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How To Carry A Longbow In The Right Way

Many hunters will master the art of shooting a bow earlier than others. But when the hunting season comes up, they get stuck with the thought of how to carry a longbow. Well, the thing is, acquiring the skill to shoot the bow and knowing how to take care of the longbow are different things.

But did you know that it is pretty easy to get the hang of carrying the longbow around?
Yes! There are multiple straightforward ways that you can resort to while you are out in the wild. And if you continue reading, you can get to know about them all!

The bow-carrying cases are a must-have accessory for every archer. They are not just for protecting your bow when you are traveling but also can keep it safe when you are storing the longbow at home.

That said, there are two different types of longbow cases out there. Let us go through each of them to give you a better idea-

Long Bow Carrying Cases

1. Hard Carrying Case

The hard bow carrying cases offer the most protection. They will be of rugged materials, which makes them capable of providing shock and impact protection to the bows.

Most of them are even rated for airline travel, which means you can take your bow with you when you are going for a vacation.

However, the thing about the hard bow carrying cases is that they are a bit heavy. So, it might be a little difficult for you to carry them around while hunting.
But the protection that they offer is worth the trade-off.

Hard Carrying Case

2. Soft Carrying Case

Unlike the hard-carrying cases, the soft ones will be of less rugged materials.

Although that makes them lag a little in terms of providing extreme protection, they still do the job.

You can still rely on them entirely during hunting trips.

Soft Carrying Case

However, the good news is that they are pretty light in weight. That means you will not face any issues at all when it comes to carrying the case throughout the hunting trip.

3 Steps To Carry A Longbow On Your Back

There is hope even if you do not have a bow-carrying case or do not want to get one. In this case, you just have to go through the following steps -

Step 1: Find an Improvised Bow Sling and Wrap the Bowstring

First of all, you need to find something as a replacement for the bow sling. A cotton tea towel would be a good pick in this regard.

Wrap it tightly around the bowstring. You can also wrap it around multiple times to offer extra bowstring security.

Step 2: Loop the Bow Over Your Body

After wrapping the bowstring, you would want to loop the longbow over your head. Loop it under your arm and get the right angle.

Getting the right angle is essential, as longbows are pretty long. Also, keep the wrapped-up string across the front of your body.

Loop the Bow Over Your Body

Step 3: Practice

It will take some time to get used to this carrying method. But, over time, you will surely get the hang of it.

Also, when it comes to removing, hold the bow at the bottom and make it lift over your head and arm. Grip the handle only after removing the bow. Practicing holding a longbow is the key for this method to work.

Final Words

Knowing how to carry a longbow is all about knowing what you should use for carrying the bow. There is nothing intricate or complex about the method.

But if you opt for the carrying case, you should know that you can leave the bow inside while storing it in your home. Most offer protection from moisture, heat, and cold.

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