that you’re not into aggressive archery, just looking for something simple to have some breezy family time and want to shoot arrows peacefully. In that case, you should definitely consider this bow by SAS Spirit!"

6. Best for Hunting: Deerseeker 62-inch Takedown Bow

"If you’re inspired by all the great archers of history and want to use your bow on actual hunting grounds, this Deerseeker will be your best companion. And it’s full of beginner-friendly features, so you’ll be safe in any condition."

7. Best Versatile: PSE Archery Pro Max

"Do you want something that can be used in any archery event? Then, take a peek at this recurve bow by PSE archery to enjoy hunting, leisure, and competition, all in one!"

8. Best for Competition: SinoArt 66-inch Metal Bow

"Are you into hardcore archery and trying to win all the medals in every competition? If that’s the scenario, get this SinoArt bow to train yourself for any sporting event and hit the bull’s eye every time!"

9. Best Lightweight: PSE Archery Razorback

"Some archers can’t really handle heavyweight bows. And for them, this lightweight yet amazingly sturdy weapon will be the perfect one. And yes, it’s loaded with beginner-friendly ergonomics; hence, it has earned its place on our list."

10. Best Only Right-handed: D&Q 58-inch Archery Recurve Bow

"If you’re specific about your dominant hand and want a starter’s recurve bow that offers right-hand orientation, you should definitely consider getting this one!"

"Many archers start their journey at a young age. And for them, this TOPARCHERY bow will be the perfect one, thanks to its ease of use, excellent ergonomics, and lightweight construction."

"This bow is like salt, suitable for any event; any archer can use it without trouble. You can begin your archery journey with this one and keep practicing after making advancements. That’s the beauty of this Tongtu recurve bow."

Comprehensive Reviews of 12 Best Beginner Recurve Bows

Now it’s time to tell you about these incredible recurve bows in detail. When you finish reading these reviews, you’ll end up with the most amazing bow and promptly become an expert from a novice.

1. Best Overall: Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow
  • Bow Length: 62 inches
  • Draw Weight: 25 to 60 pounds
  • Hand Orientation: Left and Right
  • Bow Weight: 3.4 pounds
  • Draw Length: 28 inches
  • Brace Height: 7.5 - 8.25 inches

We’ll discuss the Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow, as it’s the most amazing beginner-friendly weapon you can get. From top-grade build to multiple draw weights, this product has every quality identified as the best starter recurve bow.

When it’s about choosing an ergonomic bow, we should always consider if it’s offering ease of customization or not. Well, the riser of this bow comes with several holes. And so, you can attach bow sights, arrow rests, or a stabilizer, whichever you prefer. With all these attachments, novice archers can upgrade their skills quickly.

The bow weighs around 3.4lbs, and that’s pretty lightweight compared to most other heavy-duty recurves. But if you add attachments, it will get heavier, obviously.

Besides having a wide range of draw weight from 25lbs to 60lbs, it comes with a comfortable bow length of 62 inches. Meaning you’ll get a draw length of 29 inches approx, which is suitable for people up to 5 ft 11-inch height. Moreover, it offers both left and right-hand orientation so that you can pick one according to your preference.

So are you asking, what is the best recurve bow for a beginner? We would love to point our finger at this one.

In addition, it’s a takedown bow, which makes it more suitable for beginners. You can easily break down the limbs, carry them around and adjust the draw weight. Therefore, shooting and practicing with this bow becomes a breezy task. And the setup process is pretty easy too, and that’s something really impressive.

The top-tier fiberglass limbs are super lightweight yet heavy-duty. Hence, you can use this bow for years without any damage. And the laminated Maplewood riser allows you to have a comfortable and secure grip. In short, this recurve bow has everything you can expect from the best beginner recurve bow.

What Makes It Stand Out?

  • Comes with a high-grade Maplewood riser for a comfortable grip
  • Offers a wide range of draw weights to make a choice easier
  • Takedown design allows better portability
  • Ease of personalization helps to improve skills faster

What Could Be Better?

  • The bowstring can use some improvements

2. Runner Up: Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow

Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow
  • Bow Length: 62 & 64 Inches
  • Draw Weight: 20 to 60 Pounds
  • Hand Orientation: Both Left and Right
  • Bow Weight: 2.3 lbs
  • Draw Length: 28 inches
  • Brace Height: 7½ – 8¾ inches.

If you’re still looking for the best recurve bows for beginners, here’s our runner-up for you. From premium-grade finish to excellent ergonomics, this bow set is a total package.

As a beginner in archery, you’ll need a lightweight bow for practicing. This way, you can shoot arrows for hours without getting tired. And this one comes with amazingly lightweight construction, so you can hold it all day long without any pain in your arms.

The riser of this recurve bow is made with top-grade naturally sourced wood. It’s compact, offers a secure grip, and comes with a beautiful finish. So yes, this riser is one of a kind; there’s no doubt about that.

To offer the highest convenience to any archer, this starter recurve bow kit offer both left and right-hand orientation. Therefore, you don’t have to choose another weapon just because the handness doesn’t match.

On top of everything, you’re getting the opportunity to personalize your bow. You can install your sight, rests, stabilizer, or any other attachment to turn it into a high-performance bow. Isn’t that impressive?

When it comes to drawing weight, you’ll be pleased with the range it has. From 20lbs to 60lbs, you can choose any draw weight you want according to your preference.

And guess what, it’s also a takedown bow. As a result, you can adjust the draw weight and easily carry it around for your daily target practice. Moreover, it comes with a pocket-friendly budget, just the cherry on the top.

With a 62-inch bow length, you’re getting a draw length of 29-inch max. And so, you won’t have any issues while shooting the arrows at your target.

Additionally, you won’t feel excessive vibration or noise when you shoot arrows, which will benefit you if you’re on a hunt. You can also install a silencer; this bow gives you that ease too.

This bow kit includes a riser, one pair of matching limbs, adhesive arrow rest, a manual guide, and a 14-strand Dracon string. So if you don’t want to purchase anything separately, consider getting this recurve bow set for beginners.

What We Liked

  • Comes with a wide range of draw weights for convenience
  • Made with a high-quality wooded riser to ensure a comfortable grip
  • Offers ease of customization to turn the bow into an ultimate weapon
  • Takedown design makes it effortless to carry around

What We Didn’t Like

  • The arrow rest included in the package could be better

3. Best Budget: TOPARCHERY Metal Riser Takedown Recurve Bow

TOPARCHERY 56 Inch Metal Riser Recurve Bow
  • Handling: Right Hand
  • Bow Length: 56 inches
  • Riser Length (Bow): 17 inches
  • Brace Height: 7.4 inches
  • Optimum Draw Length: 28 to 30 inches
  • Draw Weight Range: 30 to 50 Pounds
  • Material (Riser): Aliminum alloy
  • Bow Weight: 3.5 Pounds

If you have a limited budget but still want the best entry level recurve bow, take a look at this TOPARCHERY Metal bow. From an optimal draw length to heavy-duty construction, you’ll get every ergonomic feature in this bow to take your archery skill to the next level.

It comes with a 56-inch length, and the draw length will be around 28-30 inches. Hence, you won’t have any difficulty shooting arrows even if you just started doing archery. Furthermore, the weight isn’t greater than 3.5 lbs, making this thing more user-friendly than it already is.

Now let’s talk about the draw weight as it’s the determining factor in most cases. Like most other top-grade bows, it also comes with different draw weights; you can get from 18 lbs to 50 lbs. So yes, you’re getting plenty of options here.

In addition, this one is a takedown bow. Therefore, you have the ease of portability. And the limbs can be detached pretty easily with an Allen wrench, and that’s a relief!

The entire bow is made with high-grade aluminum and fiberglass. Thus, you’ll enjoy a long-lasting and super durable service even after aggressive usage. Furthermore, the riser is pretty smooth, so you won’t have any issues with the grip whatsoever.

Considering its low price point, you’re obviously getting a greater value for the money. So when looking for the best beginners recurve bow, don’t forget to keep this one on your wishlist.

Why Are We Impressed?

  • Made with high-quality aluminum and fiberglass for enhanced durability
  • Available in a wide range of draw weights to offer convenience
  • Lightweight construction makes it easy to handle
  • Comes with an optimum draw length for trouble-free target practicing

What Cons Did We Find?

  • The design of this bow is a bit bland
  • Not suitable for left handed archers

4. Best for Outdoor Practice: TIDEWE 62-inch Wooden Recurve Bow

TIDEWE 62-inch Wooden Recurve Bow
  • Bow Length: 62 inches
  • Draw Weight: 20 to 50 pounds
  • Hand Orientation: Right Handed
  • Bow Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Draw Length: 29 inches
  • Brace Height: 8 - 8.5 inches

If you’re mostly into archery adventures and love to practice on the actual hunting ground or any outdoor area, you can take a look at this recurve bow by TIDWE. It comes with an optimal draw length and weight that allows you to take down your prey with a single shot.

Thanks to its super heavy-duty build, it can be used for any purpose, from competition to hunting. This recurve bow is made with a hard-wearing wooden core, and the limbs are constructed with top-tier fiberglass and a wooden finish. Hence, once you buy this bow, you don’t have to get another one in a long time.

We really loved the fact this bow package includes a 16-strand bowstring. Therefore, you don’t have to replace this string shortly, which is pretty admirable.

Moreover, it offers a beginner-friendly 62-inch bow length, and the draw length will be around 29 inches. In this way, you can easily use this bow to shoot the bull’s eye or your prey when you’re on the hunt. And that’s something intriguing, don’t you think?

On top of everything, this starter recurve bow is designed with a premium-grade wooden riser. Its high-quality finish and round edges ensure that you can have a comfortable hold all the time. However, this bow only offers you right-hand orientation, which is a bummer for some archers out there.

To give you the ultimate experience, from 20lbs to 50lbs. And this one is a takedown bow, so you’ll get more draw weight flexibility here.

This beginner recurve bow kit includes an arrow rest, target, finger guard, bow stringer, and half a dozen carbon arrows. As a result, you don’t have to buy anything separately for your practice sessions if you’ve just got into this sport.

Some people are always skeptical about the detachment process of any recurve bows. But you can disassemble and set up this bow’s limbs in just a few seconds, which makes it one of the best takedown recurve bow for beginners without any doubt.

What Sets It Apart?

  • Comes with premium-quality fiberglass and wooden construction for better longevity
  • The package includes all the attachments you need for target practice
  • Offers different draw weights to ensure a better shooting experience
  • Equipped with a top-notch riser to ensure a comfy grip

What Is Not Ideal About It?

  • The sight’s build quality isn’t up to the mark

5. Best for Family Fun: SAS Spirit 62-Inch Takedown Recurve Bow

SAS Spirit 62-Inch Takedown Recurve Bow
  • Bow Length: 62 inches
  • Draw Weight: 18-36 Pounds [2 lb difference]
  • Hand Orientation: Left or Right Hand
  • Bow Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Recommended shooter heights: up to 5'10"
  • Brace Height: 7 5/8 to 7 3/4"

If you just want to have some fun archery time, nothing aggressive, you can get this recurve bow by SAS. It’s made with a simple design and lightweight construction, which is why this bow is perfect for your hangouts.

As it’s a 62-inch recurve bow, you can easily shoot arrows from it; you don’t have to use a great amount of force. Hence, you won’t feel tired after your archery sessions. So yes, it’s remarkably well for any leisure activity with your family and friends.

To ensure the highest convenience of the user, it comes with left and right-hand orientation. Thus, you can easily pick one according to your dominant hand. Moreover, this fiberglass recurve bow is more on the lighter side, only 1.8 lbs. Hence, any novice archer can use it comfortably.

In addition, it is made with a wooden riser that offers a comfortable grip. And the ranges of draw weight vary from 18lbs to 36lbs, so even the teens can use this bow for archery sessions.

This weapon’s brace height is 7 5/8 to 7 3/4," and that’s entirely beginner-friendly. Therefore, you can easily pick this bow for all your recreational purposes; you will be absolutely satisfied.

What Do We Love It For?

  • Made with lightweight construction for ease of use
  • Fiberglass construction makes it remarkably durable
  • Comfortable wooden riser allows you to have a secure grip
  • Multiple draw weight ranges offer a convenient shooting experience

What Are The Flaws?

  • Doesn’t come with a bow stringer

6. Best for Hunting: Deerseeker 62-inch Takedown Recurve Bow

DeerSeeker 62-inch Takedown Recurve Bow
  • Bow Length: 62 inches
  • Draw Weight: 25 to 60 lbs.
  • Hand Orientation: Both left and right hand
  • Bow Weight: 3.3 lbs.
  • Draw Length: 28 inches
  • Brace Height: 7.4 to 7.8 inches

People say a good quality hunting bows will cost you a fortune. But once you see this Deerseeker recurve bow, you’ll say goodbye to that misconception in no time. And it’s totally novice-friendly, which makes it worthy of your investment.

This 62-inch bow comes with a takedown design, meaning you can detach the limbs and keep them anywhere you want. So when you’re packing for your hunting trip, you can easily keep it with you. Isn’t that convenient?

The whole weapon is made with aluminum, fiberglass lamination, and high-quality wood. That’s why; you can rely on this weapon when you have to take down a powerful target. It won’t break under pressure; thus, you can take this with you when you need powerful protection.

This bow has a perfectly polished Maple wood riser that offers the archer a super comfy hold. Therefore, you can shoot arrows with this weapon for hours without cramping your fingers. So for a stress-free experience on the hunting ground, this one will be the best recurve bow for beginner undoubtedly.

It’s available with both left and right hand orientations. And you get to choose from different draw weights, 25lbs to 60lbs; accordingly, getting the most suitable bow will be an effortless task.

The riser has pre-drilled holes; thus, you can install all the attachments you want to turn into a high-performance hunting bow. So when you’re looking forward to having a thrilling and the safest hunting experience, going with this bow will be the wisest thing to do.

What Pros Did We Find?

  • Top-notch fiberglass lamination ensures enhanced longevity
  • Allows you to install attachments for a high-flying experience
  • Available in different draw weights to make it suitable for anyone
  • Ergonomic wooden riser offers a comfortable grip

What Cons Did We Find?

  • Doesn’t come with nock points

7. Best Versatile: PSE Archery Pro Max Recurve Bow

PSE Recurve Bow Pro Max
  • AMO Length: 62 inches
  • Draw Weight: 25 Lbs, 30 Lbs, & 35 Lbs
  • Hand Orientation: Left Or Right Hand
  • Fiberglass Limbs
  • Draw Length: 28 Inches
  • Bow Weight: 3.5 Lbs
  • Brace Height: 8 inches

Sometimes getting separate bows for different purposes seems a bit annoying. In that case, if you want a recurve bow that can be used for anything from hunting or fun activities, you should definitely consider this weapon by PSE.

As this bow is made to withstand any circumstances, the manufacturer has only used premium material to build this thing. And it has a three-piece breakdown design, so carrying around will be easy-peasy.

You’ll get different draw weights and bow lengths. Therefore, you can choose your perfect bow according to your physique and skill level. Additionally, it offers both right and left handness, making it more lucrative!

Another outstanding thing about this recurve bow is its total package. It includes an arm guard, adjustable sight, high-quality carbon arrows, a recurve stringer, hip quiver, and finger saver. So yes, this one is one of the best kits you can get for any novice archer.

However, it’s more on the expensive side, but when you consider the deal you’re getting, you won’t mind the price. And if you want to purchase a top-tier beginner recurve bow for adults, you’ll have to deal with this kind of price range; that’s nothing surprising!

Up Sides We Found

  • The kit includes all the attachments you need for an optimal experience
  • High-quality build makes it suitable for any condition
  • Offers both left and right hand orientation to ensure ease of choice
  • Three-piece takedown design offers amazing portability

Down Sides We Found

  • Attachments are made with plastic, mostly

8. Best for Competition: SinoArt 66-inch Metal Riser Takedown Bow

SinoArt 66-inch Metal Riser Takedown Bow
  • Bow Length: 66 inches
  • Draw Weight: 20 to 36 lbs (2 lbs difference)
  • Hand Orientation: Left or Right Hand
  • Colors: Black, Blue, & Red
  • Max. Draw Length: 32 Inches
  • Bow Weight: 2.8 Pounds
  • Brace Height: 7.5 inches

When you’re a hardcore archer and building your skills to all the competition out there, this SinoArt metal recurve bow will be your soulmate. This kit is made with top-grade materials and ergonomics, so you can prove your excellence on the ground in front of the whole world.

As it’s made with different hand orientations, you can choose the one according to your dominant eye or hand; you won’t be perplexed while shopping for it. Moreover, it’s available in different colors; thus, you can pick the one that suits your personality the most.

To make it suitable for any ground, this recurve bow is made with metal risers. The magnesium alloy riser allows you to have a comfortable hold in any area, no matter the temperature or humidity. Well, you won’t get this benefit in wooden risers. And it comes with a smooth finish, so there’ll be no grip issues whatsoever.

Now, let’s discuss its astonishingly heavy-duty limbs. If you’re practicing for a competition, you have to use a hard-wearing bow. Otherwise, the limbs won’t withstand the pressure, which is totally unacceptable. But the fiberglass construction of this recurve bow will last for ages, and that’s a blessing for any archer, beginner, or expert.

On top of everything, the maple lamination makes it aesthetically pleasing. So if you want to please the crow with both style and skill, this bow will help you with that mission.

You may think, how will this weapon help a beginner to win sports events? Well, its draw weight is totally suitable for novice archers; you can get this bow within 20lbs-36lbs. Therefore, anyone can use this bow, from teenagers to adults, to enhance their skills and advancements in their archery journey.

It has a 60-inch length; hence, the draw length will be around 30-inch. And the package of this bow arrives with all the attachments such as sights, strings, and finger guards; thus, you won’t have to spend money on anything separately.

Factors We Liked

  • Made with top-level fiberglass to ensure enhanced durability
  • Comes with a comfortable draw length for ease of use
  • Metal riser offers a lightweight and comfy grip
  • Designed with different hand orientations for convenience

Factors We Didn't Like

  • The finger tabs are extremely thin

9. Best Lightweight: PSE Archery Razorback Recurve Bow

PSE Archery Razorback Recurve Bow
  • Bow Length: 62 inches
  • Draw Weight: 15, 20, 25, 30, & 35 Lbs
  • Hand Orientation: Left and Right Hand
  • Draw Length: 28 Inches
  • Bow Weight: 2.8 Pounds
  • Brace Height: 7 inches

If you’ve just got into archery, you may not be able to handle heavyweight bows. Sometimes even your physique won’t support that. In that case, you can get this Razorback recurve bow by PSE Archery. It has all the potential to be an outstanding beginner adult recurve bow; nobody will deny that fact.

This bow is 62-inch; you’ll get no variation in lengths. But yes, there’re different draw weights available for you from 15lbs to 35lbs. As a result, any teen or adult archer can use this bow to take their skill to the next level.

To ensure maximum durability, it’s made with naturally-sourced hardwood such as walnut, hard maple, or beech white. And the fiberglass lamination makes it stronger, and that’s quite praiseworthy.

One of the most striking things about this bow is its riser. It’s made with three types of woods, walnut, Burma white, and beech. This combination makes the riser look aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting at the same time. Furthermore, holes on the riser allow you to mount a sight and a stabilizer.

Despite being a lightweight bow, it ensures a heavy-duty service for the users. While shooting arrows, you’ll face minimum vibration while shooting arrows, which is necessary for any beginner for trouble-free practice sessions.

To make the assembly process easier, this weapon is designed with a tool-less installation system. Consequently, you can assemble or detach its limbs in a few minutes.

This starter recurve bow for adults and teens are super affordable. Hence, when you’re planning your life on a tight budget, you can easily buy it without going bankrupt!

The draw length of this bow is around 30 inches, and that’s manageable for any novice archer out there.

Additionally, you’ll get 7.5-8 inches brace height, so you’ll get an excellent mid-air shooting experience.
Considering all its ergonomics, if you’re looking for a feathery light recurve bow, get this one without any confusion.

What Pros Did We Find?

  • Comes with super lightweight construction for effortless handling
  • Riser made of combination wood ensures a comfortable grip
  • Designed with an optimal draw length for ease of shooting
  • Tool-less installation system saves your time and energy

What Are The Weakness?

  • The draw weight isn’t suitable for heavy-duty archery sessions

10. Best Only Right-handed: D&Q 58-inch Archery Recurve Bow

D&Q 58-inch Archery Recurve Bow
  • Bow Length: 58 inches
  • Draw Weight: 30 to 70 Lbs (5 lbs Difference)
  • Hand Orientation: Right Handed only
  • Color: Black & Camouflage
  • Max. Draw Length: 28 Inches
  • Bow Weight: Not Listed
  • Brace Height: 7 inches

If you determined that you’re a righty and looking for a bow for that specific hand orientation, you should definitely think about D&Q 58-inch Archery Recurve Bow. It comes with great varieties of draw weights, and it’s a complete kit; what else do we need?

With this bow, you get to choose from 30lbs to 70lbs. So you can see, from beginners to experts, any archer will benefit from this weapon.

In addition, this takedown recurve bow is easy to dismantle and assemble. And the package includes a beautiful bow bag that you can use for carrying your weapon around.

It’s constructed with high-grade aluminum, so you can expect a lightweight yet heavy-duty service without any questions asked. Another promising thing we’ve noticed is that the riser is also made with top-tier metal and a smooth finish, making it suitable for longer practice sessions.

Pre-installed bushings on the riser allow you to mount several attachments on the bow. You can add sights, stabilizers, and even fishing bow reels. And you’ll get all these things on the kit, including high-quality arrows, which are just the icing on the cake.

Anyone can use this bow without any trouble when it's about flexibility. There’s no proficiency level or age limit, so all kinds of archers can pick this up for a successful practice session.

For bringing this review to you, we’ve gone through tons of recurve bows. And not all of them come with a stringer. But you’ll get a bow stringer with this set; thus, the assembly process will be easier than ever now.
Well, last but not the least, this bow is pretty expensive. But then again, the idea of affordability varies from person to person, so let’s not scratch that itch!

What Makes It Special?

  • Arrives with all the attachments for convenience
  • Metal-made riser allows you to have an ergonomic grip
  • Lightweight construction offers effortless handling
  • Takedown design saves space and offers easy portability

What Cons Did We Find?

  • The arrow tips aren’t sturdy enough

11. Best for Youth: TOPARCHERY 57-inch Takedown Recurve Bow

TOPARCHERY 57-inch Takedown Recurve Bow
  • Bow Length: 57 inches
  • Draw Weight: 20 to 40 Pounds
  • Hand Orientation: Both Left and Right Hand
  • Bow Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Draw Length: 21-24 inches
  • Brace Height: 9.4 inches

Why should adults have all the fun? Even the younger archers deserve top-quality bows, don’t you think? And so, we’re reviewing this outstanding recurve bow by TOPARCHERY that’s suitable for every youth out there.

Your muscle mass gets developed with age; until that, you need something lightweight and super ergonomic to keep practicing. Therefore, this bow is designed with remarkably lightweight construction, so you can handle it pretty easily; you won’t have to use any brutal strength whatsoever.

As this bow is targeted at young adults and teenagers, the draw weight range is quite limited. You’ll find weights up to 20lbs to 40lbs, which is perfectly suitable for our younger starters.

You may have heard some archers complaining that the lightweight bows can be fragile sometimes. But with this bow, you’ll never have such issues as it’s crafted with high-quality epoxy limbs. Consequently, you can easily carry it around and hold it for longer practice sessions without any trouble.

The bow length is 57 inches; thus, the draw length will be around 27 inches. And any novice archer can shoot arrows with this draw length, and there’ll be no shoulder pain afterward.

This takedown recurve bow has armrests for both lefties and righties. Moreover, it has a nylon riser with smooth edges and a comfy grip that makes the whole experience more wonderful than ever.

However, the package of this weapon only includes the limb, riser, and string. So if you’re seeking an all-in-one package, you should browse some other options.

Why Are We Impressed?

  • Made with comfortable yet sturdy nylon riser for better grip
  • The lightweight construction makes it easy to hold
  • Designed with a perfect draw length range for youths
  • Takedown design ensures trouble-free portability

What Could Be Better?

  • Not suitable for heavy-duty archery events

12. Best Average: Tongtu Archery Adult Recurve Bow

Tongtu Archery Adult Recurve Bow
  • Bow Length: 57 inches
  • Draw Weight: 30 Lbs and 40 Lbs
  • Hand Orientation: Both Left and Right Hand
  • Bow Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Draw Length: 24 inches
  • Brace Height: 8 inches

Sometimes you’ll need a bow for hunting, and some days are just about fun; shooting arrows just for fun. In that case, this Tongtu Archery Adult Recurve Bow will be the right one for you. It’s not the greatest bow out there, nor a low-quality one. This bow is somewhere in the middle and offers the best of both worlds!

You’ll only get two draw weight choices while shopping for this bow. Yes, you can either buy 30lbs or 40lbs; there’s no other option. So if you want to get something for hardcore archery, this one isn’t good enough for you.

The fiberglass limbs ensure higher durability. And it has an ergonomic nylon riser; hence, there’ll be no grip issues whatsoever.

On top of everything, it’s super easy to assemble. And when you detach its limbs, it’ll fit into any storage space without making any fuss. And thanks to this bow’s astonishingly lightweight construction, anyone can use it from adults to teens.

Tongtu Archery Adult Recurve Bow is available for both lefties and righties. Thus, this bow won't disappoint you when it comes to an optimal archery experience.

Positive Sides

  • Made with lightweight construction for convenience
  • Takedown design makes this bow super handy
  • Offers both right and left-hand orientations for ease of choice
  • Comes with a nylon grip to ensure a secure grip

Negative Sides

  • Doesn’t offer many draw weight choices

Considerations To Buy A Recurve Bow For Beginners

Though we’ve told you about the most amazing recurve bows for beginners, you still need to choose the right one for yourself. And so, we’ve prepared this buying guide for you and listed all the factors you need to consider in a recurve bow to enhance your archery skill.

Once you finish reading this section, choosing a good starter recurve bow will be a breezy task. 

Draw Weight

It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or novice; you should always be cautious about the draw weight. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to hit the target.

The draw weight is the force you need to pull the bowstring and shoot the arrows. And as a beginner, you have to pick a comfortable draw weight; or your archery journey will become painful.

If the draw weight is too high, you won’t be able to pull the bowstring rather than shoot your prey. Therefore, you have to determine the draw weight according to your physique, gender, and skill. You can handle greater draw weight even as a beginner if you have good muscle strength.

However, as a starter, you can start with a 30lb draw weight suitable for teenagers and petite women. But you can go lower than that if you’ve just got into archery.

Bow Weight

The weight of your bow is another important thing to consider as a beginner. Well, if your smartphone is too heavy, using it will be super stressful, don’t you think? Similarly, if your bow is too heavy, you won’t be able to lift and hold it for your practice session; your arms will be cramped.

Like the draw weight, the ideal bow height varies from archer to archer. If you can handle the heavier weight, go with that. However, choosing a lightweight bow between 2lbs-3.5lbs will be better when you’re new to archery.


Your bow’s riser is the part where you grab the weapon. Meaning the bow’s grip is called the riser, and it can be made of different materials, basically wood and metal.

The wooden riser looks more aesthetically pleasing, and it’s way cheaper than the metal ones. Moreover, it also offers you a comfortable thing, making it quite user-friendly.

On the other hand, metal risers are amazing for the hotter or colder weather. No matter the weather condition, you can easily grab the metal grips. Furthermore, there’re also rubber risers, which are also pretty common.

Draw Length and Bow Length

Your ideal recurve bow length is two times longer than your perfect draw length. And this is how you calculate the draw length.

  • Firstly, spread your arms parallel to the floor and don’t pull your shoulder blades together.
  • Secondly, with a measuring tape, ask someone else to measure your arm span from your right middle finger to the left middle finger.
  • Lastly, you need to divide that measurement by 2.5, and the value you just got is your perfect recurve length.

For beginners, you should go for a lower draw length. Otherwise, pulling the strings and shooting arrows will be a tough job.

Lefty or Righty

While picking an entry level to recurve bow, you should determine your dominant hand first. If you’re right-handed, choose a bow according to that. And if you’re a lefty, there’re tons of options for that too.

However, your dominant eye is more important than your hand in archery. So if you’re a right-handed person, but your left eye is the dominant one, you should go for a left-handed recurve bow. Training your dominant eye will be a better option than training your weak eye.

Bow String’s Quality

No matter how expensive bowstring you get, you won't benefit from it if it can’t handle pressure. If the bowstring is fragile, you have to buy one every other day, which will burn holes in your pocket.

When you buy a recurve bow set, you’ll get a string with that. If that wears out, buy another high-quality one so you can keep practicing without any trouble.

Brace Height

Well, this brace height is the distance measured from the inside of the bow grip to the bowstring. And as a beginner, it’s crucial to get a comfortable brace height. When this height is shorter, the arrow speed will be faster. But in this case, you’ll need to apply more force.

By contrast, the longer brace heights will generate less arrow speed, but you’ll be able to pull the string effortlessly. And for beginners, lower brace height will be a better decision.

One Piece or Takedown Recurve Bow

The takedown bows are easier to carry as you break down the limbs. This way, you can easily store it in your house and take it to your practice ground without any issue. Additionally, you can adjust the draw weight of your takedown recurve bow, which makes it handier for starters.

And the one-piece recurve bows won’t offer you the ease of portability. So if you don’t have storage issues, you can get this one without any hesitation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I spend on my first recurve bow?

The sense of affordability varies from person to person. Therefore, you can spend any amount you want. However, to get a high-quality recurve bow, you need to set your budget around $100-$200. You’ll get some amazing bows within this price range.

Is archery an expensive hobby?

No, archery is not an expensive hobby at all. But when your skill gets improved, you’ll need to spend more money on your equipment, which may get costly. If you want to practice archery for fun, it won’t be super expensive. But for competitions, you’ll need to set a high budget, to be honest.

What’s the ideal recurve bow draw weight for hunting?

If you want to use your recurve bow for hunting, make sure that the draw weight is at least 40lbs or more. In this way, you can successfully take down your targets on the hunting ground.

How do I determine my recurve bow length?

Your ideal recurve bow length is twice the draw length. Meaning if your draw length is 28 inches, your bow length should be 56 inches.

How far can a recurve bow shoot?

A recurve bow can shoot up to hundreds of yards depending on specs. For beginners, shooting arrows up to 10-15 yards won’t be a problem.

The Bottom Line

So here is everything you need to know about the top recurve bows suitable for beginners these days. After weeks of research, we’ve fished these recurve bows and didn’t sugarcoat any flaw. As a result, you can pick any weapon from our list, and you’ll end up with the best recurve bow for beginners, and you won’t be disheartened!

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