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The Best Recurve Bows for Women Archers of 2023: A Detailed Review

The best recurve bow for women won't be the same as the best bow for men. Aside from the obvious physical differences between men and women, women archers have different shooting styles and preferences.

Women archers have different needs than their male counterparts and find different bows suited for their shooting styles. For example, some women prefer softer bows that provide more forgiving shooting, while others prefer stiffer bows that provide greater accuracy.

Additionally, women may want different features on their bows, such as an included quiver or a camo finish. In this article, we will explore the 7 best recurve bows for women.

If you are in a hurry, then this summary could help you to pick the best product on the move. Let’s find out the top recurve bows for women at a glance:

1. Best All-In-One: Samick Sage 62-Inch

"The Samick Sage is the overall best for its features. Moreover, it is one of the worldwide best-selling recurve bows for being inexpensive, well-designed, and well-built."

2. Best for Hunting: KESHES 62-inch Bow

"If you're looking for a hunting bow that is easy to transport and set up, the KESHES 62-inch Takedown Recurve Bow is a great option."

3. Best Metal: TOPARCHERY 56-Inch Bow

"This metal bow is perfect for beginners and experienced shooters alike. Plus, this recurve bow is easy to use and highly accurate."

4. Best for Beginners: SAS Junior 58-Inch

"SAS recurve bow for beginner female archers has a soft touch grip that makes it comfortable to hold and shoot. The bow is also lightweight and durable, making it the perfect choice for beginner archers."

5. Best Versatile: PSE Archery Pro Max

"This bow is made with high-quality material. And it is adjustable to fit various shooters, making it versatile for your individual needs."

6. Best for Recreational Shooting: PSE Archery Night Hawk

"PSE Archery Night Hawk Recurve Bow is a great piece of equipment for anyone looking to get into archery. And the recurve bow is easy to use, affordable, and a great recreational option."

7. Best Handmade: D&Q 58-Inch Adult Bow

"A handmade female recurve bow from D&Q Archery will fit that description for many archers. With its balanced and forgiving design, it is no wonder that this bow is quickly becoming a favorite among shooters."

7 Best Recurve Picks for Women - Comprehensive Reviews

1. Best All-In-One: Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow
Technical Features:
  • Constructed with solid maple wood
  • Dacron recurve string is included
  • Ergonomic grip with a crowned arrow shelf
  • Brass bushings are pre-installed for a variety of attachments and modifications
  • 62" overall length with a maximum pull of 28"
  • Draw weights ranging from 25 lbs to 60 lbs
  • It weighs 3.4 pounds approximately

If you're looking for a great recurve bow that won't break the bank, the Samick Sage is worth considering. This bow is known for its accuracy and durability, making it a great choice for beginner archers and seasoned shooters.

Additionally, this bow is available in 25-60lb draw weights, this bow can accommodate just about anyone. With its sleek design and high-quality construction, the Sage is sure to give you years of shooting satisfaction.

The riser on this recurve bow is made of a laminate of Maple and Olive Dymondwood. Moreover, the limbs are also laminated with Maple and fiberglass, giving the bow great stiffness and strength. This makes it a great choice for high-end archers who want a lightweight bow that still has plenty of power.

No need to reach for a wrench or any other special tools when tightening the limb screws on your recurve bow - just use your fingers! This is an easy way to make sure your bow is correctly tightened and will hold its tuning.

When it comes to a top-notch quality recurve bow for women, this Samick Sage is the one to look for. Plus, the Samick Sage comes with pre-installed threaded brass bushings that make it easy to attach various accessories.

Why Are We Impressed?

  • Available for both hand orientation
  • Lightweight and does not give weight fatigue
  • Comfortable grip and easy to hold
  • Made with durable material
  • Comes at an affordable price range

What Could Be Better?

  • The riser feels kind of fragile, so need to be aware when shooting
  • Comes without manual

2. Best for Hunting: KESHES 62-inch Takedown Recurve Bow

KESHES 62-inch Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow
Technical Features:
  • Made of solid maple wood
  • Dacron recurve string is included
  • A built-in grip riser with an arrow rest
  • Brass bushings are pre-installed for different attachments and modifications
  • Include knob screws, string, stringer tool, arrow rest, eyesight, and a manual in the box
  • 62" overall length with a maximum draw of 29"
  • Draw weights ranging from 15 lbs to 55 lbs
  • The bow weight is 2.7 lbs

The KESHES bow is the perfect choice for archers who want to explore new territory with their arrows. This bow is versatile and can be used for hunting, target shooting, or even competition.

Moreover, KESHES offers a variety of options to customize its performance, making it one of the most diverse bows on the market. This bow is perfect for beginners and veterans alike with its user-friendly adjustments.

This recurve bow might be the perfect choice for you. KESHES bows start from a draw weight as low as 15 pounds, making them perfect for younger shooters.

However, if you are looking for a bow that can shoot arrows up to a heavier weight, then KESHES can support up to 60 Lbs.

In addition, the KESHES bow is a unique and impressive build. The wooden limbs of black fiberglass are attached with knob screws. This makes it easy to assemble and disassemble the bow without needing tools.

What Are The Good Sides?

  • Comes with replaceable limbs so archers can replace them if necessary
  • Both right-handed and left-handed designs are available according to the archers' preference
  • A large variety of draw weights so archers can shoot according to their capacity
  • Include necessary accessories to improve one's archery level
  • Lightweight and available for Younger people
  • Ergonomic design with a comfortable grip
  • Round edge riser for an easy shoot

What Are the Drawbacks?

  • Bow doesn’t handle too much weight
  • Limbs are attached with cheap glue

3. Best Metal: TOPARCHERY 56-Inch Takedown Recurve Bow

TOPARCHERY 56 Inch Metal Riser Recurve Bow
Technical Features:
  • Constructed with a metal riser and two solid maple limbs
  • Right-handed model
  • Includes bow string, screws, a carry bag, an arrow rest, and the manual in the box
  • 56" overall length with a maximum draw of 30"
  • Draw weights ranging from 18 lbs to 50 lbs
  • 2.5 lbs bow weight

This is one of the best women recurve bows which is made from a heavy-duty metal construction and has an optimal draw length to provide the most accurate shots possible.

For those just starting in the sport of archery, the TOPARCHERY recurve bow is a great option. You won't have any trouble firing arrows even if you are new to archery since the draw length is around 28-30 inches. Additionally, the bow is made from high-quality materials, so it will last you a long time.

With its easy portability, you can take it with you on vacation or even to the range if you have a place to set it up. Plus, the limbs can be detached pretty easily with an Allen wrench, which makes it a relief to take care of.

Even when used vigorously, the TOPARCHERY recurve bow is a high-quality instrument that will endure a long time. Aluminum and fiberglass are used in the construction of this bow, resulting in a long-lasting bow that is easy to use.

Why Are We Impressed?

  • Ergonomic design
  • Metal riser that turns the bow more sturdy.
  • Easy to use and comfortable grip
  • Comes at a reasonable price point
  • Easy to assemble
  • Withstand usual abuse

What Could Be Better?

  • No left handed option available
  • Assemble tools are not included
  • Arrow feels like flimsy
 If You Are A Left-Handed Archer, Check This: 5 Best Left Handed Recurve Bows

4. Best for Beginners: SAS Junior 58-Inch Takedown Recurve Bow

SAS Junior 58-Inch Takedown Recurve Bow
Technical Features:
  • The riser is made of a combination of dymond wood, maple wood, and oak
  • Two solid maple core limbs are laminated with black fiberglass
  • Dacron recurve string
  • Brass bushings are pre-installed
  • Includes pre-cut foam, target sight, arm guard, leather finger tab, stringer, arrow rests, and string in the box
  • 58" overall length with a maximum draw of 28"
  • Draw weights ranging from 14 lbs to 20 lbs
  • 2 Different colors

The Southland Archery Supply offers great beginner recurve bows for kids and young adults. The Junior 58" Recurve Bow is perfect for anyone starting in the sport of archery. The bow is also affordable, and it is a great option for those on a budget.

In addition, it is designed to accommodate young shooters and has a draw weight size of only 14 pounds to 20 pounds. That makes it easy to pull back, even for a novice. The bow is also very lightweight and easy to carry around. And because it's takedown-style, it can be easily disassembled for transport or storage.

Moreover, the riser has been developed and upgraded to provide a better shooting experience for novice archers. The bow is easy to use and has an adjustable draw length, making it perfect for growing shooters. The bow also has a soft-touch grip, providing a comfortable shooting experience. And the camo color makes it quite stylish and gives a pro look to it.

The SAS Junior Recurve Bow is created from premium white oak, Dymondwood, and maple wood. What makes this bow unique is the combination of these woods, which helps elevate your performance.

Additionally, the limb of this recurve bow is compatible with fast flight and flemish strings. This bow is perfect for any archer looking for a high-quality, durable bow. The limbs are reinforced with phenolic, which makes them resistant to wear and tear.

What Are The Good Sides?

  • Ideal for beginners and young adults
  • Durable and top-notch quality
  • Withstand normal wear and tear
  • Takedown styles make it easy to use and assemble
  • Ensure comfortable shooting

What Are the Drawbacks?

  • A stinger tool is not included but is recommended to assemble the bow
  • Not for professional and experienced archers since the draw weight range is very low
  • Included bag doesn’t provide heavy-duty protection

5. Best Versatile: PSE Archery Pro Max Recurve Bow

PSE Recurve Bow Pro Max
Technical Features:
  • Constructed with solid Dymond wood and composite limbs.
  • 3-piece design for easy transportation
  • Includes arm guard, adjustable sight, three carbon arrows, finger savers, quiver, and stringer in the box
  • Right hand oriented
  • 62" overall length with a maximum draw of 28"
  • Draw weight is fixed at 25 lbs

The PSE Pro Max is perfect for all female archers, from beginners to experienced shooters. The bow is made of sturdy yet lightweight material and has a built-in sight rail and stabilizer.

Moreover, this recurve bow is easy to use. And perfect for women of all ages and experience levels which makes it most versatile. The package comes with everything you need to get started, including the bow, three arrows, a quiver, and an armed guard.

The PSE Archery is well known for its quality bows and accessories. It is a great example of its commitment to quality. This takedown bow is perfect for backyard recreational shooting or as a starter bow for someone new to the sport of archery.

At only 25 pounds, it's easy to draw and shoot, and it is a great choice for novice archers. The Pro Max also comes with an adjustable sight, allowing you to fine-tune your shots. Plus, the black and gray color combination makes it quite attractive.

When you are looking for a top-quality recurve bow, the PSE Pro Max is a model that you should consider. This recurve bow for beginner females is made with good-looking and top-notch build quality, combined limbs, and carbon arrows, which all work together to deliver a top-notch shooting experience.

Why Are We Impressed?

  • Ideal for all types of shooter
  • Include everything you need to start
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • You can fine-tune your shoot
  • Smooth draw

What Could Be Better?

  • Designed only for a right-handed shooter, so left handed archers
  • Quite a heavy draw for young ones
  • Straight shooting is kind of tricky with this bow

6. Best for Recreational Shooting: PSE Night Hawk Recurve Bow

PSE Archery Night Hawk Recurve Bow
Technical Features:
  • Made of handcrafted wood for a stunning look and top performance
  • Comes with attached a stabilizer bushing
  • No Allen key is required to assemble the bow
  • Right-hand oriented
  • 62" overall length with a maximum draw of 28"
  • Draw weight ranges from 25 to 45 lbs

This bow is easy to use and easy to take down, making it perfect for storage or transport. The Night Hawk is made with a durable composite construction, ensuring that it will last through years of use.

This good recurve bow for a woman also comes with an adjustable sight, allowing you to fine-tune your shots.

It is expertly built and painstakingly assembled using only the best-handpicked timber, giving it a striking appearance and outstanding performance. Because of its lightweight construction, this small frame recurve bow for women is perfect for avid archers and is convenient to carry about all day.

In addition, the Night Hawk Recurve Bow is a great option for anyone seeking a bow that is stable and minimizes vibration. The internal stabilization capacity helps to make a low noise, making it easier to hunt in stealth mode. Additionally, the bow is shock-resistant, meaning it can withstand the occasional bumps and knocks while on the move.

The Night Hawk Recurve Bow's stabilizer bushing is composed of high-quality materials and provides reliability in the hunt. For serious bow hunters, the bushing's excellent efficiency makes it the ideal option. The bushing may also be quickly and simply fitted to any recurve bow and is simple to install.

What Are The Good Sides?

  • Adjustable sight enables a more precise shoot
  • Ideal for stealth mode
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Shock resistant capacity

What Are the Drawbacks?

  • Doesn’t come with additional accessories
  • Little pricier option
  • Limited draw weight options

7. Best Handmade: D&Q 58-Inch Adult Recurve Bow

Are you fascinated by the pure handmade archery set? The D&Q 58-Inch Adult Recurve Bow is here for you.

D&Q 58-inch Hunting Recurve Bow
Technical Features:
  • Pure handmade archery set
  • Constructed with processed wood, following the German laminate technology.
  • Right-hand oriented.
  • Includes 12 arrows, string nocks, stringer, string silencer, arrow rest, arm guard, and finger glove with the bow.
  • 58" overall length with a maximum draw of 28".
  • Draw weights ranging from 15 lbs to 60 lbs.

The D&Q 58-Inch Adult Recurve Bow set comes with a bow, 12 arrows, an arm-guard, and a finger protector. It is made of high-quality materials and construction, and it is perfect for beginner archers.

The bow has a draw weight of 30-50 pounds, and the arrows are long enough for an accurate shot. Plus, the arm guard and finger protector help to protect your arms and fingers from the bowstring.

Anyone seeking to start archery might choose the D&Q Bow Recurve Bows Archery Set. The bow has impressively rounded edges, an intuitive form, and a light, beautifully polished oak grip.

With a supple grip that comfortably fits in your hand, they are quite comfortable to handle. If you're new to archery or an expert archer seeking a good backup set, this set is ideal for you.

In addition, the D&Q Bow Recurve Bow is entirely handcrafted and created for archery enthusiasts. It may be used for archery competitions, backyard shooting with the family, or excursions into the woods. The bow is robust and long-lasting since it is composed of fiberglass and real wood.

This recommended recurve bow for women is designed with a take-down design, which makes it easy to take apart and put back together.

Why Are We Impressed?

  • Comes with a complete set to start
  • Ideal for both pro and noob
  • Helps to make a precise shoot
  • Take down design and easy to assemble
  • Beautifully polished eye-watering look

What Could Be Better?

  • The handle is not ready to take heavy-duty pressure
  • The string lineup can be a little tricky

Significant FAQs

Well, we are almost at the end of the article. Take this FAQ as a parting gift from us. Here, you will find some of the most asked questions and their answers regarding recurve bow for women.

Which archery bow is best for beginner women?

A recurve bow is the best form of archery equipment for beginner women. Before you consider purchasing a compound bow, which is more expensive, you should acquire some fundamentals of archery with a recurve bow, which is the most adjustable and affordable type.

What is a good draw weight for a woman?

For most adult women, a starting draw weight that ranges from 25 lbs to 35 lbs is a decent place to begin. Moreover, the weight can be increased as the archer's level is improved. Check Our Recurve Bow Draw Weight Chat Here.

Which Is Better, A Lighter Or Heavier Bow?

It actually depends on the users. If you decide to use a lightweight bow, keep in mind that heftier bows often grip firmer. Shot form deficiencies may be accentuated while using a light bow.

What Is The Easiest Bow To Learn With?

Recurve bows are incredibly flexible for shooting and are simple for anybody, regardless of age, to learn how to use.

What Draw Weight Do Female Olympic Archers Use?

Recurve bows are used by athletes in Olympic archery, with the overall draw weight for women being roughly 33 pounds.

Wrapping Up

There are many different styles of the recurve bows for women on the market today. You have many options to choose from, so you must do your research before making a purchase.

Make sure to consider your budget, the shooting style you prefer, and your experience level. With all of this in mind, you should be able to find the perfect bow for you. 

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