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Compound Bow Accessories Guide for Beginners

You can't just purchase a compound bow and begin hunting. There are quite a few essential accessories that you need to pick up as well. Some accessories are necessary from the start, while others you will only need once you start improving.

That’s why in this compound bow accessories guide, we will go through everything that you need to have with compound bow, specifically, which ones are essential, and which are optional.

When we are looking into compound bow accessories, there are two types that you need to be aware of: essential accessories & optional accessories. Let’s take a look at them.

You can’t proceed to continue archery with compound bows if you don’t have these accessories with you. There are 8 essential accessories and 4 optional accessories.

The latter can be ignored, but if you have the capability, we recommend you get them as well. These 8 essential accessories for compound bows are:

1. Arrow Rest

This tool allows you to hold your arrows in a specific position which drastically improves accuracy. If you are just starting with compound bows, then it will help you a lot to understand, from how to hold the arrows for the best accuracy to increasing shooting efficiency.

There are two types of arrow rest that you can get for yourself. They are:

  1. Containment Arrow Rest
  2. Drop Away Arrow Rest

If you have never used an arrow rest or bow before, then a containment arrow rest will be the best option. They are quite cheap but provide insane levels of precision. That’s why many veteran & professional hunters still use this beginner-friendly arrow rest.

Once you have enough experience and want to move into the advanced levels, you should opt for drop-away arrow rests. They lift up the arrow when you are drawing and fall away with ease, thus minimizing any friction that might cause accuracy to fail.

There is also arrow rests called tab rests, but they are for complete novices like kids or people who use junior bows, not compound ones.

2. Arrow Quiver

This is a no-brainer; if you are going to be shooting arrows with your compound bow, you will need to get an arrow quiver; otherwise, where will you keep the arrows?

If you are going to do target practice, then it will be best if you get a hip arrow quiver. But if you are more into the style of bowhunters, then going with bow mounted arrow quiver is the best option.

Trophy Ridge 5 Spot Arrow Quiver

3. Bow Sights

Even if you have the instinct of legendary marksmen, you will need help to maintain consistent accuracy. And that can’t be gained with the standard bow sight you get with your compound bow.

There are two types of bow sights in the market:

  1. Single Pin Sights
  2. Multi Pin Sights

If you want to hit targets at specific accuracy, then single pins are the best option. Otherwise, multi-pin sights will get the work done. Therefore, hunters opt for multi-pin while target practitioners pick single-pin bow sights.

4. Bow Stabilizer

If you have trouble maintaining balance after your draw or release, then this is a must-have accessory. Especially for those of you who want to use your compound bows for multiple purposes.

The stabilizer adds a bit of extra weight, which counters the weight of your draw, giving you a more stable, balanced stance. It also acts as a vibration dampener, so you will get less noise if you opt for this accessory.

5. Bow Sling

If you want to maintain your form and slide the arrow in the way you want, then you will need a good sling. They aren’t just decorations for your bow. No, they ensure that you don’t send your bow flying after release.

A good sling should have a loosened grip so that there isn't any torquing issue during your release.

6. Release

If you want to move up the ladder as a compound bow user, then you will need to use the release to get those perfect draws and uniform release. This will also help your fingers from the exhaustion of continuous draw cycles.

There are two types of releases for compound bows. The beginner-friendly option will be going with wrist releases. They easily buckle towards the draw wrist and utilizes a caliper-like mechanism with a trigger.

When the trigger is pulled, the caliper attaches itself to the string. So, when you draw, a simple touch on the trigger will release the arrow. This fast process is often adored by hunters.

Now, if you want to go to a bit more advanced level with your releases, then you should pick up handheld releases. The main advantage that they bring is that they have different types of triggers.

So, you are not bound to one trigger type like the previously mentioned release. This is mostly used by target archers.

7. String Wax

Unless you want to spend a fortune on regularly changing your compound bow strings, you need to invest in string wax. Restringing cost and process both are difficult, so take care of your string by applying wax on a usage basis.

If you use your bow every day, then you should at least apply wax every 2 or 3 days. Or apply them every 50 to 60 shots.

Wax the strings and the cables, but avoid putting wax on the serving strings. Don't overapply, as this will lead to your arrows slipping up when you are drawing.

Bohning 1306 Tex-Tite Bowstring Wax

8. String Silencer

If you have been using a compound bow, especially double-cam ones, then you know the amount of noise that is generated every time you release an arrow. Silence is crucial, especially if you are a hunter; that's why it is important to invest string silencer that will dampen the vibrations.

These are the 8 main essential accessories you should get for your compound bow. Other potential accessories, like getting a bow stand or hanger, can also be helpful for you.

If you are a complete beginner, then it may be worth investing in targets as well. Arm guards are also favored by professionals. So, if you have trouble with your form, then getting them can also be helpful.

But these accessories aren't that necessary and mainly depend on whether you need them or not.

Optional Accessories for Compound Bows

Here are some optional compound bow accessories that you can get for yourself:

1. Bow Press

If you are an enthusiast and want to do the restringing of your bow the professional way, getting a bow press will be a great add-on to your archery journey. They are a bit expensive, especially if you want to get one that is portable.

So, make sure that you use your bow in a way that you need to restring often. Otherwise, it might not be worth the buy.

2. Different Types of Grips

Get a few different types of bow grips to find out which is the better option for you. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be quite useful for figuring out your potential. Getting the right grip will also make your archery sessions more comfortable & enjoyable.

3. Arrow Puller

When arrows get stuck on the target, it can be quite difficult to pull them out. You might even end up getting blisters when pulling them out with your hand. So, if you don’t want to strain your hands, then get an arrow puller.

4. Arrow Lube

This accessory also helps with pulling out arrows from targets. Apply them before your shooting sessions, and the arrows will come off with minimal effort. You can switch between arrow puller or lube, but using both of them in the same session will make it extremely easy to get the arrows off from the targets.

There are also other accessories like counters and string stoppers. But they don't have much impact on your performance, and they are more like a quality-of-life improvement for archers.

Therefore, it will be best to get suited with the essential accessories and then look into what optional accessories will help you the best. Because as a beginner, you won't need many optional accessories.

Final Thoughts

Using the right accessories will help you to improve your bow skills significantly. That is why it is necessary to find and start using the best compound bow accessories the right way. This is how every great archer has started their journey.

So, use this guide to get the essential accessories first and get started with honing your compound bow skill to the maximum level. Best of luck!