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How To Hang A Recurve Bow On The Wall

The bow and arrow are a thing of beauty. With its beautiful arch and intricate design of wood and metal, it looks gorgeous when its displayed and hung on one of the walls in your house.

While there are many informal or personal ways of wanting to hang the recurve bow on your wall the way you want, there are some fixed and proper ways which will not only keep your bows safe but also make them look like the great piece of art they are.

But, how to hang a recurve bow properly?

Therefore, here are some convenient ways on how to hang a recurve bow on the wall without much hassle.

Let's proceed!

1. Unstrung

Unstringing the recurve bow before hanging them is the safest form of storing them for a long time. Over time, the bowstring puts tension on the frame and this might over time damage the quality of the bow.

2. On a Bow Rack

You can even store a few bows on top of each other with a bow rack that you can purchase from your local archery shop or online.

They look beautiful and you can sleep easy knowing your precious bows are being stored in the safest way!

3. Hanging The Bow Horizontally

This is the best way to store your recurve bow while its strung. You have to install 2 pegs on which the limbs of the bow will be supported. The weight will be distributed equally throughout the bow.

Keep in mind, the pegs have to be installed evenly in a line so that the bow rests evenly as well. An uneven resting position will damage the limbs and might even cause them to twist.

4. Hanging The Bow By The Strings

Hanging the bow by the strings might now the safest way to store them but its quick and convenient. You might have to frequently change your bow if that’s your thing.

Having the recurve bow by the string for a longer period of time might even end up creating a weak point on the bow. Its far better to hang the bow by the limbs than the strings.

We have mentioned the best possible ways to hang your recurve bow on the wall while safekeeping it and using it as a décor as well, now, let's go over some factors you must consider and avoid while hanging these beautiful recurve bows on your wall.

hanging a recurve bow on a wall

Points To Note Before Hanging A Recurve Bow On A Wall

  • Before hanging up the bow, the room temperature is a very important thing to keep in mind. It cannot be too cold nor can it be too hot. It has to be room temperature.
  • If there is moisture in the room you are storing the bow in, the moisture will rust the metal components of your bow.

Bow Storing Mistakes You Should Avoid

  • If you are not going to be using your bow for some days, do not leave it strung.
  • The bow is in an incredibly tense state when its strung and if left like this over time, both the string and the bow itself might be damaged.
  • Avoid rooms with cold drafts like garages and sheds in the winter and also avoid rooms that might get damp or is very humid. The moisture will damage the bow severely.
  • Never hang the bow vertically as it will place the entire weight on the bow on one limb which might easily break them.

Also, remember to not lean the bow against a wall as well. The bottom limb will have to support the whole bow which might break under the stress and weight.

Final Thoughts

Even though bow racks and wall pegs are a good option to store your bows, they are also a good pick to consider if you want to let the guests know about your amazing bow collection and also adding to the aesthetics of your house.

We hope all the ways we mentioned above compiles information and answers all your questions regarding how to hang a recurve bow on the wall.

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