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What Is 3d Archery?

When you are shooting in the woods, anything can happen, and most of them include exciting shooting angles. That’s not something you experience in typical archery. But 3D archery can make it happen.

That brings us to this question, what is 3D archery? In 3D archery, an archer targets three-dimensional targets. Usually, these targets are shaped like an animal usually made of foam. This shooting style mimics a real-life hunting experience.

Yes, it’s different from traditional flat-range archery. Every target in this kind of archery displays different hunting scenarios.

As a result, shooting arrows becomes fun and exciting. And if you are interested in joining the sport, we are breaking down the concept of this sport here. 

Don't know What is 3D archery shooting? It shouldn’t be any different from typical archery. Yes, it’s not that different aside from the target you will shoot.

A normal archery target is flat. Every mark is placed in a specific and exact range. That’s why you don’t get real-life hunting experience. 

On the other hand, archery 3D takes the game experience into the woods. It introduces different shooting angles. The whole setup creates a realistic bow hunting experience.

And the highlight of this type of bowhunting is the target. Now, you can’t usually target a real-life animal. But 3D archery can create a similar experience.

Archers get different target sizing from tiny bunnies to massive elks. Even the shooting ground is not even sometimes. As a result, you get different shooting scenarios in each station.

Well, that’s the basic concept behind three-dimensional archery. And things get really creative in professional 3D archery. A professional event brings new and innovative ways to set different shooting scenarios. As a result, you can shoot at a target from different angles and use other skills.

What Do I Need For 3d Archery?

It's essential to gather all equipment to enter a 3D tournament. It would help if you gathered equipment according to 3D archery rules.

It's great to see you are starting to join the exciting world of 3D archery. But don't rush in and get the best bow right off the bet. Here we discuss the 3D archery supplies you need to enter a tournament.

  • Bows: Compound or Recurve Bows. Check Our Bow Reviews Here.
  • Stabilizer: A small stabilizer that helps to shoot in tight spaces
  • Arrows: Regular arrows (If you're shooting under 50 lbs draw), Thicker arrows (If shooting over 50 lbs draw)
  • Release: Index Finger release, back tension release, tension activated release, or thumb trigger release
  • Binoculars
  • Rangefinders
What Do I Need For 3d Archery

What Is A Good 3d Score For Archery?

Having a good idea of where to shoot is crucial in 3D archery. Even if you are limited to the indoor 3D archery range, it doesn't matter. It's critical to target higher-scoring rings. If you make a shot at a higher-scoring ring, it's considered a lethal shot. Hitting higher means a more lethal shot.

An arrow can gain you the following points:

  • 0 - For missing the target
  • 5 - Hitting anywhere in the targets body
  • 8 - Hitting within the outer ring
  • 10 - Hitting within the inner ring
  • 12 - Hitting top or bottom quarter size ring
  • 14 - Hitting the Bonus ring

So, how much to score? What should be your aim? Beginners should target 200 in a 20 shot-course. It means you are achieving 10 points per shot. That's an impressive feat if you are starting out.

How Many Arrows Do You Shoot For 3d Archery?

For 3D archery, the rules are not that different from flat-range archery. Archers shoot three arrows for each target. They shoot for a total of 72 arrows.

So, how many arrows should you carry with you? Keeping six arrows is more than enough. You get three different pegs for shooting at different angles.

So, it’s better to keep six. Well, there’s little chance you might lose an arrow. But it’s better to stay safe than sorry.

Wrapping Up

Now, do you get it? What is 3D archery? It’s a great sport where it builds excitement. Not just that, It grants you an opportunity to hone and develop archery skills.

First, you shoot a target and check and count the score. Then move on to a different target. So, it’s not boring like a flat-range archery event. You can only admire how fun the sport is once you start to know the rules.