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How To Mount A Sight On A Recurve Bow

The sight is one of the important parts of the recurve bow archery arsenal. Sights for recurve bows are now becoming widely attractive in archery. A properly installed sight on your recurve bow may make a significant difference in accurate aiming and shooting.

Every recurve bow sight functions in a similar manner. Knowing how to attach a bow sight to a recurve bow is a simple process. And it will be easy to deal with your recurve bows without having to go to any store or hire a professional.

How to mount a sight on a recurve bow? Well, if that's the question, keep reading because you will soon find out.

First thing first. When you've concluded that you need a sight, you'll need to figure out what kind of sight to get and which types are available in the market. So, let's get to know it a little better.

1. The Open Ring

It's an open ring, as the name implies, and it's a very effective, inexpensive, and dependable kind of bow sight. The concept is that you'll line up your aim or the object to see it through the center of the ring.

It's great for close-range shooting but not that good or effective for long-range. You won't be able to successfully fix your target via this bow sight if the objective is too far away.

2. The Pin Sight

The single pin and multiple pin sight are the two types of pin sights available. No need to ponder much about pin sights because they're a straightforward and basic design. Simply pick one that appeals to you and is within your budget.

A multi-pin sight's pin is normally set up by the shooter at varying distances before being locked into place. On the contrary, bowhunters as well as targets shooters who need a precise shooting point regardless of distance might consider single-pin sight.

3. Target Sight

This is a genuine one, as well as the most modern and pricey of all the attractions available. This item is suitable for both left and right-handed people.

This is made of aluminum and has a high degree of precision, as well as being extremely light and sturdy, with perfect shot accuracy.

Guide To Mounting A Sight On A Recurve Bow

Initially, you need to put your bow on its face, with the same side where you'll be putting your bow sight facing up. After that, line up the sight's mounting holes with the bow riser's mounting holes.

Then, based on the type of screw that comes with the sight, insert it into the slots using the Allen head screws or a screwdriver. You don't have to straighten them precisely yet because you still have work to do.

To ensure that your bow is at the right level, you need to put your thread level on the string. Now, you need to carefully remove the thread level from your recurve bow.

You need to make sure that your bow sight is properly connected to the riser, eliminating all sought of vibration as well as excessive noise. Now, set the sight's telescopic frame so that viewing through the bow doesn't really stress your eyes at any cost.

Finally, attach an arrow to the thread from which you'll fire the arrows and double-check to ensure it doesn't collide with your sight.

The Advantages of Bow Sights

  • The major reason people take advantage of recurve bow sight set up is to increase the accuracy and the alignment of the overall shooting system.
  • As you can readily shoot properly at objects less than 10 meters away, aiming at targets further away is more challenging, and this is where the recurve bow sight kicks in.

Final Words

A bow sight is usually installed when the bow is strung. Each one of these sights connects to the recurve bow in a similar manner, and once you've mastered it, adding a sight will be a breeze.

The majority of these gadgets have features that allow you to entirely concentrate on your target, improving your finishing ability. To get the most out of your shooting, grab one!

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