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How To Store A Longbow

Some of the archers treat their bows like a prized possession, while some do not even care if it falls from their hands. Well, the case for the first one is that those archers see a longer use out of their bows. On the other hand, the latter ones need to get new bows pretty much after a couple of months.

Now, when it comes to making the bows last for an extended time, it is important to know how to store a longbow.

You see, when you are storing a longbow properly, you are ensuring that the bowstring does not stretch when it is not on your hands. Along with that, you make sure that the bow does not show any structural issues.

So, what is the right way to store the longbow? Well, you will need to continue reading to find out!

Ways To Store A Long Bow

Bow Storage

It is always a good idea to store the bows in a climate-controlled area. The bowstrings start to stretch when they get exposed to heat and cold.

Furthermore, the bow's body will begin to damage when it comes in contact with moisture. The limbs can start to warp when they absorb too much moisture.

All of these damages will start to degrade the performance of the bow. Well, the way to prevent all of these from happening would be to store the longbow in bow storage.

And one of the excellent bow storage solutions for homes is a rack. The incredible thing about the bow racks is that they can hold multiple bows.

That means you can use the same one for storing recurve bows, longbows, and compound bows.

Longbow rack storage

Some of the available options will also be capable of holding quivers. Those will come with additional pegs.

However, consider the temperature and humidity when choosing the right place for the rack. Otherwise, the bow can start to show issues sooner than later.

Bow Cases

Want a storage solution that will keep your bow safe at home and when you are traveling with it? You need to get a bow case!

How will it come in handy when you are traveling? You will not have to worry about your precious longbow getting any damage while you are on the way to the range.

Some of the bow cases will be of very rugged material. That will make them offer shock and drop protection to the bows that are inside.

In other words, even if you drop the case on concrete or manage to get it knocked against a car, the chances of the bow inside getting damaged will be pretty low.

However, there is a drawback with these rugged bow cases. They will be a little on the heavier side.

For that reason, most archers pick the soft bow cases over the rugged ones. These will be much lighter in weight and will be pretty easy to carry around.

Nonetheless, it is not all about traveling. The bow cases can keep the bows safe from moisture when you keep the longbows at home.

And the good news is that these bow cases come in different sizes. That means you will be assured that you will be capable of finding the right one for your longbow, regardless of how long it is.

Final Words

Extreme heat, too much moisture, and excessively low temperature are not good for your longbows. But now that you know how to store a longbow properly, you will not need to worry about those damaging your bow.

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