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What Size Longbow Do You Need?

If you are getting into archery, a lot of things will seem complex to you. For example, when you are out to get a new longbow, you might wonder what size longbow do I need.

Well, a perfect pick for you would be the one that fits your height and has a couple of inches more. For example, if you are 5 feet 10 inches, you would want to get a longbow that is 6 feet tall.

But how do you measure the longbow size? Is there a longbow size chart that you need to follow? Well, the case for the longbow length is more straightforward than you might have thought. Allow us to explain!

Generally, the English longbow length chart starts at 6 feet. That is like 1.8 meters tall. But that does not mean that there are no longbows under 6 feet.

So, how long should a longbow be for you? You need to make sure that the longbow is approximately at your height. That is, it should be a couple of inches taller than you.

Getting the right size for the longbows is pretty important. For example, if you get something that is too short for you, you will find it difficult to get a smooth draw on the bow.

On the other hand, if you happen to get something that is too long, the draw will not be efficient.

In other words, there will be a waste of energy as you will need to put in extra effort to draw the bow properly. That can eventually lead to you missing the shot on the target.

How To Determine The Size Of A Longbow?

Bowyers usually follow the AMO standards when it comes to the size of a longbow. Now, what are the AMO standards?

Well, the AMO specs will state what should be the length of the bow string. And the length of the string has a lot to do with the length of a longbow.

That said, when it comes to measuring the length of the longbow according to AMO, you need to follow these simple steps -

  • Lay the longbow face down on the flat ground.
  • Get a measuring tape and measure the distance between one bow string groove to another.

Well, that is it! Getting the length of a longbow is as simple as that!

However, do remember to measure the distance across the curve of the bow's limb. 

Alongside that, do not go down into the gripping area of the bow. Instead, follow the bow's natural line, otherwise known as the belly.

Determine The Size Of A Longbow

Photo Source: Blake Gundry

Is Longbow Hard To Master?

Now that you have a proper idea regarding what should be the longbow length for height let's talk a little more about longbows. Yes, longbows are not easy to master. And there are some good reasons behind it.

Longbows Are, You Guessed It, Pretty Long!

For the longbows to be perfect for your height, it needs to be a little taller than you. And for most archers, handling something of that size is not easy.

The Shooting Mechanism

The longbows are shot "Off The Hand." That means there is no shelf or sight. So, you will need to get your aim right to make the arrow hit the target.


Compared to other bows, such as the compound bow, there are not many accessories available for the longbow. In other words, you will not be capable of customizing the longbows to a great extent. This, again, will make it harder for new archers to master this type of bow. To get a clear idea about the parts and accessories of a longbow, you may check out this article -

Why Should You Get A Longbow?

So, now that you know that longbows are not that easy to master, you might be wondering why you should actually get a longbow. Well, first of all, longbows are fun to shoot! You can take your archery skills to the next level when you get the hang of these bows.

Furthermore, you will connect with a piece of history. This type of bow dates back to the Neolithic period.

Although, the bows are often thought to originate from Wales.

In 1188, longbows were the primary weapons during the battle between the Welsh and English.

Why Should You Get a Longbow

But there is evidence of a long "D" shaped weapon used in the Neolithic period. Whatever the case, longbows have been around for a long time.

Final Words

Are you still asking yourself what size longbow do I need? The short answer is that you need to consider your height. Add a couple of inches to that, and voila!

But remember, getting the right-sized longbow is pretty crucial. Too short, you will not be capable of drawing the bow properly. And you will lose energy if it is too long.

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