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How Far Can A Longbow Shoot?

Before compound bows and recurve bows were a thing, longbows were the staple among archers. They were pretty much everywhere. Then, the modern bows came into the equation, making the longbows slightly less popular. But longbows are still competent.

Now, if you are considering getting one of these classical bows, you might be worried about its range.

So, how far can a longbow shoot? Well, you will be surprised to know that the modern American longbow record is about 500 yards. Likewise, the record for the English longbow is about 450 yards.

But the real question is, how far can a longbow shoot accurately? Well, that has a little different story than the records of the long bow range that we have just mentioned. And you can know all about it by continuing to read!

The thing is, the distance of the shot does depend on how powerfully you are pulling the arrow. But it's not just that. Other factors influence the distance.

The Bow Absorbs Some of the Energy

When you pull the arrow and let it go, you might expect it to go forward with all the pulling power you have exerted on it. But the case is totally different. You see, the bow basically acts like a spring. How so?

Like a spring, it builds potential energy when pulling the arrow. But when you let go, some of the power gets absorbed by the bow.

You Can Bend The Bow Only So Much

The basic of getting more distance on the shot is to pull the arrow as far away from the bow as possible. But the thing is when you pull the arrow, the bow bends. And you can only bend it to a particular amount. The bow can snap from the middle when you bend it too much.

Wind Can Slow Down Your Shot

When you shoot the arrow, it goes forward while facing a backward force from the wind. This backward force will be too high if the environment is too windy. As a result, the arrow will not travel as much as it would when there is little to no wind.

A Bad Aim Can Lower The Distance of the Shot

To make the arrow travel as much as possible, you must be good at aiming. Professional archers will consider the wind speed, the target's distance, and the condition (stationary or moving) before making a shot. The angle at which the arrow is aimed is also crucial in this regard.

If one of the above factors is wrong while aiming, the arrow will not travel a high distance. That's why you should work on your aiming skill before attempting to shoot a bow the farthest.

How Far Can Longbow Shoot With Maximum Accuracy?

So, even if all the factors are correct, you can only shoot the arrow to about 100 meters with the highest accuracy. It's undoubtedly possible to land an accurate shot on a target that is more than 100 meters away. But you will need to practice a lot to get to that level.

Furthermore, when it comes to taking a long shot, it's crucial to see if the environmental conditions will allow you to land it on the target. For example, if there is too much wind, it would definitely be a good idea to get close to the target and then take the shot.

Final Words

So, how far can a longbow shoot? The short answer is about 100 meters. That is, if you consider the accuracy of the shot. If the precision is out of the equation, the record for the longbows is about 500 yards or about 458 meters.

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