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How Many Points Is A Bullseye In Archery?

Archery is a fantastic sport. If you are new to archery or just getting started, you probably heard the word "bullseye." It doesn't matter if a player or bowman is a pro or amateur; everyone who plays archery wants that bullseye. You surely got interested in what is a bullseye in archery or how it works.

In this article, we will elaborate on how many points is a bullseye in archery are and everything you need to know about the bullseye.

How Do Points Work In Archery?

If you are playing for fun, then that's a different thing, But if you are participating in professional archery sport, then you must know about the point system.

Great Britain uses a different point system and a target that has five colors or zones.

That's an exception. Any other place in the world has a target with ten colors or zone and the same point system. So in this segment, we will talk about the traditional point system.

Each color or zone in the target has a different point on them. The point count starts from 1 and ends at 10. The outer zone or the white color has 1 point, and the zone next to it has 2 points and keeps going on numerically.

The zone in the middle, which is golden in color, has ten points which is the most point one can get from a single shot.

Some also call the zone in the middle "x ring" because sometimes it has an "x" mark on it.

How Many Points Is A Bullseye of an Archery Target?

Nobody knows the exact reason why the center or gold color zone is called bullseye in archer. There are only theories; one theory is the middle is golden, and the second ring from the center is red color, which looks like a bull's angry eye.

If you are getting into archery, then you must know how many points a bullseye has.

In the world Olympics, the target bullseye has 9 and 10 points in the metric system, 9 points in the imperial system, and 5 points in the NFAA target.


We hope this article answers your question about how many points is a bullseye in archery. If you are just getting into archery, don't stress yourself trying to get a bullseye from the get-go. Getting a bullseye is no easy task; it takes a lot of practice to get it.

Bullseye has different points in the different point systems. But according to the traditional point system or metric point system, the bullseye has 9 and 10 points. And this is the point system they use in the world Olympics, so as long as you remember this point system, you don't need to worry about other ones.

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