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How To Hang A Compound Bow On The Wall

While using the bow for hunting or just as a recreational or professional sport, it is very important to store it well when not in use.

One of the common ways to store a compound bow is to just keep it in a soft case, away from moisture and heat. But sometimes, the case itself can take up a lot of space in a room; hence people tend to hang it up on the wall.

So how to hang a compound bow on the wall? You can use a wall mount for that! Here, We will teach you how to use a wall mount for hanging a compound bow.

Once you understand the exact method(s) to hang up your compound bow when it is not being used, you will be delighted to find all the versatile ways you can achieve this. So let’s go ahead and get right into it!

Step 1: Select Wall Space

First and foremost, you need to choose the right space and the right wall to hang your compound bow. You have to remember that the wall has to be big enough to hold the bow itself and the associated mounting hardware.

Choose a wall in a room where there is less traffic. An ideal choice would be the basement or an old garage that is not in use. Make sure that there is no moisture seepage from the wall, and that there is no presence of any sort of direct heat or sunlight.

It is also ideal to not choose a wall directly behind a door. That way, when the door is open, it could keep hitting the bow on the wall and cause damage.

Step 2: Install the Wall Mounting Hardware

If you’re going to hang your compound bow on the wall, you will obviously need some sort of mounting. You can get various types of bow mounts in your local hardware store.

After choosing the right space on the wall, go ahead and remove the backing from the mount.

Step 3: Attach Mounting to Bow

The next step will be to set the mounting hardware on the back side of your compound bow. You will notice that there will be holes on the mount for installation. So you just have to make sure those are aligned with the bow.

Step 4: Set the Mount to Wall

After finding the correct alignment, you just have to secure the mounting hardware with screws on your wall. And that is basically it!

Hanging Compound Bow on Wall Mount

Now that you know how to install the wall mount for your compound bow, let’s look at the different ways in which you can hand your bow on the mount.

1. Hang by the Cam

This is the safest and most common way to hang your compound bow. The cam part of the bow is the main pulley system of the entire mechanism. This means, it can take on many different types of forces, including in a vertical direction.

Insert the cam into the hook of the wall mount, and you’re done! Let the bow hang freely, and its own weight and tensile strength will do the rest. Hanging a compound bow by the cam actually allows a precise release of arrows when it is in action.

2. Lay the Riser Down

You can also hang your compound bow horizontally by using two wall mounts, or even coat hooks. All you have to do is just place the riser (frame) of your bow on to the hooks, and let it hang that way.

There will be no extra pressure created on the string this way. The riser is usually made of sturdy material, so there is little chance of it wearing or getting damaged while kept hanging in this position.
You can even hang your bow vertically by the riser, but it will require a very strong wall mount with a large enough hook to keep the riser securely in place.

Interesting Compound Bow Hanger Ideas

Aside from generic mounting hardware, there are different hanger ideas you can try for your compound bow. Not only will these keep the bow in place, but they will also add an interesting aesthetic to your wall.

  • Deer horn (for your hunters out there!)
  • Guitar stand
  • Bicycle hooks
  • Rifle rack (another fun option for hunters)
  • Surfboard hanger


Compound bows are no doubt high maintenance, but that doesn’t mean hanging them should be tough. Even though storage solutions are a part of the caring and maintaining process, it is arguably the easier bit.

To summarize our article on how to hang a compound bow; all you need to do is choose your mounting hardware of choice and use it as your compound bow wall hanger!

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