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How Far Can A Compound Bow Shoot?

Shooting with compound bows can be really fun, but it takes a lot of time and patience to master the skill perfectly. You must have an idea of how far can a compound bow shoot to be a true learner.

If you shoot straight, you can cover a distance of around 70 yards. And if you shoot in a curve, you'll likely reach the distance of 335 yards. The distance at which you can achieve this shot depends on many factors, including the draw weight and speed of the arrow.

When we talk about how far can compound bow shoot, we usually refer to the effective range of the compound bow. So, what does this effective range mean?

Effective range refers to the distance at which a compound bow is capable of dispatching an arrow to such an extent that it causes a fatality. In other words, the effective range means how far a target usually is for you to shoot in the strike zone. The target size varies from animal to animal and can fall under ten inches in size to even twenty inches.

Shooters have to be very cautious when it comes to target shooting with compound bows as they have to keep the effective range in mind. The minimum distance for shooters to be close to the target is usually 40 yards, but with good practice, shooters can cover almost 50-60 yards.

Maximum and Effective Range of Compound Bows

Compound bows can have different effective ranges as well as maximum ranges depending on their draw weight.

For example, for a draw weight of around 30 pounds, the maximum range of a compound bow is 150-200 yards, while the effective range is 30-40 yards. Again, for a draw weight of 35 pounds, the maximum range is usually within 200-300 yards, while the effective range is 40-50 yards.

For draw weights of 40 pounds, the maximum range varies from 280-350 yards. In this case, the effective range of the compound bow is 50-60 yards.

So, the effective range of a compound bow depends a lot on the draw weight of the bow. Draw weight not only helps in determining the arrow speed but also has a role in calculating the maximum range of the compound bow.

Long Range Compound Bow Shooting

Factors Affecting Effective Range of the Compound Bow

We've already discussed how draw weight is one of the main factors that affect the effective range of the compound bow. Let's have a look at some of the other factors that have a role in the effective range-

  • Arrow Speed

Arrow speed is an important factor in determining the distance of the arrow. The speed of the arrow will be able to determine the range of the arrow before it drops down. Maximum compound bows are designed to shoot arrows at a speed of 300-400 feet per second.

Besides, arrow speeds are also responsible for determining the accuracy.

  • Arrow Weight

Arrow weight also has some role in determining how far you can shoot with a compound bow. If the arrow is on the heavier side, it will go more slowly.

On the other hand, if the arrow is lightweight and short, it will go faster. So, the speed of the arrow is dependent on its weight. Hence, the effective range is also dependent on the weight of the arrow.

How To Improve Your Shot Range?

Now that you've got an idea of the effective range of a compound bow let's have a look at some of the ways you can improve your shot range and become a better shooter.


Practice makes a man perfect – there's no doubt with this saying. You can do anything if you have a lot of practice. If you feel that you're failing with your goals, start again! Pick the patience back from the ground and start practicing again.

The best way to improve your shot range through practice is by identifying your drawbacks and continue working on them. You can practice with a fellow shooter friend, as it will help you learn from your mistakes. Besides, you can take lessons from shooting academies for quicker and better results.

Make sure you maintain the correct posture during target shooting, as the perfect posture will help you in covering the effective range properly.

Take It Slow

You don't need to become a professional shooter in a day, and the truth is — you can't be one anyway.

To truly master the skills of archery and become a professional, you need years of practice. So, we recommend taking it slow with your initial lessons.

Start with baby steps and slowly progress to the more difficult phases. Practice at 30-yard distance from your target and slowly build your way to 40 yards. With months of practice, you will be able to monitor your own growth.

Take It Slow

Another way to improve your shooting abilities is by using the right accessories. Target shooting can become more fun and easier if you use appropriate sights for your compound bows.

If you're planning to shoot at farther distances, we recommend going for pin sights. You can also choose good quality scopes, and arrow rests for better vision and comfort.

The EndNote

How much distance you will cover with a compound bow depends on if you're shooting straight or in a curve and also on other external factors. So, adjust those factors to shoot the maximum distance.

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